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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

While we do appreciate your interest, the Dark Spires MUSH is now closed.

Welcome to Dark Spires MUSH, where the search for truth takes you into the world of vampires, through the lairs of shapeshifting creatures, past magicians, on to psychics and all manner of mortals simply seeking to live their lives. It is where two worlds come together and overlap; the obvious world in which Man works, loves, and walks, and the Supernatural world, where unimaginable creatures are free to play their tricks. This is where mystery, violence, espionage and political intrigue coexist beneath a thin veneer of believable lies.

There is no such thing as sitting on the fence of life.

This mush started in a car, on a long journey back from an airshow, at some of the darkest times. In 2012, we opened the doors to the public. It has been the best of times, with some amazing players and staff. I have met wonderful people and shared fabulous fun with many many characters. I will never forget this mush and I know the other staff feel the same.

There comes a time in every game owner's life when they have to decide which takes precedent - RL or the game. Neither Lincoln nor I want to be that breed of admin that are absent, leaving staff to struggle without clear direction or support. Both of us have reached that point now. We talked long and hard about this choice, and it was not an easy one. We discussed it with all of the staff, since that is the way we have always operated here.

Darkspires will be closing its doors in midApril 2017. with appropriate plots closing us down in a fun way. However, Trinity, Kellogg and Souls will be opening the doors of Darkspires' sibling, Tenebrous Isles. Set in Hawaii, you are welcome to start your characters' lives anew there, or make new ones, safe in the knowledge that the staffers are the ones whose safe hands you have already been in! I know I will be! The Tenebrous Isles Wiki can be found here:

On a personal note, I have been blessed throughout this game in my staff and players. I could not have had better people alongside me in this journey

- Magdalen


"Now I know I've hit the big time."
- Jim Butcher

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Our story is set in Oxford, England, where the great universities, ancient churches and cunning city council form a never-ending maelstrom. It is not for the careless nor the faint of heart. A place where your lover might be a spy, your best friend might be a demon and your employer might be literally sucking the life out of you.

Our goal is to foster an environment with enough conflict to be exciting, where puzzles are always to be found and most of all, the story is the key..

.. but is it the truth?

  • You will need a MUSH/MUX Client to play. A good selection of clients can be found here. Note that free programs do not mean inferior programs!

Help News
New to Mushing? Here's help. Staff--we're helpful, promise!
Language and Tone for the game. Setting and Theme for the game.
Commands for the more advanced user. Grid Map! Finding your way has never been so easy.
Advanced Guide To Roleplaying for those of us who want more. What character types are on moratorium?
Player Directory of PBs/CCs and character wiki links. Need a wiki account? +request Wiki Account=<desired username and email to receive a password>
Quotes from the game. Read our FAQ to see if your question is on it.
See our House Rules, Stunts page, and Powers page for information specific to Dark Spires.

Current Plots

Current game wide plots:

Recent Logs

Recent logs posted, by OOC date:
Also check the complete list of logs. You can enter new logs here in this box, or follow Logs for a more detailed setup.