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"Love your Cu."
"Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company"
- Mark Twain
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Cu Sith Bastard Troublemaker


Walking the Knife's Edge


What Would Your Mother Think?
Thrill of the Chase
Favor for a Favor

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Leon: Surprising. Made of sterner stuff than he seems.
Auggie: Curious. Either resilient or unhinged, maybe both. Cute, too.
Siyu: Rapunzel. Handy with a sword.
Simon: Wizard. Stumbles into usefulness, but knows some damn handy tricks.
Harrison: Yank.
Jax: Legs. Also a doctor. Met her twice, remember once. Apparently the first time wasn't flattering.
Cefyn: Wise. Also, not one for shenanigans. Note to self: mind the axes.
Penel: Fiery. Literally. Also, taken.
Monday: Doll-like. Goth purveyor of sweets. Also, taken. Still investigate sweets, though.
Nia: Challenging. An addiction I'm eager to cultivate. UPDATE: Taken. Still fun.
Anikka: Tiny. Pretty, polite, and protective. doesn't seem to like me. Possibly to do with her pretty 15 year old cousin.
Allison: Eager. Call me when you're older, when Anikka isn't watching.
Cedrick: Goblin King. Attached to Anikka. Do not get on his bad side.
Kesslan: Cat. Big cat. Unusual appetites.
Zero: Snarky. Goth girl who can really work the pretty pink princess look.


Pim: Bites.
Grayson: Gentleman. Good man to have on a night on the town or looking for trouble.
Randall: See above. Might be good at getting out of trouble, too. Put on speed dial.
Reno: Fast. Likes to give speeches. Surprisingly fun to party with for all that.
Camille: Tough. And beautiful. Have got to get this woman's number, worth the risk of black eye.
Jamie: Nimble. Wouldn't mind working up a sweat with this one.
Raya: Stunning. Dangerous, maybe. Will require further investigation.
YT: Rebellious. Can't tell if a lad, or a lady. Not concerned.


Maggie: Delicious. Possibly dangerous. Even better.
Riven: Rebel. Not into wholesome. I can appreciate that.
Jai: Diva. A beautiful man, perfectly content in basking in the envy of others. I might even let him cut my hair.
Stephanie: Inquisitive. Might be getting in over your head going down that rabbit hole.
Donna: Mouthy. In an amusing sort of way.
Timo: Drunk. Brash, too. I like his style.

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Played By: Alex Pettyfer
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Name: Andrew Fletcher Delaney

Age: Mid 20's
Place of Birth: London

Template: Changeling, ShapeShifter

Changeling Type: Cu Sith

Status: Shooting on location.

Occupation: Actor

Languages: English

Songs/Themes: Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
Selfish Man - Flogging Molly
Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5

Alts: Kesi, (Scion), Riley (Faithful), Tille (Sorcerer)

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RP Hooks
I May Be Bad But I'm Perfectly Good At It: He has a Bad Boy reputation, and most of it was earned with gusto. Some find it intriguing, others, insufferable.

Big on the BBC: Andrew is a stage and TV actor, and has even had some small roles in a couple of indie films. Maybe you've seen him playing the jock in some teen comedy, the bumbling man-seeking-woman in a rom-com, or as thug #3 in that gangster drama?
Not Always What They Seem: Things have a habit of...seeming off around him. Looking different from one moment to the next.
Secretly a Decent Bloke: But don't let it get around. The tabloids would have a field day.

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Bringer of Doom
Doombringer: Better believe it, I will be more than happy to help you out with a plot idea or bring you in on some of my current story line work. I am Witney, the DoomBringer!

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