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Softcode Commands


Syntax1: +BG
Syntax2: +BG<#>
This will display what you currently have set in the attribute BG. If you use a # then it will display what you have set in the attribute BG#. You will need to create your Background and store it on yourself in the BG# slots. If you number consecutively it will be easier for the staff to check your background and let you know how it looks.


The finger command provides some OOC information about the player. This info can be used for OOC purposes only.

Players can set the following attributes on themselves to display info here:
Setting WWW: &WWW me=<Text Info>
Setting Email: &email me=<Text Info>
Alert: &afinger me=think %ch *** %k ***%cn just checked your info!


Syntax: +IC or +OOC
This code allows you to jump in and out of the IC grid. Most of the OOC grid is the character generation areas, but the general meeting room is there as well.


Syntax: OOC <pose>
This will take your pose and treat it as if you were using SAY, the difference is that it will make everyone in the room away that whatever the pose or comment you are making is OOC and not to be used in an IC manner.


Please see MyJobs




This command will remove multiple instances of yourself. If you get disconnected from the game and have to reconnect it can sometimes leave ghosts of yourself. To remove all instances of yourself other then the current one use this command.


Syntax: +SHEET
This shows the basic information about your character. Name, Attributes, Sex, etc.



Syntax: +STAFF
This will display a list of the currently online staff members. It provides a little detail as to how long they have been idle or what their roles are.
Syntax2: +STAFF/ALL
This will display a complete list of the staff. It provides a little detail as to when they were last connected, and what their roles are for the game.


Syntax: +TIME
This will display the current date/time in GAME time. Currently game time is set for 2 game hours to 1 real-life hour.


The voting system has several commands to use in the process of voting for the people you feel RP the best.

Syntax: +VOTE/SETUP This command should be used once you have been approved to go IC. It will add you into the voting system and allow you to start casting votes on a weekly basis.
Syntax: +VOTE <PLAYER> This allows you to cast a vote for PLAYER. Currently votes are tallied on Monday morning at 5am game time. Your votes will be reset at that time as well as EXP for votes you received will be added to your SHEET.
Syntax: +VOTE/DISPLAY This command shows you who you have voted for this week, as well as how many votes have been cast for you this week. All info on this display is reset when votes are tallied and the new week begins.


The Watch system allows you to quickly and easily keep track of the online status of PCs on the Grid. The following commands are available. Syntax is:


The following are commands available for +watch:

The +Watch System
Switch Result
(no switch) Displays who is online.
/on Enables the +Watch system.
/off Disables the +Watch system
/who Displays PCs on your personal Watch list and their connection status.
/all on Displays all logins, disconnects and online status of the entire PC community (unless a charcter is Hidden).
/all off Stops the display of all logins, disconnects and online status.
/hide Hides you from being shown in the +Watch system.
/unhide Allows others using the +Watch system to see your logins and connection status.
/per <name> Allows a specific character to see your logins and status when you are Hiding.
/rem <name> Removes a specific character from seeing your online status while Hiding.
/add <name> Adds a specific character to your personal Watch list.
/del <name> Removes a specific character from your personal Watch list.
/page <message> Sends a mesage as a Page to all players on your Watch list.

You may also set the format by which you see logins and disconnects. To do this, set:

&WATCHFMT me=%n has %0.

Other useful commands you might add could be [time()], %# et cetera. You may set an AWATCH attribute on yourself that will be triggered when someone logs in.
Credits: +Watch was coded by Alton/Cedric@Tir Rauhd and Watchman@Haven. It was debugged and improved by Pennance@DenverMUSH. It may be copied freely.


Syntax: +WHERE
This command will display the names of all currently connected players as well as the area of the grid they currently occupy, and the name of the room they are in. If the player is set UNFINDABLE you will not be told anything other then the name.


Syntax: +WHO
This command will display the following details for all currently connected players: Name, gender, idle time and current location.

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