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What is a MUSH?

A MUSH (or a MUX) is text-based roleplaying game where the primary goal is interactive and co-operative story-telling. It is a little like writing a story together with several other writers where the writing is done on-line and in real-time. Depending on the MUSH, there can be more or less of a competitive gaming element, which may or may not include the characters having stats and skills assigned and using coded commands to test if they succeed with certain actions.

To play on a MU* (short for both MUSH and MUX) you connect to a server on the Internet using a telnet client. Once logged into the server you take on the persona of a character living in the world that the MU* recreates and you play out various events in your character’s life together with the players of other characters. Plots and storylines on MU*s are generally smaller in scale than in many other roleplaying games and they tend to focus on personal drama and character development rather than epic save-the-world storylines. In contrast to table-top RPGs, MU*s generally depend much less on storyteller-guided plots. Because of this, MU* players need to be able to take their own initiatives and to create roleplay for themselves, because most of the time they will not have anyone guiding them.

While MU* roleplaying does have some things in common with writing a story, you only control the actions of your own character and you always need to keep in mind that each character is the hero of their own story and that the purpose of the game is to co-operate to produce the best possible story. MU*ing is not about ‘winning’. Examples of MUSH roleplaying can be see on the Logs page.

Do I need prior MUSHing experience?

Definitely not! Our player base is full of people who hadn't played before or for a long time.

Who runs this MUSH?

Magdalen owns the mush, running it with the other Staff. All of the staff are fans of the book and know this system well.

What is the setting of the MUSH?

We set our world in the Dresden 'Verse, from Jim Butcher's books. It is based in Oxford, UK.

Do I need to read the books / watch the show?

It will help you but it isn't truly essential. The Dresden Files RPG books would also be very helpful to you.

How far does the MUSH stray from the books / show

We try hard to remain in canon but sometimes House Rules are necessary.

Can I play more than one character?

Absolutely: up to three of them. You can even have all of them logged in at the same time.

Can I play a character from the books?

No. You can't even have them featured in your background. This is to allow people to build their own world here.

Why are some characters restricted or closed?

Because we have to keep our grid balanced, and some things are too frequently played, or too powerful for our grid right now.

How do I get a character?

Connect to the MUSH and create your character, using your preferred name. Take a look at the Character-Generation page.

Are the characters pre-generated?

Nope! You have to work out what you want to play, who you want to be. We'll help you with that.

How do I tell what characters are in play?

Take a look at our Player Directory and their wiki pages.

What is the focus of the game?

Story! Plot! Collaborative story writing.

What kind of roleplay can I expect?

That depends - some of our players prefer social, others prefer plots, some like both. Find those whose idea of fun matches yours.

What kind of characters are available?

Most of them! Take a look at the Character-Generation page, and the wiki. People play everything from red court infectees, to wizards.

What kind of character is needed?

The type that will be on the grid, having fun roleplaying.

What kind of character is not allowed?

We have a page that covers this, on the moratorium.

How do I play?

You will need a "mud client" which connects to our server using telnet. The client is a piece of software that you download and install on your computer. Once you give it the address to the MUSH, it connects you to the MUSH server itself. You can think of the client as a web browser and the MUSH as a webpage. There are many different clients out there with different features, just as there are many different web browsers with different features, but they can all be used to connect to the MUSH. Below are some examples of clients that we recommend:

MUSHclient -- A Windows client. SimpleMU -- A Windows client. Atlantis -- A Mac client.

If you want to just pop in to look around, you can use the guest account, typing connect Guest Guest to connect.

How much is this going to cost me?

Nothing. We will never charge, or even break even on the costs of running a game. It is purely for the joy of the thing.

What impact do Aspects have mechanically?

We use aspects to support your character's development, and players can invoke and convoke the aspects on everyone's sheets during play. This leads to fate points, which you can then use to boost or reroll your dice.

How do I make a good aspect?

We try to make all aspects double edged, so ask yourself if it can be used for and against you. Then consider how many situations could you use that aspect in - the more, the better to gain fate points.

My power isn't on the list in the CG room

No, not all powers are coded. Because of the size of the files, we've only coded those that have an impact mechanically on the sheet. Others can be made by using "+powers/create".