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Dark Spires places quite an importance on the healthy tone of public communication channels, including talker channels, and open communication in the game, including says and pages. The rules on profanity are intended to maintain the tone at a relatively high standard.

"Tone" covers an entire channel or conversation, more than a single word or phrase. Here is a short list of what is covered by these rules:

  • Abusive or overly aggressive language, persistent personal attacks, or comments supporting or encouraging illegal activities
  • Disgusting or overly offensive words (including swear words), phrases, or euphemisms, particularly when there is a clear intent to shock or offend. Please note that it does not get less offensive just because you replace a couple of characters with *'s
  • Overt, explicit, or persistent sexual references and innuendo

Note that while a single witty euphemism, if made in good taste, might be considered acceptable, a persistent conversation full of such euphemisms will cross the line of acceptability. Continuing such a conversation, having been warned, will be considered a breach of the rules, as will repeatedly taking part in such conversations. Although maintaining a healthy tone of conversation is the prime goal of these rules, certain words are considered inherently offensive. The use of swear words is unacceptable, even in a disguised or masked form.

Not PG-13

The purpose of these rules is not to make Dark Spires a PG-13 Mush as classified by the American TV industry. The aim is to provide an environment where all can participate regardless of age, gender, race or creed without being offended by unnecessarily profane language. To this end the use of racial, religious or sexual slurs is not permitted on public channels. When such slurs are targetted at individuals the rules on harassment will apply.

Atmosphere and Impression

The feel of a mush is determined by what you see and read. Simple things like what is being said across public channels determines the atmosphere of the mush as a whole. If, as is the case on some mush, those channels are filled with abuse, profanity and insults the impression given is one of an unfriendly, even nasty place. This is not the kind of place that we want Dark Spires to be.


Ultimately there is no need for, and no benefit to the mush in preventing profane language on public channels but we expect you to use it like any other word - with appropriate thought into avoiding upsetting others.