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A Wild WereNight

Stranger things this way come.

Dramatis Personae

Auggie, Ember, Jax, Mercius, Morgan, Riley, and Victor. Trinity as GM. NPCs The Golems, The Zs

29 May, 2007

A very strange night.


Banbury Road


Plot:Stranger Days

Oxford has been setting some rain records this lovely May. It's been wet almost every day, with only a few notably 'dry' days where the rain wasn't coming from overhead, but the ground still felt like sopping marshmallows. This evening was no different. The rain had been steady all day and didn't show any signs of really stopping itself. Gutters and ditches along the road had long since started to look like miniature rivers, and the occurrence of umbrella use was fairly common. Along with golashes, and slickers, and all manner of headgear to keep people from being doused constantly with blankets of rainwater.

Ember is out traveling likely to or from a job, or maybe just to or from a book store. She has her heavy leather script over her shoulder, an oversized umbrella sheets rain around her and the script. A small cloud of smoke hangs inside the umbrella as the ginger puffs on her cigarette and walks at a slow pace.

Riley is not one of the umbrella-carrying people in galoshes. No, she's leaping barefoot from puddle to puddle with a small pack of dogs, one for each unattached leash in her hand: One pitbull primly trying to keep dry under a tree, three mutts soaking up as much mud and water as possible, and a three-legged weiner dog chasing the lot. The auburn-haired woman is mud spattered all the way up her legs where they aren't covered by her cuffed denim shorts, and she's wearing a fitted navy pullover with a hood tugged up over the messy bun on top of her head. "You can't catch me!" she challenges the pack, skidding through a muddy patch of grass with her arms thrown up overhead.

Morgan was sober...ish for once this evening. Walking down the street woth the ever lovely and leggy jax, the big, one eyed viking looked presentable for once in a thick, grey cable knit sweater, Blue jeans and steel toed boots with a fresh layer of duct tape wrapped around them to keep them together. Hair and beard both neatly braided neatly, he walked quietly along with a tall, dark haired woman, holding an umbrelly above her head. "Where do you want to eat? preferably nowhere with mutton."

Victor is standing next to a car that's pulled up to the side of the street. He has an umbrella, though it's being held by a shorter man as he leans forward, arms crossed as he leans partway into the passenger side window. "Glad you got here safe," he says to the driver.. or to the person sitting in the back seat. "I already have a room set up for you. Good stuff, don't worry about the bill while you're here. I got it, yeah? He grins lightly as he glances towards the man beside him, who is more interested in eyeing the people around them than listening in. "So you'll be coming to see me later tonight?" A feminine voice from within. "Of course," Victor answers the woman. She's older. Looks to be in her late fifties, perhaps. But finely so, rather than subject to a more extreme weathering of age. Victor bobs his head. "Of course. Like I would let you visit without showing you around the place."

Jax was walking with Morgan and looked to be in a pleasant mood, judging by the smile on her face. She wasn't moving in too much of a hurry, or at least didn't look like she was, but her legs carried her fairly vast distances no matter how relaxed her walk seemed to be paced. In her shoes she was easily 6'6" tall and towered over most people that passed by. "I thought you'd wanted Turkish? I know a killer Ethiopian restaurant not far from here. Or a good Italian place that might actually serve us enough food to get even you full for a change. I'm fairly sure we can avoid Mutton." Her questions were directed to Morgan as she glanced over at him with a grin. The tone of her voice was somewhat a contralto, and almost teasing, despite the utterly Oxfordian dialect and accent she spoke with.

The fact that it had been raining almost every single day in May so far had likely caused some people to invest in boat shoes and sturdy, rainproof headgear. Not Jax, though, oh no, the woman couldn't quite be bothered by the rain so much as she was forced to dress with thought because of it. Her solution today was to wear a short, pleated black skirt that would have been a mini on a woman of normal height, on Jax... it might barely justify life as a micro-mini. It stopped at her upper thighs and left her long as hell legs naked, after all it wouldn't do to have wet nylons or tights. Her shirt was simple, a cap sleeved, button-up silk that was the color of bluebells and fit her rather well, the top opened low enough to give a hint of cleavage. Over all of this she wore a clear raincoat, but it was definitely designer cut, and even had a clear belt tied around it, with the main line buttoned with heavy, clear buttons. Like a classic, mid-thigh length trench simply see-through. In her left hand she carried an umbrella with a clear canopy, leaving her a plentiful line of sight. All of her hair was pulled back into a french braid and hung down her back in a thick, rich, brown rope woven to keep the idea of stray hairs banished forever. Her shoes, well, somehow Jax had managed to find herself a set of black boots, cut to mid ankle, that fit her closely, and were made of patent leather. Obviously weather treated as the water just sluiced away from them.

Mercius doesn't seem that bothered by the rain, either that or he has forgotten his umbrella. A heavy woollen overcoat covers most of his body, the normally blue coat almost black thanks to the absorbed water. A white cotton shirt covers his chest, it is casually open at the neck. His pants look expensive, they are smart, black and held up with a thin black belt, the buckle silver and gleaming when it catches the light. His boots are smart black items, designed more for outdoors than the boardroom. He looks rather like the third businessman from the left, he's walking with a silver topped and tipped cane, giving his a stately demeanor. His greying hair is plastered to his head, he doesn't seem bothered though, a bemused grin showing on his face as he watches his surroundings.

Auggie wasn't planning on winning on any award for stealth. In addition to the pink rucksack on her back, the gold eyed woman wore a hot pink raincoat to cover her sundress and a pair of pink galoshes on her. She would freeze in place when people neared her, waiting patiently. When the coast was clear, she'd let out a yelp as she'd leap into a puddle. Giggling happily, she watch the wave of water spread out around her with childish glee as she clapped. Then she'd slip along to the next puddle and wait for it to clear of pedestrians to start the festivities anew.

While the rain fell down on all those walking through the city, people seemed to find configurations to best protect them, or in some cases simply ignored the fact that they were getting just another shower today while clothed. Trudging along the sidewalk away from a Kitchen Supplies shop, three people had all somewhat huddled around one industrial sized umbrella. The smalles of the three was in the middle, a woman holding the umbrella up high enough that it almost covered the taller woman, though she had to hunch a bit. The tallest of all of them was a man, and he walked with an annoyed glance over towards the middle woman every time the umbrella smacked him in the side of the head and showered him from the side. All three were blonde, and lovely, with a somewhat shared bone structure, and walked close enough together that it could be assumed they were either fairly close friends or family. The way they were talking to one another was hushed enough that it wasn't easily heard, but every so often words like "Double Oven" or "Master Grille" could be heard.

On the other side of the street, walking in the same direction as the three with the large umbrella was a very, very tall man. He was pale with ashen white hair and moved with the lumbering speed of near tree trunks, but covered as much ground. His black suit was dour and looked almost ancient, but well kept, and his thin stature made him seem almost like a sharp mark on the horizon. In his arms was a little girl, wearing a bright pink dress, with pigtails and all of her blonde hair coiled into ringlets. She almost bounced in his arms as she held a vividly pink umbrella up over both of them, but each time she giggled and moved she sent a sheet of water falling onto one of the man's shoulders, or down his back. His expression never changed, staying flat lipped, but she was positively giddy with the torrents of rain hitting the stylish umbrella.

Ember puffs on her cigarette finding herself walking somewhere behind the slim man and girl that itch the back of her brain even tho she isn't paying particular attention to them.

Riley's pack raises their noses to the wind and make a collective beeline towards Auggie and her puddle - even the blonde pitty Fiona, who ventures out into the rain to offer the gold-eyed girl sloppy kisses. Riley herself comes crashing into Auggie's puddle like a tidal wave. "Isn't this the best weather?!" She starts to leap into a gutter but stops in time to avoid puddle-drenching Ember. She pushes back her hood as she spots lots of familiar faces among the crowd, and she thrusts a hand over her head to vigorously offer a wave to Victor as he steps out of his care, and then pivots on a heel to wave to Jax and her unfamiliar companion. Finishing her circuit, she trumpets towards Mercius, "Heya Merc, sweet cane!" The new arrivals haven't been lost on her either, but they're mostly noted for non-splashing purposes.

Listening to his choices as Jax mentions them, Morgan nods "Ah, right. Turkish. Italian sounds good too...No. shit, Now he's got me actually wanting mutton. I'm craving Kurdish. Actually wanting fermented greens and fried sheep. Or Goat...I could kill for Goat." Noting the others in the area, the big man makes note of the dour man carrying the giggling girl with a slight cant of his head. "I swear I know that guy."

"I hope to see some of your local friends," the woman notes, giving Victor a firm look. Which only seems to amuse him. "Of course, I expected no less." They share a chuckle which is oddly similar. Come to think, they do look a bit similar, the two of them. Victor glances to his shorter, leather wearing friend. "Why don't you go along. She wants to meet my friends after all." The man glances towards Victor with a frown, obviously against this. But after the two lock eyes briefly, he relents and offers the umbrella to Victor. Who takes it with a grin. As the man gets into the passenger side, Vic steps back a little, then approaches again after the door is closed. "Should have brought dad along," he notes to the older woman. She shakes her head and notes, "He didn't want to leave the homefront without one of us." Victor doesn't seem surprised. "Maybe next time. I'll see you tonight." He steps back and the window slides up before the car pulls away, leaving Victor holding the umbrella, head turning to track it.

As his head turns, he notes Riley's wave, nodding his head towards her as he eyes her and Auggie. The wandering folk otherwise he doesn't really focus on. Passing faces that he has yet to come to know.

Mercius has stopped outside a shop window, the display inside showing various electronic goods that seem to captivate the well-heeled businessman. Somewhat mindful other those walking past, he tries to keep the pavement clear so he isn't causing too much of an obstruction as he gawps at the electronic finery. He recognises people as they approach, Ember getting a companionable nod, Riley is addressed as 'Sister' in a respectful tone. Another nod for Jax as she goes about her business, the tall woman hard to miss on most occasions. Seeing Auggie puddle jumping he starts to chuckle, grinning as he watches. Turning back to Riley, he smiles warmly. "Thank you, Quentin made it for me after I supplied some of the materials." He notes Victor as he approaches with a companion, his attention then drawn to the odd group with the large umbrella.

Jax chuckled and looked at Morgan with a shake of her head. Raising a brow she glanced over at the tall man carrying the little girl in pink and grinned. "It would make sense that you'd know a man that dressed in solid black that allows his daughter to do nothing but torture him. Seems like your kind of guy." She elbowed him gently and grinned, then looked down the street to wave hello to Riley, and Auggie. "It looks like some people really know how to enjoy this weather, almost makes me wish I'd gone with my initial plan to just run around in the bathing suit all day instead of bothering to find clothes." Jax hrmed softly and looked back to Morgan. "If you want that, we can likely get pretty much exactly that at the Turkish place, or one of the Indian restaurants."

Auggie let out a shriek of joy with the flood surrounded, kneeling down to greet each one of the pups as individuals, accepted dog kisses and grinning. "No... I have not been to that particular mud puddle. Yes, I will make it a point to do so. No... Not that tree. Yes... Birds can be delicious. Yes... It is wet. Voles are a problem, yes..." The wave Riley sent off didn't bother Auggie as she gave each dog a thorough scratching before standing to give Riley a hug. "Pim doesn't love the rain as much which I understand. I hope you are doing well also, it seems like it." Releasing Riley, Auggie offer Mercius a happy wave. Pausing, she sniffed at the air, having to turned, she waved to Jax and Morgan as well. Then immediately bend over to look at the hounds again, sniffing and subvocalizing to them.

From down the crossroad, there came a man wearing a long trenchcoat and a pair of filthy tennis shoes that might actually have been improved due to the torrents of rainwater he was trudging through in the gutter. He came to the corner of the sidewalk and kept moving, coming closer to Auggie and Riley with a wide grin on his sopping wet face. Bare legs flashed as he walked a little faster, coming towards them with a possibly disturbing amount of glee in his eyes.

The three together with one huge umbrella crossed the street after the car left Victor, glancing both ways of course to avoid being run over. The ended up at the corner of the road not long behind the man in the calf-length trench coat, and kept walking. As they were closer now to most, their conversation could be more clearly heard, though the woman in the middle seemed to be doing the most talking. "If we keep it industrial sized, we can make sure that we serve more. That's all I'm saying. Two home sized versus one industrial sized? For the money let's just go industrial. It'll make it easier on us all."

The man walking next to her groaned as he pushed the umbrella that had smacked him in the face away, glaring down at the woman holding it. "You know how rarely it is that these things last, Zelena. I don't want to dump the money into industrial if it's just a few weeks of payoff. Let's at least be a little smarter about this one."

The other woman seemed not to be interested in talking. She just looked at Auggie and Riley playing in the puddle and smiled happily, her face filled with delight for the fact that people were enjoying such a thing. In fact, she started to move away from the trio, stepping into the onslaught of the rain, and walked towards the two women and the hoarde of dogs.

The tall man with the girl in his arms stopped at the crosswalk, looking both ways and having to dodge his gaze around the little girl that leaned over to block his view, dumping another half gallon of rain onto him which caused him to have to shake his head to rid his eyes of the blinding moisture. He didn't glare at her, didn't react in any way but to move his head so he could see. This sent the girl into a mad rave of giggles and he had to hold her up while she flopped back and laughed, so she wouldn't fall off of him while they were crossing the road, towards the corner where everyone else seemed to be gathering. "Frooooooosty! You're so funny!" The little girl was still laughing and openly gleeful as they made it to the sidewalk.

While things seem to be going perfectly normal, pretty much out of nowhere.. well out of somewhere, a rip in the world occurs. A large hole opened up to allow two forms through it. They were moving at speed, and the heavy breath of something being chased can be audibly heard over the rain. Then, there's the heavy panting of something doing the chasing.

A strange man wearing a gray cape runs smack into Mercius, hitting him with the full weight of a truck, and promptly falling over on top of him with wildely rolling eyes in a state of pure terror. "No! No! NO!" He screamed with fear into Merc's face as he scrambled in some attempt to get off of the other man.

The thing chasing tried to turn to follow the man in the gray cape and ended up skidding out on the sodden grass just beyond the sidewalk. It was huge, the size of a large car, and had claws, ran on all fours, also happened to have a maw filled with enough teeth that you could open a 24 pack of beer on a new tooth every time. As it rolled, it headed directly for Jax, claws flailing. Somehow, though, even in her heels, Jax managed to jump out of the way using Morgan's arm as a makeshift lever for support. The thing kept rolling past her and into the road, where a car screeched to a halt and slid almost directly into the creature.

Ember stops behind the skiny man and little girl. Her attention drifting across all the folks here as she relaxes, and then the world is torn a new one, and a guy and thing come through. Step one, identify threats... slavering thing from beyond. Step two, classify threats... *puts her dragon memory to use*

Riley turned to offer a mud-spattered wave and smile to the approaching blonde, which mercifully had her turned away from the man with the bare legs beneath the trench coat - a man she would no doubt memorize from previous scarring occasions. Then the world rips open and a monster truck of a monster comes barreling towards Jax and Mercius is bowled over by a fleeing man. She gives a sharp whistle and all of her dogs snap to attention. "Auggie - can you tell them how to get home from here? The quickest and safest way?" And then she's addressing the dogs, in that firm but calm pack-leader sort of tone. "Get home safely. Do what Auggie tells you, and look after each other." Then Riley's off like a flash towards Mercius, trying to help him and his surprise assailant up. She offers a hand to both men, trying to calm the man in the gray cape. "Can you stand? Let us help you."

About to respond to Jax about Turkish food, morgan opens his mouth to speak, then stops as all hell breaks loose. A large angry wolf comes barrelling past trying to get at Jax, Jax uses his arm to lever herself out of the way, and even Odin in his head is saying "Oh, HELL No!" That's paraphrasing as what is actually said is in a dead norse dialect, but a rough Translations would be "Verily, One Doth not suffer that such a thing should happen!" All in all, it's probably for the best that only Morgan can hear it.

Using Jax's Momentum to step bewtwwen her and the Wolf, His hammer sliding from his sleeve, The big viking steps forward with a terrible, maddened shout, and slams the hammer down between the creature's eyes, Frowning as the impact doesn't seem to have much effect on the thing. "Any ideas boss?"

Victor snaps around as the hole opens in the world, which immediately gets his attention. "The hell..?" When things barrel out, he fades back several steps, clearing the action zone at once, warily making sure he won't end up in a crossfire or stuck between potential combatants. He glances back over his shoulder the car that just pulled away turning the corner. And that's as much time as she spends on that, assured that they're on their way away. After that, he's on assessment duty, his eyes darting from creature to cloaked man to hammer man in quick snaps. "Had to happen right now," he murmurs to himself.

Jax had let out quite the sound of surprise when a rolling creature of claws and teeth came through the area she'd promptly vacated. She was still staring in wide-eyed surprise as Morgan leapt out into the road after the creature and brought his hammer down onto it with a force that really, really should have collapsed a shoulder entirely. When the creature didn't do anything but look at Morgan with a pissed expression and a snarl, Jax called out sharply. "MORGAN! Get away from it!" Worry obvious on her face. She looked at the creature then over at the others that had begun to gather on the sidewalk. "GET BACK! It looks like a werewolf.. or.. something." She looked up at the tall man as she backed away from the werewolf a touch and called out to him "Get your little girl out of here!"

Holding up his hands as the man approached didn't do much good, the "Woah...woah...WOAH!" also didn't help and Mercius is now flat on his back. With a grimace, he takes hold of Riley's extended hand, offering a nod of thanks as he gets to his feet. "Riley, do you have any idea as to what is going on?" Looking down, he tries to help up the man who barreled into him. Looking at the situation as it starts to unfold, Mercius nods to himself in silent agreement and then hands his cane to Riley. "Would you mind holding this for a moment, I think I'm going to need to get involved here." Taking off his heavy, rain-sodden overcoat, he hangs it in a nearby doorway. Narrowing his eyes as he takes another look at the creature, his face pales and with an almost panicked look, he turns to Riley. "Loup-Garou. This is bad. This is very bad. Turning, he looks for Auggie. "Auggie! Loup-Garou! Be watchful!" Turning back to Riley, he reaches for his Cane, eyeing the tip and then looking back to her. "I'm going to need this I think."

With the world getting torn, Auggie shuttered, looking down at the pack, a growl rattled in the back of throat as held her hand out to stay them. "The quickest and safest way is for their Alpha to lead them, Riley. They'll stay out of it for now. Get yourself hurt, it's another story." Undoing the sternum strap on her rucksack, Auggie let it slip down your arms to the pavement. Focusing on the Madwere, she sniffed at the air, sorting the scents. "Morgan! Jax! Try to lead it into an alley! And try to protect yourselves!" Her gold irises built a faint illumination under her hood. Hearing Mercius, she winced. "Not what I wanted to hear."

The man that had been walking up with some intent or another towards the women in the puddle was suddenly stopped by the fact that another man in a cape collided with the other man... so many people. He blinked, listened to roars, listened to hard objects hitting harder flesh. Then he threw his head back and laughed like an absolutely crazy man. The laugh was completely unhinged, as were his antics, as he threw his coat open to reveal a skinny, somewhat filthy body that immediately began being streaked with the rain from the sky as muddy drops ran down his frame. He shook his hips back and forth to demonstrate the minor wares he had in his arsenal, all the while continuing to laugh.

As a group, the three that had been originally under the huge umbrella watched the giant Loup Garou roll out into the street. The girl that had been walking towards Auggie and Riley stopped and stared at the man baring himself in the midst of all this and scowled. "You know, there is a right time for a pudding spoon, and a wrong, you yack." A shudder ran through her though and dragged her attention back to the maddened wolf, and her jaw dropped. "Zelena! ZED! Can you smell it?" Her breath started coming in sharp, haggard breathes as her eyes began to glow a bright, pure silver shade. Zed and Zelena simply nodded, staring at the Loup Garou as well with their eyes wide as they, too, began to glow. "It's so hungry!" Called the male, his mouth salivating to the point he had to suck in a breath and swallow. As one, the three started to walk a little closer, while their skin began to glow like moonlight fire anywhere it wasn't covered by clothing.

The very tall man with the little girl in his arms backed away slightly as the child righted herself and laughed brightly. "OH! It's a puppy! Loup! Loup, loup, loup!" She giggled and clapped her hands. "Down! I want down!" Her bright, copper penny colored eyes shined with happiness as she was set down. Instead of going towards the fearsome creature currently squared off with Morgan, however, she made her way over towards Riley's puppies, skipping in the rain with her bright pink umbrella over her head. "I'll play with them! Don't worry, I won't let the Loup-Loup hurt them!" And then the little girl promptly found all the leads, and took the dogs back, some of them growling and trying to fight her for position to stay and protect Riley, but being dragged away by her little hand as if they had no weight or strength of their own. This left the tall man to watch the goings on in the road with a flat expression on his face.

The man that had run straight into Mercius used Riley's hand to stand up, fluffing out his cape and groaning, still wildly terrified. "I was trying to help trap it, and it just... it just kept coming!" His words wobbled as he looked around and shrieked like a woman spotting a mouse on a freshly baked cake, noting that the thing was still in the vicinity.

The maddened Loup Garou looked at Morgan and promptly began salivating. Instead of a growl or roar, what came out of its mouth was more of a shriek and scream and tearing of vocal cords. It launched itself at Morgan and was promptly shoved away by the hammer in the man's hands, landing to the side and rolling into standing position again, of course now back on the sidewalk.

Ember taps her cigarette to her lips still standing next to Frost as she wracks her dragon brain. "Oh that's it..." she says to herself before shouting "Is there a Thaumaturge in the house? Or anyone with a good bit of inherited silver?" yah THAT's a normal cry for a bookish ginger to shout on the street... but hey there is an unstoppable killing machine running rampant so one might want to cover the bases.

Riley hands Mercius' cane back, warily watching the massive creature, though she breathes a sigh of relief as the little girl with pigtails takes her dogs reluctantly toward safety. She gives the little girl a salute and a smile of thanks before she finally has to ask..."What's a loup garou? It looks like a big werewolf...does that mean there's a person in there?!" The thought alarms her more than the monster's presence. She's suddenly wracked with uncertainty, so she goes to the Top for advice. Riley crosses herself, bows her head, and mutters a quick prayer. When her head rises, she's galvanized, the indecision banished from her expression, and she starts to move.

Hearing Silver, Morgan calls out to Jax as he begins circling the Garou. "Hey jax...I know it's kind of sudden, but uh...I love you babe...you know...should i get turned into giant wolf shit and all...Can't help but notice a jewellry store down the street..." As he speaks, the big Viking starts edging his way down the street, keeping his eyes on the beast. "Keep coming this way, you big, hairy fucker...Best meal you're gonna get right here. big portions...well marinated...tasty, tasty viking here....just keeeep coming...but uh...if you'd do me a solid and eat that naked fucker next? I'd appreciate it." Yeah. Morgan was seeing this.

Victor makes a face, is head turning to track what's going on. The beast, Morgan, the trio, the girl and the tall man. And all the other faces in between. His lips purse when his eyes fix on the beast. The name given to it sparks enough emory in him that he looks quite concerned. But with his distance, that concern doesn't rise to panic or the like. His head turns, settling eyes on the man who was being chased. With others squaring off on the monster, the man is worth some careful study. Clues can come from anywhere after all. The naked man? As long as he keeps his distance, Vic can ignore him. Not the strangest thing he's seen.

Jax stared at Morgan and allowed her mouth to gape open in surprise. "Morgan, you rank pretty fucking high on the scale of lovable right now, and that's really nice of you to say, but let's instead work on you NOT dying and becoming that, yeah? Auggie wants us to get it into an alley! I can help." Jax then moved like a quick fox in front of the Loup Garou, Running between it and Morgan, so that she could draw its attention. She was moving damn fast as well. Like someone that would need to be captured on high quality film to be more than a blur. "COME ON PUPPY!" She cried as she went in front of it in the attempt to get it hungry for someone other than Morgan.

Looking to Riley, Mercius nods. "They're the rarest of the Werewolves, typically they've been cursed and are unable to control the change. There is a person inside but they have no control when in this form. They are built to kill and that is what drives them. Their weakness is inherited Silver. Thankfully, I happen to have some." Steeling himself, Mercius grips his cane in one hand and then charges out into combat. "Wish me luck!" Seeing Jax heading towards the alleyway and acknowledging the advice given earlier, Mercius makes his way towards the alleyway at top speed, only to stop abruptly two steps in, his face a mask of pain. "Stich!" Gritting his teeth, he limps along after Jax, hoping to all that is holy that he isn't noticed.

Auggie's eyes to one person then the next, trying to take in what everyone is saying. "Thaumaturgy is almost impossible in the rain." Her gold eyes move to the three individuals being so excited and swallowing. "Morgan try to close out its avenues!" Auggie broke out into a run directly at the Madwere, doing a feet first slide across the pavement using her momentum to take out one of the hind legs of the creature. Of course this is a good way to get roadrush as the woman hissed and rolled to get back on foot, waving her arms at the creature. "Hey! Wounded Prey!" With the good doctor out doing the same, target rich environments are also confusing ones.

The crazy guy willing to lob about his pecker while insanity and Loup Garous were running about free just laughed as he was admonished by the blonde. He moved over to the puddle that had previously been Auggie and Riley's playground and began jumping in it, leaving his coat open for the world to watch the effects of leaping about on his filthy junk.

The little girl had managed to get the dogs to pay attention to her, somehow, and they were currently playing pile on the child while she laughed and laughed, her umbrella was forgotten to the side and she was filled with cheer as she got muddied up completely and likely ruined her dress.

The tall man stood there impassive, but nodded to Ember as she mentioned the allergies of the Loup Garou. "Yes, yes. It's good to have those things. Unfortunately all I have is some molten copper or gold, so I cannot help you there." His voice was monotone as they come, not an ounce of inflexion, but it was fairly loud.

The trio of blondes now glowing brightly with a silvery sheen looked completely ethereal save for the fact that they had clothes covering some of the glow. The male of the trio lifted his hand towards the Loup Garou and closed his eyes, groaning softly as he did so. "So fucking delicious." He murmured the words with a dark tone to them, and the two women with him shuddered slightly. One of them reached up to her neck and touched the necklace there. "I.... I have some. We do. If you need it." She cleared her throat and reached back to undo the clasp, blinking eyes that were glowing bright enough to illuminate the area in front of her. She held her hand open, with the coil of antique silver necklace on it, the charm that of a heart with an arrow through it. The male of the three was still busy staring with open, well, it looked like open lust at the Loup Garou. The other woman nodded once and pulled her own necklace off, wrapping it around her hand thoughtfully while she tried to force her eyes to stop clinging to the starving, mad wolf. The women started moving toward the alleyway after Jax, and the man came behind them slower. They were just behind Mercius at first, then overtook him, leading the way like emblazoned pyres that bit back at the darkness.

The man in his gray cloak looked around, panting and trying to get his bearings now that he realizes the threat was still very much there, very much a threat, and likely going to be unstoppable for many people to deal with. "SHIT!" He cried out as he reached into his pockets and came out with nothing. "All used, dammit. Ok.. I can maybe try to confuse it!" He cried out in surprise as the Loup Garou took off into the alley after a very quickly moving Jax. Then he started loping after them.

Oh yes, the Loup Garou looked at Morgan like he fully intended to eat him. Fully. Then there was Auggie, doing her crazy best to confuse the mutt as he growled under his breath. The streak of movement Jax caused between him and the others snagged his attention and he turned with a snap to try to catch her, and took off after her into the Alley, moving slower than Jax by a good bit.

Ember nods herhead "Never a thaumaturge when you need one to bind a fleshbound demon riding a human host. And it looks like at least the strange moonlit folks have some inherited silver so there is a chance that a bloodbath can be avoided that's good." she notes to Frost nodding her head before heading to the alleyway, probably to block it off from civilians given that she's not about to try and fight an unstopable beast.

Riley bolts after the man in the Gray Cloak, bellowing, "If we can bring it down, can you trap it? Until the frenzy passes?" As the creature follows Auggie and Jax into the alley, Riley puts on full speed and dives full force into the Loup Garou's knees, throwing it off stride. Her momentum carried her into the opposite wall as she recovers, and trumpets, "Don't kill it! There's a person inside him! Just knock it out and we sort it out after!"

Ok the Werewolf was paying attention to him..this was good, then Jax was distracting it again and oh look! big Dog chasing his date. Not good. Turning to see Jax bolt into the alley, then Auggie and Riley trying to get in on the action as well, Morgan begins running as he mutters "I know this is a bad Idea! It's a fucking Horrible idea that I'm going to regret, but you aren't giving me anything better to go with! What do you mean Cushion the landing with my knees!? No That's not helpful at all!" Diving through the air the one eyed Viking lands on the werewolf's back, locking his arms around the creature's neck, wrapping his legs around it's stomach, and latching onto it's left ear with his teeth as he snarls and holds on for dear life. using his war hammer to increase his death grip.

Victor watches the conflict move into the alley with a slight frown. The lot of them seem to have it in hand for now, but the jewelry store was mentioned. He glances down the street that Morgan mentioned for a moment before, now that there is a clear path, jogging his way down towards it. He has no problem pushing his way in and looking of rthe first clerk he can lay his eyes on. "What do you have in your heaviest, most sturdy silver chains?" He hasn't high hopes that the selection will be heavy duty, but still, he asks.

Jax had managed to get pretty far ahead in her little game of chase me, chase me! She turned around and looked at the situation at the mouth of the Alley and let out a sound of shock. "What the bloody hell are you doing?!" She called out to Auggie... then Riley could be included. By the time Morgan leapt onto the back of the mighty creature Jax was nearly flustered to the point she almost screamed like she had a pillow covering her face. Narrowing her eyes, she looked at the maddened werewolf and shook her head. Her eyes started to burn brightly, the color of heavy Amber being backlight by some sort of roaring inferno. Her skin took on a hue that was a bit less silvery than the trio of blondes had been, and glowed like fine, white gold. She focused on the creature hard, glow building, then blinked her eyes in shock when absolutely nothing happened to the creature. There was no reaction at all, not even a whimper. "I can't... I can't make it suffer." She sounded thoroughly confused and stood there, staring at the situation with disbelief.

Limping up to the alleyway, Mercius looks with disbelief as Morgan jumps onto the back of the Loup-Garou. "That might not be the safest place to be!" Blinking, he focuses on the task at hand, shifting his grip on his cane and swinging it at the Loup. It's a good swing but a combination of the creature dodging and Mercius slipping on a wet piece of cardboard result in the man missing the blow.

Auggie pants and shook her head is the beast when down the alley. "Okay, fine..." She started running after the creature into the alley, scratch bits of rubbish and flings it in the direction of the creature. When she nears the creature, it's everything and the kitchen sink being kicked up as she shoulder a rubbish can and kicked it with all her might. Picking two pieces of wood to clack together, reverberating nicely into the alley, as she tried to cause as much noise as possible.

It seems that playing in the puddle has actually passed into bathtime for the man with the trenchcoat, and he was busy using the water to wash the dirt off of his body while people ran away after the crazed werewolf. When he looked over, he noted the little girl playing with the puppies and his insane grin came back to his face. Standing up, with water thoroughly dripping off of him, he started to walk over toward her, keeping his coat closed.

Little Mutiny, sometimes known as Penny, sat there playing with the dogs, slowly becoming more and more covered in mud and puppy kisses. She didn't seem at all phased by the man walking towards her in his dripping wet state, and simply glanced at him with her copper colored eyes, grinning with her angelic cheeks.

The very tall man near Ember nodded again as the dragon-blooded moved to block the entryway of the alley. He moved over to watch the situation, standing out of any activity, his face impassive as he took it all in.

The trio moved into the alleyway towards Jax, turning to face the Loup Garou with their vividly bright selves lightening up the entire mouth of the alley. The two girls lifted their hands with the silver in them, both made sure it was wrapped around their fists. "Get him in here, we can grab him!" One of the two called out loudly. Their eyes were wide and they turned to look at the man that had been with them as he seemed to shudder, causing them both to gasp. He frowned sharply though and shook his head. "Nothing happened! It's like I didn't even touch it!" He seemed varily concerned by this, and had only grown brighter.

The one with the gray cloak running to try to keep up with the fray slid to a stop as the women who had been running with him attempted to bowl for pins, using the Loup Garous' legs as the pins. He shook his head. "You people are fucking crazy. ILLUMINUS!" He screamed the word at the top of his breath and suddenly there was sparkling, fizzling lights around the Loup Garou's head. BUT, the lights were also around everyone else, as the whole world seemed to fill with sparkles and popping flashes. There was the sense that maybe this could have been a truly impressive display, but the light and color faded quickly each time it popped, as if the rain were washing it away.

Being bowled into by women after not just one quary had gotten away was strting to drive the Loup Garou to the edge of further insanity. It snapped at Auggie Riley who ran into his legs like bowling balls and then howled like something was ripping free it's claws one at a time. The Loup Garou was particularly displeased as a heavy trash can was used for a percussive assault to its senses. Whether or not it noticed any of the people attempting to fumble with its brainmeats, it DID notice that Morgan was on its back. Bucking and writhing, it attempted to turn its head around and bite onto Morgan to free itself of the freeloader, but all it succeeded in doing was snapping its jaws rather menacingly close to Morgan's one good eye. Close enough that breath and spittle bathed the relatively unprotected orb in a shower of heat that smelled of decay and death.

Ember sets herself up as goalie... or doorman or something for the allyway. She's just making sure that the violence inside does not spillout, and the civilians don't wander in to investigate the noise. She looks to Frost and points at the naked man in his coat. "You... uhm may want to save him... from himself." she says to the skinny man and returns her attention to guarding the ally.

Riley touches the silver St. Francis medal at her throat and swallows hard, but then the mysterious blonde ladies seem to be more willing to part with theirs. "Hi there," she smiles at Zima as she dashes past. "Can I borrow your silver necklace? I'd hate to ask you to put yourself at risk, but I think I can get in close enough to make really count without putting you in danger. And...I'll give it right back, if it's not, you know...gross beyond all reason. What do you say?" She holds out her hand, already perched on the balls of her feet to head back into the Loup Garou's personal space.

Still holding the Wolf, Morgan gags a bit as the things tries to snap at his face. As Mercius mentions that this is a bad place to be, Morgan snarls. "You fucking think?!" Redoubling his efforts while the Wolf is confused and stumbling, The big Viking heaves his eaight to the side, pulling the animal with him as he forces the creature to the ground with a snarl. "It's not polite to try to eat my fucking girlfriend you rat bastard."

Victor does his business in the store quickly. He knows what he needs and within a minute he has it all laid out before him. One card swipe later, he emerges from the shop with what can only be a wad of the thicker sort of silver necklaces in his hand. Well over a dozen, perhaps two. He has no idea if they'll prove useful, but you don't reward without risk. Glancing towards the alley, hearing the noise, he'll start on his way back.

Utterly confused by the fact that she couldn't even dent the doggy mentally, Jax shook her head to clear it, and walked over to the group with a terse sound of a near growl in her throat. She couldn't help the fact that she was still glowing like the makeshift fireworks the wizard had cast. She slipped up near the Loup Garou and used her hand to make motions in front of his face, leaving tracers with the light in her skin helping her out. "Where am I, pooch? WHERE THE FUCK AM I?" With her proper Oxford accent, it likely sounded hilarious enough to confuse the Loup Garou on its own without the arm movements.

Desperate to save face after missing so badly before, Mercius eyes the wolf carefully and waits for just the right moment to strike. The creature is maddened, distracted and clearly annoyed at being ridded by Morgan. Grabbing his cane near the top, he waits until the thrashing legs are out of his way before lunging downwards with his cane. There is a brief sizzling noise as the silver tipped cane pierces the creature near its flank, the tip not going in that deeply but the answering roar from the creature some indication of the pain that was felt.

Auggie pants as Morgan flattened the creature and Mercius gave it a whack. "It's not down!" With the alley looked terribly lacking for weapons, Auggie ran at the creature and jumped onto it, trying everything to jump try to find and grab hold on leg to wrap her arms around and try to hold on for dear life even if it meant slowly it down for a split second.

As the man near little Mutiny came up and actually opened his coat to flash the girl, she looked up from her puppies and shook her head. "No, little McGee. No. Go back to your puddle. Or I'll make sure you don't have that anymore either." She nodded to his crotch, then looked past him to watch the fray at the mouth of the alleyway while she pet puppies. When the man with the flasher craze stood still for a few moments, she lifted her hand and shooed him away like he was a fly and none too interesting. He backed away, and went back to his puddle with his head hung low.

The trio of blondes looked shocked as they watched the creature being ridden by Morgan, All threee of them were still glowing but they weren't attacking, were just waiting, while Riley took the necklace from Zima, who seemed to be the youngest. Maybe they were checking to see if that would work, since whatever the man had done didn't do anything.

Frost simply stood impassively watching at the mouth of the alleyway, then turned to look behind him as the little girl in pink admonished the flasher. He shook his head, then went back to watching Oxford's version of a rodeo, courtesy of Morgan.

The werewolf was now completely beside himself. The tripping, tackling, being ridden, and all of the enraging movements around him were making him slobber in heavy ropes to the ground where it puddled beneath him. That is, until Mercius hit him in the flank with what felt like fire and death. Harshly jerking and twitching, the Loup Garou reared back and managed to grab hold of Morgan's shoulder with its massive jaws. It bit down hard, rending muscle and flesh, then pulled Morgan free of his back with three hard jerks, ripping out the fur that Morgan had been holding onto in the process. Morgan was then sent flying through the air a few feet until his large body fell to the ground, leaking vital fluids from the deep puncture wounds in his shoulder. The werewolf whirled around to look at those coming closer, snapping his now bloody, frothing mouth.

Ember is guarding the alley, staying ginger rather than black and scaley at least so long as the Loup-Garou doesn't try to escape from the alleyway. She isn't all that imposing as a door guard but she at least feels like she needs to keep the little human's safe from stuff like this.

Riley is in the midst of thanking Zima for the silver when Morgan goes sailing to the ground. "Uh...I should help with that. I'll be back, thanks again!" she tells the glowing silvery woman, and darts to Morgan's side. "I've got you covered," the petite redheaded woman offers the big Viking with a smile, bowing her head as shimmering motes of white fire flare to life around Morgan.

Getting thrown across the alley, Morgan slumps for a moment, then opens his eye with a grunt as Riley tries to help him. Grabbing the small redhead by the shoulder with his good arm, the viking uses her to pull himself up as he grunts and points towards Jax. "Save her. Not me...Just warming up." He didn't look like he was warming up. He looked like he was bleeding heavily from gaping wounds in his shoulder and possibly dealing with a minor concussion as he stumbled forward, stepping out of one of his boots as he went, the laces having pulled through the duct tape. Breaking into a half run, half stumble, Morgan hooks the handle of his warhammer under the chin of the beast and drives forward with a roar equal parts pain and anger...ok more pain than anger as he pins the Loup to the alley wall.

Victor gets back to the alley in a jog, though he pulls up a bit short, making his way to the mouth of the alley carefully. Peeking in. Noting the creature, he keeps from moving into the alley itself. "Riley!" Hissed at her. "Got some silver." He moves the handful of silver necklaces into view. Because he knows better than to try and interject himself into this melee. At least, not at this moment.

Watching Morgan get thrown off the back of the beast might have pissed Jax off, but there was Riley, all seemed well. So Jax started forward, only to watch Morgan leap in at the Loup Garou again. Letting out a snarl of anger, the brightly glowing Jax, rushed forward, the amber color of her eyes now molten and causing everything in front of her to be lit brightly. In an attempt to keep the Loup Garou off his footing, she kicked at his hind knee with the sharp end of her patent leather heel, managing to make the appendage buckle a bit.

Auggie fell over the Loup Garou managing to hold onto its leg long enough to be dragged a metre over the ground as it reared and bit Morgan off of itself. Humming a worried note, Auggie pushed herself up to kneel. Watching the beast, blackened horn buds grew on her forehead as the gold of her irises took on a feral glow. She offered a grin to the raging beast and shook her raincoat as she stood up again. It wasn't much, but it got the Loup Garou's nose twitching and searching.

Mercius winces as Morgan is thrown from the back of the Loup, dodging out of the way and casting a glance his way to make sure he is okay. Turning back to the beast, he lets the cane slid down his hand until he is holding it by the end, the large silver handle at the other end. Taking his queue from Auggie, who is distracting the creature, he draws back his arm and then aims a vicious looking overhead blow that connect with the Loup-Garou's head, the dull thud echoing off the alley walls.

As Mercius struck the well held hed against the wall, the body of the Loup Garou went slack as its head caved in sharply in an inverted shape that mimicked the head of Merc's cane. A moment went by as the body went rigid, then the tongue lolled out of its mouth and it literally just slumped, falling to the ground as it slipped bonelessly from under Morgan's hammer. Once there, the slow metamorphasis took place that drew the semi-canine body back into the form of a well muscled human male, completely in repose it would seem.

The man in the gray cloak was breathing heavy and shaking his head. "Shit, ok. Now I need to get him back to where he needs to be for the process to start all over for when he wakes up. You guys don't mind if I take him with me,right? This will just take over again once he's conscious." he looked at the poor unconscious fellow and shook his head with a sigh. "Poor guy, this seriously sucks." And then the man in the gray cloak reached into his pocked to pull out a weird, thin strand of rope that he started tying to the unconscious man's ankle.

Over in the puddle looking like he's rather pouting indeed is the man with the trenchcoat. No longer playing, he's just staring at the water like someone took away his favorite turtle.

Now that the craziness was over, the once prim and pink and now quite thoroughly muddy Mutiny stood up and plucked up the lead lines of all of the dogs entrusted to her. Walking without pause, she made her way to the road and walked across it, all vehicle traffic coming from either direction suddenly stopping without so much as a squeal of their tires at least 40 feet from her and the pooches. When she got to the alley, she grinned cherubically up to Frost and nodded. "Ok, we can go now. I want to go find a frog!" She held the leads out to Riley and winked. "I told you, they're fine."

The three blondes seemed to be simmering down, the glow slowly fading from their pale eyes and skin as the man went to dreamland. Walking over to Riley, the youngest of the three retrieved her necklace and gave a nod to the redheaded woman. Just as promptly as they'd started to follow, the three began walking away, this time not bothering with the umbrella as they were all thoroughly wet.

Ember stands in the mouth of the alley "Yah.. please do get him home... I would not like to see an innocent killed, and it is not common for such a curse to be handed out in a mannor that is truely deserved... for the innocents around such a cursed one are the most harmed." she shakes her head, still smoking and standing under her umbrella.

Riley nods to Victor in quiet acknowledgement and edges over towards him, reaching out for the heaps of silver chains. "This is perfect...and I think I know exactly how to use them." She starts fastening the chains together, the clasp of one to the loop of another, connecting the new chains Victor brought to the silver borrowed from Zima. Her makeshift lasso constructed...well, when she looks up, it's all over, and the Loup is now just an unconscious man in the rain. Riley's so relieved she tears up and laughs. "Okay. We did good today. He's alive, and as long as he's alive, there's hope for him." She unfastens Zima's necklace and returns it with a few more words of thanks, and she takes her Pack's leads from Mutiny with even more thanks. "They were very lucky to have you to watch out for them and keep them happy. Thanks very much," she salutes the little girl. "Well, everybody..." she looks at the party assembled and laughs again. "I'd say we have to stop meeting like this, but then we might not bump into each other!"

Stepping back as the Garou collapses, Morgan lets his hammer rest on the ground, held loosely in the hand attatched to the mangled shoulder, the big viking pats his pockets down for a moment before finding what's left of his cigarettes. Removing a broken one from the pack with fumbling fingers, he places it between his lips and lights it, taking a deep drag as he pinches the tear in the paper with his thumb and index finger. "You ok Jax?"

Victor hands over the chains to Riley without hesitation. Content to let her deal with them. He looks towards Jax and Morgan, noting, "If you want a ride to wherever you need to go to get fixed up, I can have a car here in a few minutes. I doubt a cab or walking would be very discreet." He pulls out his phone, though doesn't yet turn it on. His eyes scan the rest. "And anyone else who needs something simple and quick like that."

Looking over at Victor, Jax's eyes hadn't quite managed to calm to their usual brown, but they weren't quite as blindingly bright amber as they had been. She blinked, and they soothed even more. "Thank you, yes. I believe that might be a good idea, as I didn't bring my car tonight." She smiled at Riley and then at the little girl that had taken such good care of the dogs, then just looked at the three blonde people as they walked away, some distaste on her face for a brief moment before she cleared her throat. "Not tonight, Jacyn, not tonight." She rolled her shoulders and reached over to grab Morgan's good arm to try to drag him back away from the fallen man. "We need to get to the ward, so I can fix you up without you looking like I lost it in a moment of passion." Jax winked to Morgan and offered him a smile, then looked for Auggie. "Auggie, are you alright? Did you hurt your leg at all when you fell?" Mercius got a once over like Jax was assessing him also. "If any of you need to be seen, come with us to the Ward, will you?"

"I think we should meet like this more often." Mercius says with a grin as he rejoins the others. "It almost reminds me of home." Sighing just a little, Mercius heads out of the alley and back to the doorway where he'd left his jacket. Shrugging back into it, he tries to ignore the fact that it is now soaked through. Heading back to the alleyway, he sidles up to the others. "I think we're all good. Auggie, do you need help to get home? What about this chap though." He gestures to the fallen figure. "Can they actually do anything for him?"

Auggie stared at the fallen Loup Garou, blinking her illuminated eyes. She blinked a couple of times and shook her to Mercius. "I should get my bag... Jax, I have a first responders kit for Morgan." Adjusting her hood down, she walked back out of the alley back to the dogs and back. A groan rattled in her throat as she neared them, "NO." Grabbed her pack, she dug in it as she walked back, digging for the towel and the first responders kit, shoulder her rucksack on the way to Morgan.