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Grubby NeverNever

Saving someone is difficult

Dramatis Personae

Auggie and Dave. Trinity as GM.

29 June, 2007

What happened on the flipside of the station.


Station/NeverNever Ahoy!


Plot:The Unbound Vs...

Here in the Nevernever, the world looks decidedly damp. Though it's not as bad as it was on the other side, it was filled with rain clouds that looked disturbingly like they were ready to burst. And were orange. The ground wasn't covered in water, so when people landed here, it was with a firm, solid hit. The train station here was more of a spire, and the tracks were more of a trail, that looked like it had been beaten free of life by a constant torrent of air, or a tornado.

A few floating, curious pixies were dancing around the platform of the spire, waiting for transport possibly? The tiny things peered around the side wall and stared at the people who had just crossed into their world, chittering at each other in high pitched voices.

The Grub in Dave's arms doesn't seem quite as miffed about being dragged into the NeverNever as it might be due to the fact that it was suddenly hugged! Turning in Dave's arms, it began grinding into the man's flesh. Gnawing and tearing at him with its many legs, soon enough blood and goblets of skin, fat, and muscle were being thrown everywhere as he dug on in.

Dave breathes, exhaling a long stream of smoke and cinders. He relaxes his grip on and opens his eyes to a new land. Before he has his wits about him, the terrible grub is in motion! Dave's shirt is torn and blood begins to pool under him. "Hah! Haha! I got you!" He laughs in the face of certain death, grinning like a maniac. He stands up with the worm still gnawing on his shoulder and pries his hands under it, then pulls it away from his body. A chunk of flesh and torn scrap of shirt are still in its many-toothed maw. He doesn't even notice Auggie nearby as he gloats at the creature. "And stay here!" He says as sparks fly out of his hair. The blood streaming down his body steams, then bursts into a river of fire. In seconds the man is ablaze again and he drops the carnivorous creature. Dave laughs wildly before the flames consume him entirely.

Auggie took a breath through her nose to test the air here before breaking the seal of her mouth off the man, "You out from under the crane, but..." When Dave popped over with the grub, Auggie hissed a breath, getting off the man to start stripping off her raincoat and dress to toss on the ground, underwear was considered an extra and therefore unnecessary layer. "This isn't how I wanted this to go. But I promise you... I will do everything in my power to ensure you get back to the other side." She winced as Dave took a nasty hit and yet a moment later she moaned. The excitement there as black transparent scale spread over her naked body as muscles strengthened. Twisted appendages formed into wings as her spine lengthened into a tail. The demoness ran at the grub, leaning over to grap a handful of earth and toss it at the grub, her fly flapping to turn the handful into a cloud to blind and confuse the creature. When Dave jumps back so quickly, she snarls, focusing on the grub.

Shashy seemed particularly annoyed, and started towards Auggie with a grinding sound as it lifted its 'face' with the mandibles on its mouth clashing together. It caught the dragoness on the wing, while she was messing with its field of vision, confusing it, and couldn't quite get a better hold on her.

Zmeugie hissed and shook the thing off her wing. She quickly spun round to look at the around to any that may be used as salt, but it was the NeverNever, so logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead. The dragoness growled, staying need the grub so it had a target that was less than mobile. "This is going to be annoying..."

As Auggie was working with the creature, it suddenly froze up. From its rear end a POOF of gas appeared, and then it delivered its digested metals from its ass. A pile of iron specs crawling with iron eating digestive enzymes that looked entirely too much like the bacteria from the otehr day. The few plants that had grown near the dirt path all receded back and curled in on themselves as if burned by the detritous of the large grub.

When the pile of iron nastiness hit the ground, the little sprites and pixies at the spire let out various screams that ranged from pure horror to terror. The fear was palpable as they huddled together making mewling, horrified noises. "No! NO NONONO!"

The gas of iron and generally Fae badness, the dragoness jumped back, guarding her face with her forearm. The feral eyes scanned the cloud of Pixies for but a moment. "I'm the baking lady of Oxford! I wish to make a deal! A pound of salt placed upon this creature and safe passage myself and this mortal to the other side and in exchange, I offer to take this iron back across to the mortal world!" It was a plea, but really she had no other chance than to offer an open bargain in Faerie.

One of the pixies fluttered up a little, staring at Auggie, still horrified beyond belief. "Done. Must be removed within the hour. Or things will be very bad. close your eyes!" Once she'd done so, the pixies made sounds that were... odd to say the least. There was a buzzing and flapping sound and then a sudden, loud THUD. The scent of wet salt was obvious, like the ocean had been concentrated on that very place. Once eyes were opened, sure enough, a huge pile of salt with pieces of seaweed still mixed into it was laying over the grub.

The grub hissed and spit as its outer body melted away, leaving just a thin skeleton with huge mandibles, and thin, see-through organs processing through more strips of metal. Its flesh was still bubbling away from it into a pool on the ground as it lunged for Auggie. It missed entirely, falling to the side as it overshot. It made terrible noises, and dribbled its melting flesh while it moved.

"We reach an accord!" Zmeugie shouted in return and the moment that the pixies dropped their payload, she leaped at the exposed grub and drove her galoshed heel into the creature to crash it. She pulled off the galosh to leave it there and prevent the spread of contaminants into Faerie. Auggie was in constant movement, running back over to her raincoat as she shifted down to her mostly human form. "It'll be a moment." Dragging her raincoat over and spread it out. She immediately started moving the remains and its deposits onto the raincoat, doing checking with the pixies for any that may be remaining, though she was plenty sensitive to it.