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Grubby Tentacles

Sometimes, you wish for more grubs

Dramatis Personae

Auggie, Cefyn, Dave, Gerry, Mercius, Nia, Peter, and Tille. Trinity as GM.

29 June, 2007

A crazy, dreary afternoon at the Train Station




Plot:The Unbound Vs...

Near the Station, there is a concerted effort around one of the large electric boxes outside and a stretch of tracks that had been receiving construction help. The heavier end of the work seems to be getting some construction equipment out of deep water, and then some of the lighter work seems to be centered around building up a stronger sandbag barrier in a circle around the electral panel.

Luckily, all of the power was off in the area, leaving the station itself a dark, forboding sort of cave with shadows everywhere. The sky is filled with heavy, dark clouds that make the day look like it was about to become night even though it was barely 2 in the afternoon. It had stopped raining at about 4 in the morning, but not many of the flooded areas had dried up, and those clouds looked more than ready to unleash another full-on shower.

Enjoying the darkness and the coolness of the covered carpark, on the roof of a van, lays a large feline. The Siberian tiger appears to be sleeping, but every so often, it opens its eyes, peering around at distance activity. Until just recently, the cat was drenched, however, now only some small matted areas remain as proof of its soaking. With a loud, rumbly yawn, the tiger slowly stands, moving to the edge of the van to consider things below.

Mercius is lugging a large backpack as he wades through the water, puffing a little but still smiling as he makes slow progress through the murk towards one of the ticket machines. Dressed in dark blue jeans, the legs pocked here and there with burn marks and a white T-shirt that is mostly hidden by a dark jacket. He raises a hand to rake his fingers through his sodden hair, glancing to the workman who are working on the junction box, seeming to eye the distance and the water between him and them. Crossing his arms over his chest, he blinks a few time as he spots Peter, raising an eyebrow and then glancing to others to see if they have noticed. Ever so subtly, he reaches for a cane that is sticking out of the back of his pack and brings it to his hand, testing the weight as he watches. He starts to hum to himself, glancing at the pedestrians as they pass. "It's a wonderful city, this Oxford. So many strange sights."

Tille crouches next to one of the workmen, gently wrapping plastic cling wrap around a freshly applied bandage on the man's arm. "You really should go home for the day, Greg." The man protests sheepishly, which Tille silences with a good old fashioned Mom look. "I know you won't, so this will keep it clean and dry. I'm glad you called me. Tell Ginny I miss her and we're overdue for tea and shopping, ja?" The leggy blonde Swede stands and hugs the workman before sending him off again. She tucks her roll of plastic wrap into the large shoulder bag (the kind that was quite fashionable and expensive about five years ago) which is currently serving as her triage kit. She's dressed warmly, in a pale blue sweater dress that comes to mid-thigh, where her pale gray tights continue until they disappear into her tall leather boots. Pulling her shoulder-length golden hair back into a ponytail, she squints up at the sky, then down at the boots again, then warns the sky, "Don't you dare. These are new." She spots Mercius and waves in recognition, "Well, hello again! Nice to see you looking hale and whole!" She has not, for the moment, spotted any tigers.

It was easy to spot Auggie. She was the twirling woman in hot pink galoshes and hooded rain, and a pink rucksack. Visibility was an under statement. The fact she was singing 'O Tannenbaum' in German which was mostly off-key. There was a big smile on her lips while she was doing it as the Christmas Spirit was. When Tille called out, she stopped twirling, swaying dizzily on her feet. She waved to Tille and Mercius, her gold eyes widening a moment later. Arching a nostril. Yes, a nostril with a look of confusion takening over, she sniffed at the air. Her head started bobbing to an unheard tune as she started singing a different song. "Now I'm the king of the swingers, the jungle V.I.P... I reached the top and had to stop... And that's what bothering me... I want to be a man, man-cub, and stroll right into town..." It was getting all Jungle Book in here.

It's a lovely day for a walk. Well, it's not really, but that's not going to stop Dave. He takes long strides down the street, planting rubber-booted feet into puddles and twisting an unopened umbrella in his hands as he thinks about other things. He doesn't seem to notice that it's darker than usual but the commotion around one of the electrical boxes catches his attention. He rubbernecks on his way past, eagerly attempting to steal a look at what's inside those mysterious boxes. He's always wondered.

Nia being Nia had likely been out doing something, anything really. The fact that she was out this early in the day likely had the poor woman a bit bewildered, but the darkness outside with all the cloud cover may had the benefit of making it so she didn't have to squint her bright blue eyes against the sun, so there was that. She had dressed herself in a set of black running pants that fit close and did great things for her long, trimly muscled legs and a deep purple, long sleeved shirt of similar material that didn't leave any extra folds of anything to grab. Her shoes were a simple set of midnight blue trainers, the white laces of which flashed a bit in comparison to the dark outfit as she ran and tried to keep towards the drier bits of the world. This alone could explain why she wasn't running in one of her usual, now swampy, areas. As she ran, her long hair in its tight French braid hung down her back and bounced with the rhythm of her feet, and she took notice of the people working on getting things situated. Only for a moment did she frown at the thought of possibly going into the water, but headed that direction, towards the waving Tille and water dancing and.. singing... Auggie, as the two were certainly easy enough to spot from a distance. Her mouth curved into a warm smile as she heard the song from good old King Louis.

On any other occasions, the sight of a horse-drawn wagon might seem odd, but with the recent flooding, people who own have such animals and contraptions have come to the rescue. Cricket perches on the seat of a sturdy wooden supply wagon that looks as if it came straight from an episode of Little House on the Prairie. She wears a bright pink rain slicker and her silver hair is tied into a long braid that dangles behind her back. Beside her is Gerry, wearing sturdy working clothes and a gray great coat. Between them sits a brown animal that looks like a small dog with small pointed ears and a sharp nose.

Taking the occasional few minutes out of her monthly routine to admire the great steel landworms on their lines of iron is something Cefyn can truly get behind, especially when it usually comes with the sort of sound effects that only a heavy diesel engine or a jet aircraft can make, a sound she'd never heard before a year or two ago. She's learned the hard way about not getting too close to said heavy diesels after a spate of high-rotation breakdowns, and has settled for watching from a distance. Finding people dressed in eye-searing orange doing important things instead of the expected landworms, she ambles over to take a good look at what they're up to, waving to a few familiar faces on the way, hoping that her brown T-shirt, steel-toed boots and denim trousers will blend in even if the blue marks on her face, neck and forearms don't. After all, something might be about to go up with a 'pop' and a shower of sparks, which could be even more interesting than engines turning themselves into a collection of metal parts at speed. It may be worth mentioning at this point that the largest electrical failure Cefyn has seen was a toaster she stood too close to once...

The large feline sniffs at the air, its head tilting slightly to one side. Snorting, the feline jumps down on one side of the van, and paws at the door handle. Meowing noisily, he gets a claw in and pulls, disappearing into the darkness of the van's interior. A few moments later, a bare hand reaches out and pulls the door shut with a slam.

Mercius's smile widens as he spots Tille and he raises a hand in greeting. "Tille! Yes, I am doing much better. Thank you for putting my insides back where they should be." Splashing through the water, he heads over to Tille, letting out a laugh as he spots Auggie and hears her singing. Looking to Nia, he nods in greeting. "Morning Nia. I note with interest that someone didn't do the dishes this morning, I thought you should know. Removal of the biscuit tin was mentioned." He says this solemnly, nodding his head with due gravity, the gesture only offset by the humor showing in his eyes.

A pop of pink draws Tille's attention, but by the time she turns to wave to Auggie, the Jungle Book is in full swing and she starts laughing cheerfully. "Is this our Concrete Jungle Book?" she asks wryly and with a wink of one light blue eye. She turns to Mercius and reaches over to give him an amiable clap on the shoulder. "And I'm very relieved to see you've kept your innards where they ought to be since then." She follows his gaze to Nia and waves. "Beautiful weather for a soggy, mucky run, isn't it? Or..." she sees familiar faces in Cricket and Gerry and their carriage, and one unfamiliar face in the strolling Dave. "Or for a carriage ride! Halla, Doctors Horton!" She slips in and out of her native language without noticing, even when she hollers to Dave. "Ursakta mig, Sir! Excuse me! Be careful, there's some detritus left from the floods that have been causing the workmen trouble. Mind your step!"

As the water gave way to land, right near the station itself, a large, white form came into view. It was fat, chubby, rolled with some sort of odd chunkiness much like a grub worm, but was easily the size of a full-grown man's leg from hip to knee. It squirmed around on what looked like hundreds of little feet and seemed to be searching for something. It stopped moving as it came to a rubbish bin, and then the sound of shredding metal could be heard in a steady 'crunch, crunch, crunch' as a hole slowly started to appear in the side of the bin. Now that the fat, slightly off-white creature was fully out of the water and up on the platform, a steady puddle grew around it as the water wicked away from its body and left it looking like a slightly shimmery, opaque, elongated blob.

Trinity dropped Shashy.

Auggie's gold eyes tracked the movement of the large feline, her nostril staying arched and she continued singing, occasionally snapping her fingers to the beat. "And be just like those other men... I'm tired of monkeying around... Now don't try to kid me, man-cub, I'll make a deal with you... What I desire is man's red fire to make my dreams come true... Ab-bah-do-bee..." The song slowly dying down to a mutter, so she blinked a couple of times, her galoshes shuffling toward Mercius, Tille and Nia as she continued to stare at the van with her arched nostril. "Does anyone else have those moments when you question the idea of normal? To the point that drawing on the wall with fecal matter may be more normal than a cloudy day in Oxford? Because sometimes the world as it is makes relaying events with my physician feel like she wants to order bed restraints and observation... Definitely more medication..." She sniffed at the air, drumming her fingers together nervously. Her head tilted to the side, tracking some sound and by the time her eyes found the source, Auggie's jaw dropped.

Dave squints into the afternoon gloom. Familiar voices are in the air and his attentions wander from mystery box prizes. A broad smile spreads across his face. There's Auggie and Nia, along with Cricket and Gerry. A single hand is first used to wave but is quickly deemed insufficient. The umbrella is added to the gesture, exaggerating the greeting into one of dangerous enthusiasm. "Hey!" He calls out. More words are already lining themselves up to be fired without thought, but Auggie's sudden change in expression makes him pause. His gaze follows hers and his umbrella stops mid-air, pointing skywards. Words in his head fall apart and get replaced with a single syllable. "Neat."

A team of three men pushed hard at the back end of a large CAT, and a fourth man sat in the cab, turning the wheel and ensuring the thing stayed in Neutral as they moved the rig. As it came up out of the water, two long, grub-like creatures were on the back of it, one of which was hanging on only by its mouth with its multitudes of little, spindly legs flailing about. Where it held, it was obvious that the metal had been bitten through repeatedly, as there was now a large hole along the entire metal support that had been chewed on.

The second plump creature was coiled up around one of the taller trusses running along the hydraulic assembly for the CAT's bucket arm. The metal of the hydraulic rod had actually been eaten almost clean through, the once shiny, silvery, and very clean looking bit of appartus appeared now rather rusty around where the solid cylindar of metal had been devoured. Neither of the plump creatures seemed to stop chewing on the metal rig even while maintaining their grip on it, or finding a new one, as it came up out of the water.

Trinity dropped Squishy.

Trinity dropped Squiddy.

Nia raised her brows slightly as she looked at Mercius, then laughed, shaking her head. "Bom dia, Mercius. I suppose it's a good thing I have my own biscuits and don't get too riled up about people taking away the supposedly secret ones. And also a good thing it's never me that forgets to do the dishes." She winked to the man and then looked over at Tille, giving her a smile and a nod. "You seem like you would be busy lately, Tille. I can only imagine your hospital has been quite the buzz lately." She lifted her hand and waved hello to Auggie. "Bom dia Auggie! You look like you put us all to shame with your willingness to accept all of this rain." Nia chuckled, and looked over at Dave, grinning at his enthusiasm. Then she looked over at the direction Dave and Auggie were looking, her eyes widening slightly. Speaking in Portuguese, the Brasiliera started walking towards the trash can with quite a purposeful stride, obviously heading in to take a look at the.. squishy thing.

Nia says, in Portuguese, "What the hell is that?"

Gerry tugs at the reins to bring the wagon to a stop, and leans over the side to set the metal brake while Cricket bends to collect her satchel from the floorboard. When people call to them, he waves. "We thought that some stragglers might need a lift from here to safer places in the city," he explains. When the some of the others notice something odd around the workers at the electrical power plant, he straightens and sqinnts in that direction. "Trouble?" he asks. The little canine stands and its small ears perk forward. With his other hand, Gerry reaches for a leather leash. "Easy boy." Then he looks to cricket while he leans to grab his own satchel and a slender walking stick.

Cefyn keeps drifting over to observe, and manages to observe lots of people in eye-searing orange, and the way what little light there is sparkles off the white bands on their outfits. Caught up in wondering if the white bands really are lit, if it's some strange new modern thing, or someone's enchanted their outfits, she completely fails to notice much else around her. That includes people, grubs, noises and chewed-up heavy plant. All lost beneath the laser focus of someone who's trying to work out a new puzzle.

"It was all thanks to your speedy work and I have been most fit and able since." Mercius flashes another grin to Tille, his head turning as he listens to Auggie. "Much of a strange place as Oxford is, I find myself doubting what I see on many occasions. You are not alone in this Auggie and I think it is a natural reaction." He looks over as the Tiger drops from the van. Looking around to the others nearby, he nods towards the worm that is floating through the water. "Is anyone else seeing that? Nia? I think we could be in trouble." Shaking his head he watches as more worms arrive before coming to a decision. Closing his eyes briefly, he concentrates and then grins happily as his skin starts to shift. This happy grin fades to a look of alarm as he starts to shrink, a muffled yelp coming from his mouth as he disappears under the water. There is a disturbance under the water and then the surface erupts, a winged red form emerging. Roughly the size of a lynx, a little red and blue dragon surfaces, big blue eyes blinking and looking to those around him. Small blue wings strain to keep him aloft, the small dragon looking rather confused as he tries to shake a back leg free from sodden blue fabric.

Peter comes sloshing over towards beside Auggie, his boots tied to his backpack. His sweatshirt is soaked, and his track pants are rolled up to his knees, showing off ankles and bare feet. "You have good ears or nose, Auggie. And good taste in music. And books.", the young man calls out, giggling and shaking his head. "I have no idea what normal even is. Being in Oxford doesn't help either, but I have a distinct feeling that other places are just as weird, perhaps more so." His eyes open a bit as he looks off at the construction equipment, with the worms messing with the construction, and he stomps one of his feet. "Seriously... I just got dressed." His rucksack drops to the ground and his lifts his sweatshirt over his head. "I hate this sometimes..."

Tille smiles to Peter as he joins the impropmtu gathering, though his soaked clothing earns an eye twitch. "Do you have anything dry? You'll catch your death of..." Of course, when he starts stripping anyway, the point becomes moot and she lets it drop. "Right then." She shifts her focus in the direction of the white grubs. "What are they...?" she asks no one in particular, squinting her eyes shut then opening them again, unfocused as she looks through her Sight, instead.

A twitch came over the body of the corpulent thing gnoshing on the trash can as Cefyn seemed to walk right past it in her transfixed state. The front of the creature pulled away from the rubbish bin and it turned, moving surprisingly fast on the ground with all those legs. Rushing over to the walking Pictish princess, it wound up her ankle and was moving over her knee in no time. The small, almost ludicrously spindly legs held fast to her and pricked against the skin though didn't break it. It was also oddly heavy, which would likely be noticeable to even the most oblivious as it climbed with its disturbingly gelatenous jiggle along its squishy hide.

To Nia's question, Auggie offered a nod in response. "I'm going to guess they aren't from around here, but..." Auggie's gaze went from grub to grub and to the tracks. She scanned the others about and raising her hand as if she were in class, her voice raising. "If anyone can identify the oversized grubs, it would be appreciated!" She cleared her throat gently, "If anyone would like to be fearful or otherwise terrified, it would be appreciated, because that would help." She gave a nod to Mercius and a faint smile as she lowered her hand. "I'm more concerned with the tracks as that means endangering many as they seem to be going for the metal." She managed the same faint smile as Peter neared. "I'd hold off the shifting again for now, Peter. Opposable thumbs seem the way to get here look for anything metal and put it between them and the tracks!" Rather than just ordering, Auggie started out quickly to find any metal she could.

Dave stares for an extended period of time. His face goes through several expressions as waves of excitement, curiosity, and concern wash over him. It takes a few seconds for him to remember to lower his hands. Organisation reasserts itself in Dave's mind and he finally calls back to Tille, "Thank you! I think I see some!" He points at the large white blob and nods, widening his eyes a little in the international gesture of "We're all seeing this, right?" He turns and begins heading towards the feasting worm and half-eaten rubbish bin, only to have the worm relocate itself at shocking speed. Dave breaks into a run towards Cefyn.

The two creatures on the CAT continued munching away. The one hanging off the back bar behind the tires managed to fling itself forward a bit to cling to the underside of the very piece it was chewing on, and kept on grinding away the metal with it's mouth, the whole body seeming to relax a bit now that it wasn't flailing in open space.

Shimmering and chubby, the creature on the hydraulic apparatus managed to finish eating through the top cylindar, and the entire apparatus fell with a whining, grinding down to splash heavily back into the water. Of course, the grub thing went with it, still chewing, and not even flailing at the fall. Once that happened, though, the hydraulics were no longer able to keep the bucket attachment of the CAT up, and it fell, heavy and solid, knocking two of the men pushing the CAT backwards, and landing with a giant THUD onto one of them. The one man left pushing let out a grunt of surprise as he was the only one holding the weight of the CAT from rolling backwards, and over the three men.

That's when the screams started. The man that had been knocked just to the side was holding his arm tightly to his chest, the forarm at a terribly awkward angle, as if he'd suddenly developed a newly placed, very agile spare elbow in the center of his ulna and radius. Blood started pouring down his arm and into the water from where a bone stuck sharply through the skin. The man crushed under the bucket gurgled and screamed, his lower half under the bucket and his upper half struggling to keep itself above the 2 feet of water he was in.

Nia let out a sound of shock as the creature left its chewing of bins and started up the leg of Cefyn. "WAIT! LOOK OUT!" Rushing forward, she stopped next to Cefyn and motioned down at her leg, making a sound of someone noting another person stepping into a fresh pile of manure. "Uuuuugh..." She used both hands to motion down at the grub-thing climbing up Cefyn's leg, her facial expression took on a heavy layer of animation with her mouth curving down, her tongue sticking out, in an obvious expression of disgust. "It's on your leg, amiga!" Moving her weight from one foot to the other, Nia looked like she was debating the good manners of pulling the thing off of Cefyn, or letting the woman do it herself. When the screams started, she looked over, shock on her face, and now a tear of purpose as she looks at Cefyn, then at the fallen men. It only took a moment, and then Nia was moving through the water towards the man stuck under the bucket. "HELP!" She called to anyone and everyone as she got closer.

"Stay here with the horses," Gerry advises, looking to Cricket. He hands the leash to her. "I have an odd feeling about this." He vaults over the side of the wagon, and heads toward the station, clutching his walking stick in one hand and shouldering his satchel with the other. He is wearing heavy work-boots, jeans, a flannel shirt, and a black hat with wide brim. When the man screams, Gerry breaks from a stride to a run, charging toward the sound.

From puzzling over the hi-vis stripes to having something heavy and squishy with far too many legs crawling up her? Cefyn jolts, one hand going up and one hand going down. The hand going up reaches into the neck of her T-shirt, and the hand going down slaps the white grub-like thing. "Ice," she hisses at it, or something that sounds like that, and the thing stiffens up and drops off. Those little legs are still moving, though, as are the jaws, from which Cefyn backs hastily away. The screams beyond are as nothing compared to ...that.

The small dragon bobs in the air, tiny wings fluttering madly as it tries to stay aloft. Hearing the scream, his head bobs to one side and his eyes narrow as he spots the creature on Cefyn's leg. Letting out a growl, the dragonling surges forward, leaving a wake in the water as he darts towards the creature. Watching as the creature is frozen and then flops from Cefyn's leg, he takes a deep breath and then belches loudly, blinking a few times and then shaking his head. Taking another breath, he looks to the worm and his lips peel back from his teeth, his jaws opening and then a wrist thick jet of flame bursts from the mouth of the dragonling, hitting the worm on it's side and sizzling away at the ice. There is a gout of steam as the flame hits, the worm wriggles and rolls in the flame, its skin not even having the decency to burn under the dragonling's attack.

Peter pauses and looks at Tille a moment, his thumbs hooked under the elastic of his waist. "Heh. Dry. Haven't been dry for several days." The young man chuckles and shakes his head. "I don't know what they are, but they are obviously here to prevent further holding back of the water." He makes as if to pull the track pants down and pauses again as Auggie speaks. "I'm stronger while shifted anyways. And uhm. Those things are attacking people now." The man getting crushed by the bucket making Peter's point more poignant. "I'm going down there to swipe some claws through them. Uh. I hope they're not like, acidic or something. That is going to sting." His pants shoot down, but it's not like there much time to see anything, what with the screaming and grubs crawling up people's legs and well, he changes into a large Siberian tiger. And begins to pad off towards one of the closer grubby grub grubs.

For all intents and purposes, Tille is...just standing there. She hears the screams from the fallen men and her jaw tenses, but what's before her Third Eye is what staggers her. "Skitstoffelen...they're protected." Subtlety be damned, the workmen are probably not paying attention at this point anyway. "Spells are etched over every single inch of them...words of protection. Keep This Body Safe from Harm. Unless we dispell them, there isn't much we can do. They're Nevernever beasts. The power just radiates off of them. They're...digesting? The metal? No...it's more like they're...processing it into its base elements..." She squints her eyes shut tight and rubs them with the back of her hands.

After being frozen, then subsequently flambeed, it would seem reasonable that the chubby, grublike creature that had attempted to get up close and personal with Cefyn might be dying. But no. After the flaming stopped, the creature writhed around in the water a little, it's legs flailing maddly, until it flipped itself back over. The water around it churned as those little legs propelled it forward. Ice shards spiked up through its fat, jiggly exterior and fell away in chunks as it locomoted across the surface of the water like a cigarette boat, the front of it coming up slightly, mandibles and mouth visible and making sharp clicking sounds as it headed straight towards Cefyn. The holes created by the ice evacuating its internal structures were closed up almost immediately as the shards and clumps of frozen left its flesh.

Once the screaming started, Auggie pinched the top of her hood and started running towards the downed construction bucket and the man trapped under it. Unsnapping her backpack, she dropped it on the ground near the man with the broken arm. Scanning the area and people, she screamed back to Tille, "TILLE! Help this one! First Responder's Kit in the bag!" Looking down at the man, she spoke as calmly as she could, "There is a nurse on the way, just wait here." There was care taken not to get within arm's reach of the man before she turned and ran, her galoshes splashed in the water as she neared the man with the bucket on him. Kneeling in the water to take hold of the man. "I am really sorry about this..." Her frowned as she stared at the man, her gold eyes taking on a feral glow as horn buds grew on her forehead. Her lips pulled back from her lips revealing elongated canines as she pushed her weight on the man, to trap him partially under the water, sending the man into a complete panic of thrashing arms.

Dave doesn't get too far into his run. His eyebrows move together and he develops a confused expresion. Footsteps shift from slamming onto the ground to a brisk walk. He steps through the cloud of steam, waving his hands as if he were walking through a hot shower. "Oh, well done." He says in a tone much more suited to arriving at a cafe for coffee with friends than mortal danger. Dave smiles brightly at Cefyn as workmen scream and heavy machinery tips over. The white centipede pulls itself together and he watches, briefly wishing it were narrated by David Attenborough. "Got this handled?" He asks conversationally as the creature charges.

The two creatures gnoshing away on the large CAT continued to do so, completely oblivious to the suffering the men were going through. The bit of hydraulics that were in the water were still being eaten, the movements of the large creature displaying its back clearly, as it wriggled freely in the water and ate, trying to keep itself from floating up while it kept its mouth and that end of its body submerged.

On the back of the CAT, the long band of metal that served as the rear 'bumper' of the vehicle broke free on one side, hitting the water with a loud splash, and the creature kept eating, working its way up the now tilted, tortured metal bar.

The man standing at the back of the CAT let out a scream as it moved backwards and he slid a bit, trying to keep his body positioned in a good way to keep the heavy vehicle from rolling over the downed man, and himself.

Nia saw the man struggling to keep the CAT from rolling backwards and moved to jam her shoulder against the rig's back end. "MERDA!" She cried out, weding her body in an angle to try to keep the thing steady. "GET HIM OUT OF THE WAY, MENINA!" Looking slightly over her shoulder at Auggie, whom she thought was helping the guy under the bucket, her jaw dropped and she let out a grunt of surprised anger and effort. "AUGGIE! O QUE DIABOS?!" Disbelief rang harsh in her words as she saw what was going on.

The man with the broken arm seemed dazed, likely from being hit with a large metal scoop. When he noticed his arm was not working, he flopped it back and forth and started laughing, maddly, almost sounding like a little girl. Which was strange, coming from over 6 feet of burly yard worker.

Gerry finally arrives amidst the chaos and his frowns knit for a moment while he attempts to comprehend the carnage. He lifts his cane in his right hand and aims it at Shashy, aiming for the center of the beast. A get of blue-white lightning zaps the creature, causing it to flops to one side, flailing its legs furiously as if it is swimming. He staggers from the sudden rush of concentration and grimaces.

Cefyn's eyes widen as the thing fails to die, and in fact gets better, then narrow again. An overheard comment from elsewhere has her puzzling over something a little more immediate than hi-vis stripes, and she reaches for the satchel at her side. She undoes the buckle and pulls out a jam-jar with 'Halen' written on it and starts talking to the thing that still seems to want to climb her. It's obvious from her tone that she might use this language with her mother but she definitely wouldn't with the Bishop...

The large Siberian tiger splashes through the water a few steps and comes to a halt, watching Auggie making for the equipment. Snorting loudly, the feline decides to follow her. He sniffs at the man with the injured arm, giving a slightly despondant meow at the look of the man, before moving to watch Auggie attempt to drown a poor, defensless man with only half a body She is having trouble? Then Nia is there screaming in another language, which sounds remarkably similar to screaming in English, but perhaps a bit more sultry sounding. The tiger moves to stand beside Nia, his large paws smacking into the back of the machine, the upright cat lending his weight and strength to keeping the CAT upright.

Cefyn says, in Latin, "So it's me that you want, is it? Well I just so happen to have a cure for you, you little bastard, and you need not be thinking that you'll get away free. And if you've got any siblings - which I doubt, since you knew neither parent - then I've got one for them too."

The dragonling lets out a roar, his eyes going wide as Auggie pushes the struggling man underwater. Surging forwards, the dragonling performs a passable barrel roll as it zooms round to where the CAT is. Changing in mid air, the Dragonling's body contorts and shift, a shrill scream escaping his mouth as his limbs extend. Hitting the water with a loud splash, a much taller creature emerges from the murk. Some six foot tall with wings almost the length of his body protruding from his back. Red and covered with scales, he has an elongated snout, the jaws bristling with sharp and deadly looking teeth. Humanoid in shape, muscles coil and strain underneath the scaled flesh. He bares his teeth and hisses at Auggie, blue eyes looking to the man and then to the bucket of the CAT. Seeming to finally understand what is going on, the Dragonoid nods to the tiger and then takes up position next to the bucket. Grasping the steel with taloned fingers, he lets his head back and roars as the takes up the weight, the muscles on his arms and chest bulging outwards as he screams in frustration until finally, the bucket starts to lift, metal joints screaming and resisting the Dragonoid's efforts.

The chubby grub that had been frozen, cooked, lashed with electrical whipping, and steamed like a proper clam churned its legs until it flipped back over in the water. Propelling itself forward it launched onto Cefyn's leg and bit into her, just below the knee, its jaws holding on firmly around her while its mandibles punched into her over and over in an attempt to work through the flesh.

"SALT THE BASTARDS!" Tille bellows as she wrenches her Third Eye closed, employing that classic Keep It Simple, Stupid technique. As her eyes and brain come back into focus on the surface world, Auggie's previous words register and the nurse takes over for the wizard. Kneeling beside Auggie's pack and the man with the broken arm, Tille tries to comfort the man and get him to hold still. "I'm a nurse, and I'm here to help you. But I need you to be still. Your arm is broken. I'm going to set it so you don't bleed out, but why don't we start with some pain killers?" She rummages through her own bag for supplies, then through Auggie's Pink Bag of DOOM...and comes out with a Saline Drip Bag. "Saline...SALINE! Someone douse them with this! Help me with these, quickly!"

Auggie grimaced as she purposely held the man in the water, allowing him to suck in enough air laced with water to deepen his panic. Gripping the back of his head, her fingernails blackened, Auggie straddled the man, bringing his head to press to hers, forehead to forehead. With a snarl at the Dragon, she hugged drowling the man, taking in a deep breath before sealing her mouth over his, and forced the two of them into the water to more thrashing, her bright pink coat disappearing under the water. The water stilled with a few bubbles coming and a swirl of mud... As the two of them slipped into the Nevernever.

Dave stands where he is for a while. Chaos rages all around him. There are screams and cursing in all manner of languages, a life and death struggle against gravity, a roaring dragon, and lightning. His smile looks relaxed, growing calmer and more chill as the hideous blob of Shashy lunges for Cefyn. The smile turns thoughtful, perhaps even contemplative, before he seems to come to a decision. His smile turns into a broad grin and he flashes a cheesy thumbs up to Cefyn. Two quick, deliberate steps take him to Shashy and he spreads his arms wide, falling down and grabbing the creature. He hugs it closely to his chest as smoke begins to emerge from under his clothes. Sparks fly out from his hair and in an instant he is ablaze in smoky fire that begins to boil the water around him. Dave screams in pain. The flames grow higher, growing to a blazing bonfire - then the scream suddenly cuts off. The flames vanish, leaving behind only a cloud of smoke and cinders.

The two creatures on the Cat continued eating away at the metal on the CAT without stopping. The one on the bumper was almost to the second attachment point, and didn't seem to be stopping. In the water, the metal cylindar of the hydraulic assembly was almost gone and it had started eating the outer layer of the sleeve assembly.

Nia stared at the tiger that had just shown up to help her and the poor man pushing the CAT to keep it into place. Her mouth worked for a moment with no sound, then she just shook her head. "Right! Why not?" She jerked her attention back to Auggie in time to see her and the victim of crushing, and now drowning, melt away to the NeverNever. "Ok, well. Let's push this damn thing off the incline." Hearing Tille, Nia nodded. "Ok.. After this is moved, we can get the Saline?" She panted heavily and kept pushing, even if she wasn't helping as much as say.. Tigers and Dragonlings.

The man with the broken arm sat down heavily near Tille, not seeming to bother at all as his entire lower body was soaked through. His dazed eyes looked at Tille and he smiled at her slowly. "Hey pretty lady. You helped Greg, right? Good lad that. I think I might have hurt it there." He lifted his arm up for Tille to look at, the poor thing flopping uselessly and spurting blood as he grew ever more pale and sweaty.

When someone mentions saline, Gerry turns to locate the voice and then offered drip bag. He nods. "Slugs! Right!" he strides toward Tille t take a bag. "Do you have more than one? We'll want to douse that thing as well as possible."

Cefyn, her leg bitten, had her free hand on the jam-jar's lid - and then her bug vanished, along with Dave and a lot of fire that hadn't been there a few moments beforehand. Even for Cefyn, that takes some staring at. And some swearing at.

Cefyn says, in Latin, "I had it right where I wanted it! Which bit of 'I have a cure for you' did he not understand? Men! Now, if there are more of these little bastards, I am going to piss on them. I want salt beef, not salted grub."

The man under the bucket of the CAT was now gone, as was Auggie, Dave, and the Grubcreature that had attacked Cefyn. The four people lending their strength to keeping the CAT from rolling had easily kept it in place. The two grubs on it are still eating away, though the entirety of the hydraulic assembly arm is mostly separated from the main body of the CAT now.

Peter meows at Nia when the woman stares at him, and snorts at her reaction. When she talks of moving the CAT, the feline looks to her and meows again, tilting his head in the direction of Tille. The large feline leans down to push at Nia with its head, nudging her in the direction of the man with the broken arm. And then leans back into the machine, straining to push it aside now that the man and others were safely out of the way.

With the wounded worker, Dave and Auggie now gone, Mercius lets go of the bucket. Turning his attention to the grubs that are still around, he nods to Cefyn as he hears her speak and then to Tille as she mentions the Saline. Tilting his head he looks to Gerry and then to the grub that is chewing away on the bumper of the CAT. With quick strikes he starts to knock the creatures legs from the bumper, hoping to drop it from the CAT and into a better position to get a hold of.

Tille passes two saline drip bags and a jar of smelling salts to Gerry with a grateful smile. "Thank you. Be careful - it's also likely to make them very unhappy with you. I'll help if I can, but he's going into shock. I don't want to leave him until he's more stable." With that, she turns to stabilizing the man, which begins with the administration of painkillers. "Stay with me. How do you know Greg? He used to serve on the fire brigade with my husband, until he came to construction to try something quieter." She chats casually with the delirious man, trying to keep him talking and conscious as she snaps on latex gloves and gets to work on that nasty extra elbow in his forearm.

Squishy and Squiddy continued their rampage on the metal of the CAT. Squishy seemed perfectly happy to be munching, and then Mercius grabbed ahold of Squiddy and tried to give a happy hug. Of course, the reaction there was not the best. Squiddy writhed in Merc's arms in an attempt to get at him with its mouth and legs, all of which managed to be averted by Mercius.

Nia kept pushing against the CAT, with the help of the large feline and the worker that hadn't given up yet. With the last effort by Peter and combined forces, the vehicle rolled to a position of flat land and stopped working back against those doing the pushing. Nia took a deep, heavy breath and stepped away from the huge vehicle, looking over at Peter and the worker, patting them each on the shoulder with slightly shaking arms, then stared at the grub creatures. "Let's spray them down and kill them, they look like trouble." Her bright blue eyes were narrowed in annoyance at the creature still on the hydraulic assembly, then she looked at the one in Merc's arms and frowned. "Merda, careful Mercius!" She motioned Gerry over, hurrying him if she could.

Gerry takes the bags of saline solution and the bottle of smelling salts from Tille, and urges, "Stay with him. We'll fwork on these beasties. He shrugs off his satchel and tosses it to her. "There are more supplies for first aid, if you need them - mostly veteranary, but they'll do in a pinch." He scrambles toward Nia, with a saline bag clutched already in one hand to offer to her. "Open it at the mouth, there, and squeeze, like a bottle of mustard or catchup," he urges.

Cefyn pulls herself together in time to realise that there actually are more of the things. She heads for the closest at speed, one that's caught up in the arms of a ...red dragon? Some questions are best not asked. The lid comes off the jar and she dumps the contents on the thing in Mercius' arms, grinning like, well, Cefyn. 'Maniac' is entirely redundant.

Cefyn says, in Welsh, "And stay down, you bitey bastard."

When the creature in Merc's arms is hit with the very salty solution Cefyn had for it, there was a horrid shrieking sound. The bulbous flesh of Squishy started bubbling and melting away, leaving in drips of nastiness down Mercius's torso and legs. Under it, there was just a small skeleton, huge mandibles, lots of legs, and set of internal organs, all filled with strips of metal that were in various stages of being digested. It wasn't dead, and it thrashed like crazy.

Peter growls at the remaining creature, and drops down to the ground, turning to run over to Gerry. The saline bag is snatched out of Gerry's hand, and held carefully in the tiger's mouth while it turns once more to climb the CAT. Moving as close as possible to the remaining grub, the feline quickly bites down on the bag of saline solution. The resultant shower sprays over the grub. And the CAT. And the cat.

Squiddy reacted much as Squishy did, letting out that horrified shriek as it was hit with the salt solution and its squishy, corpulent outer body melted away.

Mercius blinks and then grins at Cefyn, his lips peeling back to reveal his teeth in a wolfish or perhaps Dragonish grin. Turning his attention back to the grubs, he lets go of the struggling work and then lunges forwards with his head, his jaws opening wide and then clamping down on the dissolving bug. The dragonoid mewls as it takes a chunk out of something important looking, a weird gagging noise coming from the six foot creature. Snarling, he rips his head from left to right, worrying the flesh of the creature until it stops moving. Stepping back, Mercius's jaws dropping open and a chunk of flesh drops out, his pink forked tongue lolling to one side and a taloned hand coming up as the Dragonoid's stomach convulses.

Tille cheers as the saline and Cefyn's saltpeter do their work, but she has her hands plenty full with her patient. "Don't worry, I have a special trick up my sleeve." She reassures him, wrapping two sprigs of some dried flowering herb into the layers of his bandage. "Did you know comfrey used to be called knit-bone? Works like a charm."

Laughter echoes from nowhere. Sparks and cinders fly out of a tiny point in the air and grow to form the shape of a fiery heart. The laughter grows louder and a grinning skeleton forms around the heart, almost burning in reverse. Fire blazes in the eye sockets and the figure becomes wreathed in smoke and flying cinders. Dave then steps out of the smoke, laughing at some hidden joke. His shirt is torn to shreds - blood drips from numerous scratches and huge chunk of flesh has been taken from his right shoulder. He doesn't seem to care.

The creepy, skeletal creature that had once been a huge, glistening grub lashed out at Peter, the source of his pain. It did so, almost lashing against the Tiger with its mandibles, but the wiley tiger managed to dodge him off in his feline fashion. After missing, Squiddy started to try to get back to the water, floundering its legs in the attempt.

Nia looked at the bag of saline Gerry held and nodded to him. "Yeah, just like a blood bag, got it." She said the words idly and then stopped reaching for the bag when Peter took it into his mouth and walked away with it. Once the creature was doused with the salt water from Peter's mouth, Nia reached to take it up by the legs from where it was trying to escape to the water. Plucking it up, she deftly pulled the knife she'd held at the base of her spine and brought it up, slicing clean through the creature from stem to stern. The disgust on her face was obvious as she dropped it back down onto the back end of the CAT and scowled. "Nasty puta."

Gerry releases the bag to Peter and snatches his hand away to avoid prevent it form becoming an appetizer. Then he allows Nia to snatch the second bag. He unscrews the cap from the smelling salt, but by that time, both of the gluts are in mortal peril. He nods and looks to Tille. "How is he?" Gerry asks while coming close to kneel by the wounded man. "We should get him to hospital. Cricket stayed with the wagon. WE can use it to transport any wounded."

Cefyn watches Mercius' bug sizzle and get killed, then turns to the other one, only for that one to meet the same fate. She exhales in relief, putting the lid back on the now-empty jar and tucking it back into the satchel. "That fun was," she says to Mercius in heavily-accented English, apparently none the worse for having had a grub trying to eat her kneecap.

It started at a quiet hum in the air that built into a frenzied buzz like a swarm of locust. The very air started to grow with motes of pink, blue, red, and purple light. The motes forms into a vertical split in the air as the world was literally torn open leaving vaguely humanoid shapes in the rip. "Yes, more mango curd is a reasonable request, though I may have to wait until they're in season. Unripened mangos taste... Chalky?" Auggie stepped out a moment later, wearing a filthy yellow sundress and her pink galoshes. In one hand is her bundled pink packed full and in the other, she pulled an unconscious construction worker. Calling back into the portal, she groaned. "I understand full well that I stink of death and I plan to shower!" Taking another step, the doorway closed as the air reclosed behind her, the gossamer motes of light seemed to float and fly off, difficult to track as they were clearly someone else's problem. Dropping part of her hold on the raincoat to release its contents was cement mix of ectoplasm and glittering metal flakes that caused a visible shiver to run down her spine.

The water roiled after the screams of the small creatures were heard. Their death knell seeming to make the very earth shake. But it wasn't the earth shaking because of their shrill cries, no, it was the earth shaking from impact tremors. With the way the water had gathered to a couple of feet deep down along the tracks it was easy to see the disturbance coming. It was big, and the rails underwater carried the vibration of the impending... thing. All of the water started to wave like it was being agitated, splashing up and over the lumps of metal from the huge scoop appendage of the CAT.

One moment it was rumbling, shaking, moving. Then everything seemed to stop. For a breath, all was still, the water started to settle. And then up it came. It was huge, and had more tentacles than an octopus. It was taller than the structure of the Station, and shadowed everything as if the sun couldn't quite reach through both the clouds and the creature beneath them. Lifting slightly on its three front tentacles, a roar was let out of its monstrous mouth, really more a funnel lined with teeth leading into its main body. Tentacles whipped and lashed out.

The first one was aimed at Mercius. A long, wicked length of tentacle flashed out from its side and nearly hit the Dragonling. Along that tentacle were suction cups, and in each suction cup there was a long, vicously barbed spine that looked slightly hollowed, like a needle. It missed Mercius and kept moving, whipping back around to make another attack. The huge tentacled monster seemed to never stop moving.

Trinity dropped The Problem.

Small grubs were one thing. Huge tentacle monsters? that's another. The men that were left at the work site that had been trying so hard to get things together took one look and that was it. A scream in some cases, a hollar in others, but those able to run did. They took off running in the opposite direction of the tentacle monster, leaving just the man with the crushed pelvis (currently unconscious), and the man with the broken arm and obvious signs of shock.

The Siberian tiger jumps down from the CAT, landing almost at Auggie's feet. Meowing at her, he leans against her hip and curls his tail around her leg, sniffing curiously at the unconcious construction worker. "Meow.", the feline says once more. Then the tenta-ugly began making its appearance, and the feline grew quiet, watching the ... thing move up. The fur began to bristle along the Tiger's spine, and bunching up impressively at its neck. Baring its teeth, the feline roars back at the creature as it began it's attack. And then, with an explosive burst of energy, the Siberian rushes forward, leaping up to slash its sharp claws along one of the tentacles it uses to prop itself into the air.

Still trying to get the taste of the last creature he bit out of his mouth, Mercius snarls as a tentacle lashes out and almost strikes him. Letting out a roar of anger, Mercius's eyes go wide as he spots a new target. Beating his chest twice with a taloned hand, Mercius then reaches out and points at the tentacled mass, letting out a roar of challenge before charging forward, his wings billowing out behind him. Coming upto the creature, Mercius raises a taloned hand and strikes down on the creature, hoping to hit something important.

Tille nods to Gerry. "Thank you, that would be ideal. He's stable for now, but he needs fluids and heftier painkillers, and likely several metal rods and pins in his arm. For now, we should keep him covered and his feet elevated. Likely his friend, too, if we can." Of course, things go from bad to worse quickly as the massive tentacle monster makes its appearance. "How quickly can Cricket get our patients out of here? Seems that was all the break we get." She reaches into her bag and produces an ancient carved spindle and with no futher fanfare, carves a pair of futhark runes into the air, the shapes formed of crackling orange light as she whispers their names...wunjo, tiwaz...before they dissipate, and Tille and her patient disappear from sight.

Auggie managed a faint smile to the Peter the tiger. "It's just one of those days and well..." Her gold eyes blinked as the ground shook, water waved and then the Hentai nightmare came out of the water. "What the..." Her nostril curled up once more. Regather the edges of her raincoat, she started screaming and running at the tentacled, bring her bundle up to her shoulder. As she neared the shoreline and the 'head' of the creature, Auggie rolled forward in a one-handed handspring. Whirling her body and transfering the weight and momentum to the bundle as she released the edge, launching a mass of metal shards and ectoplasm all over the creature. Auggie herself came to a grind on the ground, but managed to get back into a roll to get back on her feet, panting.

Dave surveys the area. He looks down at his body and attempts to give his arm a shake - fingers twitch but the limb stays limp. He winces. As the massive creature surfaces he tilts his head back to see its full height. "Good grief," he mumbles in disbelief. Then he looks down and sighs. That was his favourite shirt.

Nia eyed the creature that came up from the depths, baring her teeth at it viciously as her eyes slowly bled to black. "O inferno sim, cadela!" She called out her Portuguese battle cry as she ran forward like a woman possessed. Leaping like a madwoman, she threw herself onto the top of one of the tentacles, close to the body of the tentacle monster. Her arms wrapped around it tightly and she held on like she'd never let go, her muscles bulging. Laughing like a maniac, she gripped tightly with her thighs and reared her head back in preparation for another strike, and from the looks of it, the next strike would come from her mouth.

Cefyn stares at the new monstrosity - but when it goes into action, so too does she. Her eyes narrow as she gazes at it, looking for something else - and then she snaps her fingers. "Brimstone!" Her cry is sharp, pitched to carry. "Sulphur! Have you sulphur, throw you it!" In English, this time - sort of. And then her hands are moving, describing slow patterns in the air as she murmurs under her breath.

The huge creature only had one of his many, many limbs under grapple, and it didn't seem to stop it from moving in the slightest. Whipping around, seemingly at random, its tentacles just flashed and whacked towards people. The one closest at this point to a dangerous lash of limb was Auggie, and the heavy, massive tentacle slapped at her. While she was able to dodge what could have been the worst of the damage, the long, barbed spikes in the suction cups stabbed into her arm and punctured Auggie's forearm.

Peter lands upon his four paws and circles around the beast, worrying at its walkin' tentacles. Waiting for a good time to strike, he leaps up once more, stretching out his claws to rake along the limb, leaving deep wounds and rivulets of ichor behind as he slides back down to the ground.

Mercius seems to be rather enjoying this fight, his eyes are wide and his lips drawn back to give him something of a smile. He bobs left and right, using his wings to great advantage as he dodges the various tentacles that head his way. Tough as the creature is, he seems to be doing some damage, at least scuffing the tentacles here and there with his sharp talons.

Tille maintains the veil while Gerry relocates the injured man in her care to the wagon where Cricket waits to carry the wounded to the hospital. Once the pair are safely out of harm's way (probably), she rummages through her bag and calls back to Cefyn, "Sulfur...sulfur...I have a sulfur-based potion for cartilage regeneration!" Out of the shoulder bag comes a clear glass jar...just an ordinary mason jar, full of a rather eggy-smelling, cloudy yellow liquid. "Who has a good arm? Let's not waste this!"

Auggie groaned as she was hammered at a massive tentacle, guarding her face with her arm that was torn by sucker. Wiping the blood from her forearm, her eyes burned with their Fae glow, her horn buds visible on her forehead as the wound knit itself closed. "No..." Pushing herself back up onto her feet, she ran and leapt onto a tendril, slipping over it to get in its sight and draw more attention to herself and possibly obscure its vision from other targets.

Dave finishes taking stock of his surroundings. Overall, it's not so bad! He coughs, spraying a little blood into the air, and takes off at a run across the field of construction. The destination is a backhoe, which Dave eagerly climbs into the seat of and stares cluelessly at the controls. Is this how it starts? No. How about this? Its engine sputters into life and the small vehicle begins lurching around the yard as Dave operates every lever he can see. His grin widens as it rotates and faces the Problem. The vehicle accelerates on a collision course.

Nia held fast to the wriggling tentacle attached to The Problem with fierce resolve. When she did strike, it was with a horrific bite into its flesh, digging her teeth in deep, to effect it with her venom. It might have looked strange to those that hadn't seen Nia bite anyone before, but her now thoroughly black eyes rolled back into her head and closed as she sipped blood and pumped venom into the wound.

Cefyn's slow-motion and completely inoffensive ballet concludes with an expression of disappointment. She flicks her fingers towards the monster and mutters, "Ice," or something that sounds a lot like that. There are a couple of swearwords, and then she smiles ever so slowly. Someone just had an idea, you can almost see the candle lighting over her head.

The massive creature wavered slightly, and made a very, very odd movement. It deflated for a moment as a shudder ran down its tentacles as the heroine-like touch of red court venom coursed through its body. This sudden, odd, slackening of muscles made it waver on the rather shockingly new ice slick underneath it. It shivered slightly, then wheeled one of its tentacles around to slap it violently at Nia, striking her along the side in a slashing motion that looked almost drunk as it left several neat, precise holes in Nia's side, which started weeping blood through her shirt.

The Tiger's ears perk up when Tille yells about the jar of sulpher, and the feline bursts out from underneath the creature. He slows when he reaches Tille, and daintily plucks the mason jar from her hand, and turns back to the matter at hand. With another leap, the tiger clamps onto one of the tentacles the beast is using to walk. Claws sink deep into its flesh, and the Siberian begins to climb upwards towards the head. And is making good time, despite the beasts attempt to shake the feline off.

Mercius is clearly enjoying the fight now, letting out roars of challenge as he ducks and bobs in and out of the creatures range. Readying his next strike, the Dragonoid steps and slips on one of the creatures tentacles, losing his balance and missing his strike by a country mile.

Tille blinks in surprise as the Tiger answers her call and daintily takes the jar of sulphurous potion. "The weak point is a hairline crack in the surface glass near the rim, if you hit it there it should crack easily with minimal shatter!" she yells after the monster-climbing tiger, then she squares her feet and focuses down on her spindle. Summoning her focus, she carves runes in the air, her mouth moving as she names each one. A swirling catastrophe of entropic energy careens through the air and seeps behind the Problem's eyes, the liquid in them expanding and shattering the delicate structures inside each eyeball.

Auggie did her best to track the movements of the tentacled best, glancing to see Nia get smashed and a tiger go leaping onto the creature. The ice spreading didn't require even a glance to the 'Ice Queen'. "Mercius! I'm running out of tricks here!" Her gaze tracked to the creature, timing the tentacle's pattern and she just bolted straight at the creature and leapt straight at its eyes or eye, really, based on scale. The fact that a spell flashed in front of her didn't help much. The creature didn't move (as it was blinded a split second earlier), but having an Auggie size impact on its eye is troubling enough to scream, 'What the hell is on my face!?!' And Auggie was screaming like a banshee too. So the thing in your eye is screaming... This makes the situation unnerving at the very least.

Dave laughs. The backhoe lurches over the mud, tires spinning as Dave inexpertly guides it towards the Problem. Blood continues dripping from his wounds and seeps into the vehicle's seat. It's an upholstery disaster, if not a health and safety one. His grin grows wider and wider as he approaches the tentacle beast and he leans out of the cab, eyeballing the muddy ground. Plenty of wriggling targets to roll over! He wrestles with the controls, making the vehicle lurch and sputter until it finally traps a mess of them under his tires.

Nia held fast, her grip surprisingly sure on the somewhat high as a kite tentacle monster. She growled when it tried to get free, her anger obvious as the black tattoos started coming into view on her face and hands, the only obvious skin in view. Her black eyes narrowed as she wrenched her arms back and put an actual kink into the tentacle she held onto.

Cefyn, still standing a little apart from the tentacled melee, focuses on the monstrosity some more. She reaches up to whatever's at her neck, takes a deep breath, and exhales with barely a whisper. "Besencan," she breathes, still grinning that same malevolent grin as the thing starts to choke.

It was hard to tell what the creature was more pissed off at. The fact it was still wobbly, slipping around, being blinded, or choked, or whether it was the fact that there was LARGE EQUIPMENT parked on its tentacles. Amid all this, a little girl was scaring the piss out of it. Confusion caused it to lash out at the thing keeping it tied down, and thusly, its long, cruel tentacle struck at Dave. Due to some amazing timing and the fact that there was just so much going against the monster, Dave managed to avoid being even grazed by the sharp spikes hidden in the suction cups.

The creature is getting torn up now and Mercius watches, his head tilted as the tiger climbs up and smashes a bottle upon it. Nodding to himself, he bends down and rakes his hand one some concrete, his sharp claws digging into the material and coming up with a handful of hard and very sharp shrapnel. Grinning evilly, Mercius lunges forward, jumping over nearby tentacles and roughly rams the handful of shrapnel into the creatures eye, ducking back to avoid any retaliation.

A paw reaches the top of the tentacled creater, claws sinking deep into its flesh, allowing the Tiger to pull itself atop the octopus' head. Moving to the middle of that great head, the small mason is exposed. Growling, the Tiger's teeth apply pressure to the edge of the jar's lid. Small cracks spread out from those enamled pressure points... until the whole jar shatters under the pressure, spreading a yellow cloud across the area. Snarling, the Tiger backs away from the cloud.

Tille rubs her temple, casting her eyes downward to ease the pain behind her eyes. She sees blood mix with mud, and the drag marks where the innocent workers, including Gary's friend, were dragged away. She sees the bloody spikes that have been impaling her friends and allies...and now Momma Bear is pissed.

Tille squares her self towards the beast and raises the ancient Seidr spindle between her fingers. The young widow reaches deep down, and unburies all of the pain and brokenness she hides away in her heart...and she sets it free. As tears come streaming down her face, all that anger and rage pour through the spindle and into the air. Tille carves her runes into the air like a madwoman scribbling on the walls of an asylum, and the wall of ancient magic explodes into a maelstrom of entropy. The magic permeates the very being of the giant tentacled creature and rends asunder the bonds between the atoms that make up its flesh and bone, ripping it apart from the center of its being outwards as Tille screams her anguish and anger towards the beast.

Then...she just kind of topples back into the mud, butt first, clutching her head.

Auggie was still screaming when the tiger jumped onto the head of the creature with her. The scent of sulfur hitting her like a bucket of pepper injected into her throat and sinuses. Watery eyed she stared slackjawed at the Tiger delivery system, having the cover her mouth and nose. This resulted in losing her grip on the massive creature as it was annihilated by Tille's spell and getting catapulted to the shore during its deaththrow. Catlike, Auggie landed on her feet easily enough, but she was screaming breathlessly anyway. She took one step along the shore, before turning to wade into the lean down and sling waves of water into her eyes and nose. Sucking in a breath like a drowning victim, this scream had volumes before it was drown in the water to come up as humming bubbles. When she rose her head, she blinked her blood eyes. She held the expression of someone that did a whole counter length line of cocaine only to discover her friends (now enemies of the worst kind) had traded out the drug with ammonia smelling salts.

Dave rolls out of the backhoe's cab just in time to dodge an angry tentacle. His grin threatens to separate his head into two halves. He stands up in the mud and looks up at the creature. Or what the creature was rapidly becoming. Dave's face lights up as if he were watching a thousand New Years fireworks displays, and he doesn't even care about the wave of viscous ooze that floods the ground. He doesn't even notice until it's knee deep. "That was amazing."

Gerry returns, oblivious to the havoc that has engulfed the station. He leaps from the wagon and runs toward Ground Zero until he sees the wreckage, and then the goo that once was the fearsome beast. He slows, staring at the devastation. In a severity of understatement, he worries, "The council will raise taxes again for this. I'm sure of it." He begins to wade into the goo, heading toward the others to offer help.

Perhaps it was the fact that Nia was able to hear and SEE Tille starting into what looked like Anger Absolution. Perhaps it was the scent of the sulfur running down the hide of the thing she was latched onto. Either way, when the 'bomb' hit she managed to push away from the tentacle she had hold of and drop herself into the water before it disintegrated into a throbbing mass of gelatenous goo. Letting out a sharp sound of digust, she hurried back away from it, and moved towards Auggie, her eyes not leaving the dead creature of horror until it was thoroughly a jelly paste in the water. Her tattoos were already starting to fade away back into her caramel colored skin, and the solid black of her eyes had melted back to her lovely, bright blue irises again. "Auggie? You alright menina?"

Cefyn sags in relief as Tille deals with the beast, her own contribution to the effort little more than occasional gestures, whispered words, a preparation of salt and saltpeter and a truly vital piece of information. She's a little less happy when a wave of goo crests out, and instead of managing to dodge out of its way she dodges into it instead. Goo laps up and over her boots, and inside them. Thanks, Tille. After a few moments of quiet swearing she looks up at the dragon, offers him a polite inclination of her head, and speaks.

As the creature began to disintegrate, Peter to a few steps towards the stricken Auggie, only to see her catapulted away. He bound towards the edge and leapt clear, coming to a rather graceful landing a distance away. He immediately buries his head in a puddle and spends quite a bit of time trying to wash away the sulphur. He returns to the scene of the destruction a short time later, snuffling worriedly at Tille, and glancing at the others in turn. He pads silently over to Auggie, and stretches up to lick her cheek. "Meow?", the Tiger says, sounding rather tired and looking a little worse for wear, though no where near "lines of crack replaced with bath salts" worse for wear.

Cefyn says, in Welsh, "Sir Dragon, if you would take me home, I have a haunch of beef that I can only salt half of. You remind me of someone, and I would know why."

Peter meows something in Irish.

The Dragonoid sneezes loudly, a puff of smoke escaping his lips when the smell of sulphur hits him. Wheezing and coughing, his eyes start to stream as he tries to get away from the good. When the creature explodes into ectoplasm, Mercius is far to distracted to move, a thick layer of the goo covering his body and doing serious damage to his cool factor. Shaking his head to flick off the worst of the goo, Mercius gives his wings an experimental flap or two and then heads over to Cefyn. Rocking his head back as he regards her, he then blinks and nods to her, his tongue flicking out to lick at his lips before holding out his hands, approaching the Wizard slowly and then picking her up, one hand under the legs and the other supporting her back. Looking over his shoulder to the others, he nods to them all before looking to Cefyn and then regarding the sky. Letting his wings unfurl fully, they beat twice and then he is airborne, the creature stopping briefly by a pile of clothes, handing Cefyn a silver staff before they disappear into the air.

Tille leans wearily against Peter the Tiger, smiling weakly through the throbbing threatening to take her head apart. She's awash in goo up to her armpits since she's sitting, but the idea of standing is even more repugnant than the slime at the moment. "Thank you for delivering the sulfur," she tells the big cat as she scritches at his fur. "And...I'm sorry about the...utterly wretched mess," she says, looking up and offering a grin to the rest of her companions. "It should...come out? Or...we can burn these clothes?"

Gerry peers at his his waders while he sloshes through the noxious goo, as if he expects the footwear to melt. When he is near enough to speak, he asks, breathlessly, "What happened? This looks like the end of one of the old Godzilla movies."

Tears were happily lost in the water dripping down her face as Auggie cupped her hands over her nose and mouth, causing her nod to Nia to be awkward. "Fine... Mostly..." The words strained, she leaned towards the tiger. "You smell of a thousand eggs rotted and made into deviled eggs in Hell..." She sniffed in her cupped hands, "That may be me... The world... Everything. We're awa--" She kept one hand on her running nose as she started walking towards her waking pink rucksack of Doom! Scanning the area like an addict that was sniffing way too much glue and was looking for another fix.

Dave looks down at himself. He's a mess. He looks around. It's as if storm clouds have parted and everybody else is revealed. Turns out they're a mess too. He stirs one foot through the gooey mess thoughtfully, letting the ooze thoroughly soak into his sock. "Bloody hell." He mumbles to himself. "Can anyone see my umbrella? I've lost it." He calls out across the disaster area. That's Dave - a man of clear priorities.

Nia looked at the tiger for a moment, blinking, then gave a smile. "I would tell you to wash off, Tiger, as you have that horrid stuff on your fur from the jar. But I think there are much better bodies of water to wash off in." She shook her head and looked around at everyone, peering up to Gerry and offering him a smile. "More like... some evil tentacle monster from the deep. This thing was disgusting, and its blood tasted very strongly of metals." She watched Auggie walk off and then nodded her head, peering at the goo as it slowly turned to a nearly invisible jelly, then started to completely evaporate. "Can't be angry about the clean up on this one, admittedly." She peered at Dave, and looked around for an umbrella. "I don't see it, sorry man."