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Hell on our Heels: Unbridled Lust

Lust comes calling. NSFW, to say the least.

Dramatis Personae

Auggie, Cricket, Edward, Gerry, Helene, Holegn, Jack, Kid, May-Zee Matheson, Pim, and Randall. Witney & Trinity as GM.

10 July, 2007

Lust tests the good people of Oxford...and also the very naughty.


Oxford University Park, Lust's Demesne


Plot:Hell on our Heels

MASS ORGIES SHUT DOWN COLLEGES." The headlines were all over the papers and the news, and parents were littering the lawn in a tizzy, being barred from entering student housing by security. A rash of students missing from classes lead to the discovery of entire floors of student housing consumed in marathon sessions of conduct that had long since ceased to be indecent. Some students were carried out on stretchers, afflicted by dehydration or severely pulled muscles, but even these tried to roll out of the ambulance and get back inside. In short, the student housing was everything your parents warned you about. So many students were missing that classes were cancelled for the entire week, and were advised to evacuate the buildings so they could be searched for contaminants or psychoactive agents. None thus far had done so.

The heavy rains continued unabated, and the sod of the park was muddy and slippery and generally made life difficult for the medics treating students in distress. Especially as night was falling and it was getting cooler.

Kid doesn't read newspapers. Doesn't watch TV. So the state of the college is not something that she's generally aware of. Thus, as she walks along, clipping the park, she glances over at the ruckus with a furrowed brow. Not approaching the mess of people and vehicles that are likely arrayed about. She pauses and turns to look more solidly towards the activity, her expression faintly confused. Her street clothes re veiled by a proper raincoat, rubber boots and a basic black umbrella that she keeps low over herself to keep her hair and face dryish.

Randall shambles into view, blinking a few times when he notices the crowd that has gathered. He's quite easy to spot, the garish pink dressing gown he is wearing making him easy to spot. Where his trousers have gone is anybody's guess, he has at least found a pair of slippers and his boxer shorts. The shambling gait is partly due to Randall doing his best to keep the dressing gown closed, there is a cruel wind blowing through the park and he can feel every gust. The pink slippers he is wearing, are getting waterlogged and quite muddy by now, Randall cursing when he almost loses one of them to a particularly grippy patch of earth.

Lots of interesting things happen in the rain in a zoologist's prospective. That's the whole reason that Helene has opted to shortcut through the park on her way home, not caring that her boots are getting extremely muddy and her curly hair probably won't thank her for the extra dampness. She's at least had the forethought to wear a raincoat. But her steps are rather leisurely for being in a rainstorm, pale eyes focusing on many things as she walks, large duffle bag bumping along at her side. The huge crowd near the dorms has her pausing, though, and frowning in confusion and unease. Newspapers aren't her thing, either, so this random crowd is rather news to her. Time to hang back and assess.

Pim had walked into the park with a smart sparkle of amusement in her slate blue eyes. The curve of her lips was set into a smirk that matched the glitter of mirth her eyes betrayed. All in all, the dragoness looked far too amused. She was looking at one of the dormitory buildings and leaning with Auggie against the wall opposite it, across an expanse of sodden grass, also ideally blocked from being rained on. Dressed in what could, possibly, be considered reasonable garb for Pim, she had on a set of hooker-lipstick red vinyl pants that fit like she'd been painted into them. As they rested low on her hips, they left trim strip of tummy exposed beneath the hem of her black Tshirt, the fit of which was decidedly close. On her shirt was a set of ruby red lips curved into a wicked smile. Instead of a pair of shoes on her feet, Pim had elected to walk barefoot through the wet grass with Auggie, and didn't seem the slightest bit bothered by it. Turning her gaze to Auggie she winked at the woman. "It would seem this was an interesting day indeed. Good plan on the walk, lubirea."

Edward has not been in town long, getting settled first before trying to meet the Hortons. As it is, he's dressed in oilskin and leather to be relatively waterproof, and he is enduring the weather just fine. The headlines of the papers get a snort of surprise. "Well, I hope this isn't another of those damend..." he breaks off his muttering when he sees Helene then, and he gives her a wave. "Evening!"

Auggie had come with Pim out on a walk, possibly, or for whatever other reason. She wasn't leaning against the wall near the raven-haired woman so much as she was using the wall to push off of to spin out towards the falling rain along the rain gutter just at the edge of the walkway. Then, she'd spin back in and catch herself on the wall again, giggling like a child playing in a pool. Her long hair had been woven back into a tight French braid and tied off with a bright yellow ribbon that matched her dress. Said dress was a simple, summery looking thing that came to her knees and was bright yellow with brilliant white polka dots all over it. Her feet were also bare, and had obviously come through the mud and water, but there were splashes along her calves from where she'd likely leapt into more puddles than one. "I like it, it gives a better idea of the good things someone can experience at University. Maybe they should use it as advertising instead of calling them 'afflicted'." She giggled again, and went about spinning across the walkway to dip under the water falling from the gutter.

Rain and more rain, Cricket sloshes through the mud taking a short cut from her office towards student dorms. Her suit is covered by a long bright pink raincoat. Her hair is hidden beneath a hat that matches her coat. In her hand is a new leather briefcase and over her shoulder is a purse. She is marching like a woman on a mission.

Gerry sighs and adjusts the strap to his leather satchel with one hand while he speaks to one of the school's first responders. "Yes, he called me Dr. Horton, and this is a medical satchel. Still, the young man was delirious. I'm a veterinarian." He watches while the EMTs struggle to secure a student who is attempting to escape from a passing stretcher. Gerry shakes his head. "Unless you want me to spay or neuter some of this lot, you should be looking for someone who treats humans. I came here to be sure that my wife is safe. She's a professor."

As the sun sets, covertly hidden behind the roiling rain clouds, a thick, opaque fog rolls in through the park. Shouts arise from the medics and security as visibility is reduced in the pea-soup thick atmosphere, mingling with ecstatic shouts and a vigorous chorus of moaning floating out the open windows. Large white vans arrive on the perimeter of the park, carrying all kinds of response equipment for environmental disaster. Specialists in hazmat suits start trying to usher people to safety, but their profane frustration soon adds to the din in the swirling fog.

Kid eyes a few familiar faces nearer to the mess, but for her, there is no desire to get very close. Even less so when suddenly there is a fog rolling through the area. Sudden fog is weird. But it.. doesn't feel right. Doesn't smell right. Her recent studies in weather are still fresh, which sets her warning bells off. "Not normal.." A tense statement that is immediately followed by the young woman turning sharply to start running. She drops the umbrella, shedding it's wind drag as she darts away from the fog. She's quick, running for clear air as quickly as she can.

"God damn it!" Randall swears rather loudly as he hops around, trying to gain his balance after one of his borrowed slippers is now stuck in the mud. Doing his best to retain his dignity, the young wizard is trying to hold his dressing gown closed with one hand while hopping and bending over while trying to retrieve the slipper with his free hand. While doing his little dance of slipper retrieval, he does notice a few familiar faces, Randall considers offering a friendly wave but dismisses the thought as he's not quite ready to show that much flesh to all and sundry.

Helene drags her gaze away from the crazy spectacle of the milling crowd around the dorms when she notices Edward's wave. She blinks once and then twice, recognition spreading over her face, "Oh - hey! Funny meeting you again." She readjusts the duffle bag at her shoulder and casts another glance at the crowd, "I seriously hope someone didn't die? I mean ... " She trails off at the sudden appearance of the fog, grip tightening on the strap of her duffle. She cocks her head to the side, body tense and alert, " ... and I'm hoping that is someone's idea of perfumed party fog. That's not right." Her voice naturally hushes on those last words, pale eyes wide with apprehension and muscles tense with built-up tension. Like a deer ready to spring. Or caught in the headlights - one of the two.

Pim cocked her head to the side a little and inhaled deeply. "My goodness, what a delightful sort of ambiance." She scrunched her nose then, shaking her head. "Though whoever elected to use something sulfur based to make such an initially pleasant scent should be kicked in the testicles until they can only smell their own brain." Rubbing at her nose with the back of her hand, Pim managed to get a glimpse of Randall and gave him a wide grin. "Buna ziua, draga!" Her voice was quite obviously hers, as Pim's Romanian accent gave her away even if the timbre of her near contralto didn't. "Auggie, look at Randall." Her smile turned to something less amused, more downright wolfish as she couldn't seem to help herself from the thought she was having. A moment later, a wolf whistle that could have peeled the heavens came from her pursed lips as she gave a rush of air its freedom.

Edward gives Helene a smile. "Well, I was hoping to find..." He breaks off, for the sudden fog rolling in is a bit suspicious, but maybe England is like this, as far as Edward can tell. He shakes his head. "I...that smells really...expensive for a prank." His nostrils flare slightly. "And either it's making the moans clearer, or the folks in there are having a /grand/ old time..."

Auggie continued to dance along, subvocalizing what could only be understand as a series of 'la'. As Pim spoke up, Auggie froze in place as she more pointedly started to sniff animalistically at the air. "Incense... Ozone? Am I missing something?" Auggie looked back to Pim, arching an eyebrow. "You seem entirely happy about this scent?" She took a couple steps over to Pim, leaning on the woman to sniff at the air again.

Hearing Gerry, Cricket makes her way toward him. "Ger-Bear, I am okay." Reaching his side she places a hand on his arm. She leans over and lightly kisses his cheek. "Something wicked this way comes my Bear." She murmurs into his ear. She tightens her grip on his arm. Just as the sun sets and the rain grows heavier. The fog curls around their feet. Cricket shivers. She closes her eyes for a moment. Taking a deep breath she slowly lets it out. She has not noticed the others just yet. Something else has her attention.

The first responder shakes his head and turns away to deal with another 'victim'. Apparently dismissed, Gerry takes a step and sniffs the air. He pauses and sniffs again, more deeply. "Some things don't change even after 40 years," he mumbles. "Woodstock," he muses with a frown. He dodges another stretcher, and waves to Edward before spotting the fog and then his objective - Cricket. At last he sighs and relaxes slightly. "Have you any idea what has overcome these students?" he asks her.

There was Deviance afoot to the extent that physical harm could be had from it. Of course Morgan is going to show up at some point. Following the urgings of 'The Boss' the big viking makes his way into the park. Frowning as he sees the thick fog, he mutters. "Yeah. Not creepy in the least...Ok no. calm down with the whole Girls gone wild commercial runthrough. Why the hell di I ever let you talk me into getting cable? Really? bullshit you got it for discovery channel...Because I go to sleep with it on one channel and wake up with it on the Skin channels...on a side note...i did not give you permission to hijack my limbs. Stop it. No not even the left hand...I've grown attached to it to! Can we concentrate now? weird shit...fog...weird shit in fog? Thank you."

And with that, Morgan heads into the fog.

The fog continues to swirl, getting thicker and rising higher in the air, a consuming cloud of sweetly scented obscuring mist until even seeing the hand in front of your face is only possible for the sharpest of eyes. Shouts of panic get fainter as the orgasmic cries rush past on all sides. The air warms and where the fog touches skin, it feels silky smooth.

And then, as suddenly as the fog swept in, it was gone, the swirling mist replaced by sheer, floating fabric in rich shades of scarlet, moving in languid eddies on a spicy, sweetly scented smoke. In the shimmering of each sheet is a peek of fingers moving up the smooth skin of a thigh...fingertips gliding down the length of a spine as a drop of sweat careens in its wake...a pair of lips parting to gasp for air before sinking white teeth into the flesh of a shoulder...each sheet a new scene of ecstasy, an effervescent glimpse before it fades.

There are no walls here, only sheer and skin and sweat, that moves in response to your every movement like a dancer following your lead, teasing at your skin at every opportunity. Nothing is solid...except a giant clock, held aloft at the top of what should be a staircase. Each step is missing a single, square tile - the only solid place to stand, and the only way to reach the clock itself. It chimes - 12:00.

Kid casts about as she runs. Seeking out.. there! She skids to a stop, literally given the wet ground. Weaving a moment to keep her balance before she reorients and darts almost, but not quite in the opposite direction. A breath taken in and held before she darts into the fog. Within a few moments, the tap of hardened soles will be heard as she climbs up a fire escape that she noticed moments before. And a building that should be tall enough. She doesn't look, zig zaging her way up towards the rooftop. And once she reaches the top, she slows and drops to her knees, breathing heavily from the furious race up to the top. Glancing back to make sure she's home free for the moment. For now, unknowing of what's going on below.

Muttering darkly as he manages to extract the sodden slipper from the mire, Randall winces visibly as he sinks his foot back into it. As the mist passes, Randall shudders, his head twitching left and right as he tries to figure out what is going on. Frowning, he seems to take stock of the situation and then after a moments though, he directs his gaze downwards, the young wizard apparently fascinated by his feet all of a sudden.

A trio of women seemed to be making the same high, keening moans in unison, while one pale hand gripped a diaphenous expanse of sheer, red cloth near to Helene. The sounds didn't stop even as they seemed to hit a crecendo, but instead grew louder, more intense, finishing in screams that could have suggested fighting to the death or giving in to the little death entirely.

Helene's eyes widen in sudden realization as Edward mentions the moaning and 'grand old time' - it's like all of it suddenly clicks together in her naive brain. A soft flush of pink spreads over her cheeks and she grips the strap of her duffle even tighter. Now she probably looks even more like a deer in the headlights, pale blue eyes round with her sudden realization, "I ... I .... so it seems. I didn't think smelly fog was involved in that kind of ... activity." She swallows, head still slightly cocked to catch any faint sounds, "Seems more of a ... party ... kind of thing." And when the fog dissipates and is replaced by ... feelings ... she freezes. Closing her eyes against the onslaught, she starts to mutter under her breath in what is probably Greek. The word 'Artemis' comes up at least once. Perhaps if she prays really hard and then opens her eyes, this will all go away?

Edward's body shudders slightly, as the fog rolls over, but in the aftermath, it is less lust and more rage on his countenance. Seeing, and hearing, the seductive beings all around, he grits his teeth and snarls at the trio of spectres around Helene. "Avaunt! Away with you! NOW!" Passionate anger in his voice as he wades into them, fists swinging powerfully.

Pim took a moment to grin at Auggie as she sniffed at her, then burst out laughing and shook her head. "No, lubirea, I do not find the scent all that wonderous. I was more amused at Randall." She nodded towards Randall and then froze slightly, blinking her eyes as the fog came thickly over everything. "I see." Pim's words were murmured, then she stopped talking entirely as the visual of sheer red cloth and obviously sexual tableaus had her eyes widening, and her mouth grinning slowly. "My goodness, it seems as if we may have stumbled into someone's wet dream, Auggie." She looped her arm around the other woman's shoulders and peered around the entirety of the area, her eyes coming to rest on the clock. "Do you see the clock? It just called 12, I imagine that it has some sort of significance. Let us go check it out and possibly avoid being dragged into one of these little lusty congregations?"

Breath passed gently over the back of Cricket's neck as a man's face pressed to a set of red sheers huffed harshly. With his face as he was, it made it hard to see everything happening beyond, but the steady and rather intensely heavy guage of the breathing and eyes rolling back into the man's head suggested he might very well be truly enjoying what might be happening behind him at the moment.

Auggie was still sniffing at the air when Pim started laughing, causing her to blink a couple of times. "Rand-----dall?" The name was slow to come off her tongue as she stared wide-eyed at the silk that was just there. "I..." The word hung there as well as she reached back to tip at her pink rucksack. "Medicine..." Her voice carried a worried note as she looked back at Pim and back to Randall and again. "Did I take my medicine?" The question stressed as she stared at Pim and gestured with a wide arc of her arm. "Yes maybe. This is clearly someone else's wet dream, because mine are nothing like this."

Slowly Cricket's eyes open she stands with her blue eyes open as she takes in what is unfolding around her. The different layers of the world opening up to her like a flower greeting the morning sun. Her grip on Gerry's arm tightens. "I have a few guesses. Woodstock would be right or Bacchus on spring break. We have not had any of that since Piso's Cure after Mercy was born. It is the witching hour. It is not the hour of the wolf, that is why it struck twelve." As she says this the breathing of the man on her neck causes her shiver and shrink against Gerry. She shudders. Her breath catches in her throat and she swallows hard. "Any place but that spot." Shivers again. "Lust one of the Sins, I think. There is hunger and there is desire here. It colors everything. The clocks is out of place. It is order, I think it is for us." She is muttering to herself. "This is all Lust, in all it's glory and all its Passions." She looks across the land scape. Her gaze falls on to Randall. "This is Hell, Careful Mr. Randall." She calls out to him. "Ger-Bear careful, time is running out for us. The clock, the watcher, perhaps."

A whiff of sweet, delicious spices and the scent of mixed feminine and masculine sexual secretions buffetted against Morgan as he moved past one of the strips of sheer material. Visible through the material was a woman's back, nude fully from toes to the curve of her neck, bowed to the point she looked like she might fold in half. Along the back of her thigh a wide, strong looking hand can be seen gripping into her flesh. The sounds heard are nothing short of utter delight and complete surrounder were not just coming from the female, but were coming in a muffled, masculine sort of growl as well.

Gerry shakes his head vigorously when the fog turns to a peep-show of sorts. He looks at Cricket and frets, "This is more than ordinary rowdiness." He shudders. "Do you see any ... suggestive images?" He looks toward the dormitory, and then back to Cricket. "If we're seeing what they're experiencing, someone is enjoying themselves to an unnatural degree." Then he hisses, "Lust is one of the last two vices!" He nods to Cricket. My first thought is that we need to do something with that clock, or to it."

Pausing briefly to look towards the sounds, Morgan raises an eyebrow as he calls out. "Hey! You need to work up to that. do some stretches first, or you'll pull a hammy! and Dude, you really need to give her a bit of support, trust me, if she loses her balance, you are the one that is going to pay for it. Bent Banana is not a fun time!" Looking around more, the big man nods quietly. "Of course I see them. They're everywhere if you haven't noticed! oh CLOCK! Yeah I see it! it's huge! I agree. We should go check out the giant Clock...you garbled that word on purpose asshole."

The clock chimes 1:00 atop its staircase with all its missing stairs. A wave of crimson swirls together and swells, the sheers blossoming and revealing a ring of nine pedestals, each displaying three broken pieces of art. A small set of stairs leads up to each pedestal, each leaving only enough room for one person.

Witney dropped Sundered Scroll.

Witney dropped Fragmented Frame.

Witney dropped Mangled Mosaic.

Witney dropped Smashed Statue.

Witney dropped Broken Bronze.

Witney dropped Cracked Cameo.

Witney dropped Fractured Fresco.

Witney dropped Torn Tapestry.

Witney dropped Shattered Stained Glass.

Kid straightens up after a few moments of getting her breath back, turning to peer down and see the fog that's rolled in. A murky haze, yet she can still see figures about. Just.. less figures than she remembers. She frowns softly, confused and openly uncertain. Her mind goes in many directions rapidly. But she does focus after a moment. Most of the gone people.. a gap over there. Her frown deepens. She looks up, then around, gauging the wind. The atmosphere. Then looking down at the fog again, as if to confirm it's lack of playing by the rules. But for the moment she seems a bit stuck on what to do about it.

A laughing, sudden cry of "WHOOPS!" is heard, just between where Randall, Edward, and Helene were standing, following by a giggling fit of laughter as a woman fell out of a curtain, nude and lusciously covered in a glistening layer of sweat on her nearly ethereal skin. She shivered, laying on the ground for a moment, before she slinked back into the curtain she'd fallen through, not bothered by the mud she'd fallen into, and proceeded to cause the man, or possibly men, that had been with her to make rather pleased sounds indeed.

Randall raises his head and opens his eyes, his head craning backwards as he tries to take in all the information. His gaze sweeps the campus ground, going from scene to scene, the young wizard's eyes going wide when he spots one rather inventive tableau. Heading over to the curtained area where one participant has just fallen out, Randall heads over and help her up, a wide grin on his face as the dressing gown slips from his shoulders. "If you don't get back in, you'll catch your death out here. Why don't I escort you back in?" There is a brief muffled conversation and then Randall quickly shrugs out of the rest of his clothes, stopping at the red curtained area to part the curtains and walk in with the sweat covered women who fell out just moments earlier. There is a cheer as the curtain closes, Randall falling forward only to be enveloped in a mass of writhing limbs.

Eyes still tightly shut, Helene continues fluidly murmuring things in Greek in some attempt to distract herself from the fluttering of impure sensations. As she does this, she fumbles awkwardly with her duffle bag - it takes her one or two tries to quickly undo the zipper and withdraw the contents. Soon she has an elegant bow at the ready and a slim quiver of arrows settled across her shoulder and in reach. Now that she's armed, some of the tight tension in her muscles seems to relax. "Clock?" her voice comes out quiet at first, but a bit bolder as she finally opens her eyes. She very nearly closes them again, as the first sight she sees is of the naked woman falling nearly in front of her - /not/ something her untainted mind needed to process. However, she grits her teeth and steels herself, eyes focused on the pedestals and the clock, "Why do I have the feeling we need to go up there?" Her eyes seem to be mostly caught by the Broken Bronze and she frowns, " ... that looks Greek."

Pim shuddered violently, though pleasurably, as a sheer, red curtain covered hand stroked down her back and along the vinyl pants that covered her legs. She looked behind her for a moment and blinked before she wrapped her arm a little more firmly around Auggie and started forward. "Clock. I definitely think the clock is a good idea." The strange things scattered around and broken or torn or ruined in one way or another caught her attention. The Cameo caught her eye almost immediately and she moved closer to stare at it, blinking. "Well, in a perfect world she could have the gladiator, but I imagine that you did not live in a perfect world, lovely Cameo. Very pretty." The glimmer of greed in her eyes as she looked at the item might well have reflected her draconic heritage. Looking to Auggie, she lifted her chin towards the cameo. "Auggie, do you see this? It looks like an interchangeable set..."

Edward falls headlong through the images, slpping on the mud with the force of his intended grasp, and lands hard on his belly in the wet mud, coating the leather and oilskin clothes. Despite his breath almost lost, he starts speaing rather loudly, probably cursing, though in Alutiiq as he gets up, wheezing. "The tower...something...those things have to mean something. To fix it or..." He reaches a muddy hand towards Helene, "Come on...let's get there," and then to run with her towards the steps, his eyes on the torn scroll.

Auggie tightenly up next to Pim, her lips holding in a tight line as she continued to scan the scene as things played out. Her nostrils flared to pull at the scents in the air, pulling no audible response as she continued to look. Interlacing her fingers to remove temptation, she humming a worried note. "I suppose counting makes sense, right? Items, clocks, and--" Her eyes widened as she cleared her throat gentle, "Fellatio..." She stared at bit longer, instinctively sniffing the air. "Is beating a hasty retreat an option? This sort of thing spells complications."

"No more! No more! You'll kill me!" Is called out in a man's voice just next to Gerry as he moved with Cricket. Laughter from two different sources, male and female but effeminate of both came then, followed by the loud and obvious sound of sucking. The curtain nearest Gerry shuddered and billowed under a breath that stuttered its way through a throat and nose. Then the diaphanous fabric buffeted and flared away from the shape of a man's shoulder as he moved back towards the interior of the tablaeu he was a part of. A few moments later the concession was heard "Yes, alright, yes... one more. But after that I've got to get some honey and milk, or I'll just die.."

"To the clock we go and we need to look at those items. When we get home. I want dessert." Cricket tells Gerry pointedly. She shudders at the man's cry. The laughter silkly breath of curtin. She takes a deep breath and lets it out. Water drips off the brim of her pink rain hat. She tugs at him as she moves towards the objects and clock. Her eyes remain wide open.

Gerry nods and interlaces his fingers with Cricket's, tugging her toward the artwork. When he is near enough to them to study them for a moment, he concludes, "Each seems to be a fragment, like a jigsaw, and two of the pieces will join together, but not all threee." He points to the stained glass and then the cameo as examples.

Looking towards the pedestals, Morgan strokes his bard for a moment, looking at the scroll, he nods. "Ok. let's go check that ou..." Stopping dead in his tracks as he passes a curtain, the Big Viking leans back slightly and whips the fabric to the side for a moment to peer in. "Oh...I so hope you have a safeword established! That is NOT what pop bottles are designed for and you know you'll never be able to look him in the eye during lectures again!" Moving on once more, he mutters. "Great. I'm turning into my father. What do you mean he knew the pop bottle trick? I don't need to know this. Nope didn't need to know that either....My mother was a saint! No I don't want to see pictures! she's my mother! Just shut up and help me figure out the scroll." The last said as he approaches the stairs

The clock chimes 2:00. The floating stairs lead up towards the clock, in two tiers - though what awaits on the upper tier is not visible from down here. There are nine steps from here to the next level, though nothing solid to stand on - only that large, square space that waits to be filled. The nine pedestals hold nine different artifacts, though they all have one thing in common - each has two fragments beside the main piece that could restore the broken art to wholeness, but only room for one to be used.

Helene finds herself ascending the stairs behind Edward, one hand clutched by the man and her other tightly around her bow. At least Edward made the hard decision for her, though she still remains alert as her swift footsteps lead her up towards the artwork. Alert enough to not fall prey to traps but she tries oh-so-hard not to look at the various acts of indecency that present themselves along the way - whenever she sees one of these, she spits out another muttered epithet in Greek. Considering there is only enough room for one at each artwork, she gives Edward a grateful look before pulling away from him and approaching the Broken Bronze. She glances between the two busts, wracked by another moment of indecision, "It looks like ... like we have to put the art back together." Her hand immediately is drawn towards the laughing version of the bronze Greek statue.

Kid purses her lips as she makes a decision. There is a moment of hesitance before she lifts her hands, fingers splayed. Looking up slightly, she studies the movement of the clouds. Feels the move of the wind with her fingers. Ignoring the rain as she pulls on that unfamiliar power, that still untried ability. Practical test time. She pictures how the wind moves. High and low pressure. Hot and cold air. Her breathing smooth as she tugs on this, pushes that. Manipulates the way things work. Her fingers curling, save for her index fingers which she starts to swirl in time with each other. Swirling, spinning, as the air starts to above where she stands. Building faster than she expected. Her breath catching slightly. Held as the rain swirls in the wind and, after a few moments of building, her hands sweep down. Dropping hte pressure below, sending a rush of wind downward into the center of the fog,w here everyone vanished.

Her eyes widen as the fog parts.. in part. That central area clearing some. Letting her see.. red silk? Her brows knit together as she reveals where everyone went, but to her mind it's just as confusing as the fog was. "The fuck is that?" Still, she can't see anyone down there.

Pim wound her way up the stairs with Auggie either left at the base of the stairs or following, but she was careful not to make the other woman's footing precarious enough that she might fall. Looking at the Cameo she had been interested in from even the slight distance, Pim glanced at the clock, then looked at the image of the woman's face, peering into it steadily. "So then, are you happy with what you were set with forever, draga?" She looked between the two options then, and nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, well, one never can expect the gladiator to give something forever. They die too fast, and burn too brightly." She winked to the cameo like it could hear her, which might make someone wonder if she talked to all of her treasure that way. A moment ticked by before she nodded her head and made a decision, fitting the picture of the older man into the frame with the woman. "A satisfied life is what you lived, not the lusty one. You look far too refined to have kept up anyway." She winked to the Cameo.

The completed cameo rises from its pedestal to lay in Pim's hand, and the pillar itself crumbles away, leaving only a 2ft x 2ft stone tile, bearing the letter L.

Edward looks at the various pieces of art, and becomes drawn to the stained glass window. "It is not about the winning, but rather staying won," he says, in front of the staind glass window. He reaches for the pane showing the knight, to attach it to the one with his lady. "I really hope that this works," he mutters, just before the two touch.

A man's groan can be heard, loud and vibrant, almost more of a growl as what must have been the most immodest sound of dismay came from a woman behind the curtain with him. "Shhh, don't move, just stay there, I'm not done." The next sounds were not at all disappointed as that same, female voice that had let out a sound of surprise then let out a shout of elation, which turned into a moan of pleasure. The two of them began making rather feral, vocal sounds mixed with a heavy, meaty sound of impacts and the sheath of sheer, red cloth covering them couldn't fully hide the rather vigorous happenings going on behind it.

A brilliant light illuminates behind the stained glass in Edward's hands as it rises into the air. The pedestal crumbles to nothing and leaves a tile behind, bearing the letter D.

Auggie wanted for Pim to ascend the stairs, glancing at the scenes of lovemaking and whatever that one was... She had to tilt her head to make out exactly what was which resulted in her jaw dropping. Shaking her head to rattle the thought out of it, Auggie ascended the stairs to Fresco, leaning around Pim. Auggie's gold and dilated eyes scanning the Fresco for a long moment. "Late Middle Ages to Renaissance fresco for four..." She looked down to compare the tile under her feet, checking anything for patterns. "Wait... I know this one!", she exclaimed.

The door of one of the dorms opens, spilling another gaggle of young people out into the night. Among those young people is a purple haired girl, walking bareheaded and bareshouldered, but not bare armed, into the night. She's got a leather jacket slung over one shoulder, and she calls a cheerful salute to the others who head in one direction, while she heads back towards the parking. She's walking mostly backwards, retorting to a risque joke with one of her own telling the first where to put something, and when she turns around to head for her bike... she's not anywhere near the pavement. She blinks at the scarlet silk that surrounds her... and the sounds, and then... "oi, getaroom, ya ... " she looks at the shadows on the curtains and hears the sounds. She turns again, to go back and try for the car park again, but... "wait..."

"I'll be back, love," Gerry assures Cricket before he heads for the pedestal with the scroll on it. He studies the ornate Victorian script for a moment, and nods. "It's calligraphic, quite beautful, almost like Quenya. The old Professor would be proud," he muses. He takes the two matching fragments and studies them as well. "'Though my eyes have wandered, they are done,'" he reads. "'With you alone, I will stay.'" He nods and carefully aligns the edge of that that fragment with the corresponding piece to form a complete verse.

The scroll knits together and floats up into the air above Gerry's hands. The pedestal crumbles and leaves behind a tile at his feet bearing the letter T.

Several voices, male and female, were all joining together in a loud cacophany of pleased gasps, moans, cries, and grunts of effort behind the sheer, silken red cloth closest to May-Zee. An ephemeral set of fingertips gripped into the cloth as if it were a life line, and that grip coincided quite well with a shriek of bliss as the hand held fast. As the sound of that one, highly elevated voice faded, the tight fingers on the sheers loosened and slowly fell back into the see of writhing, nude bodies and limbs entwined just beyond the sheet that barely blocked the view in the slightest.

Pausing briefly at the foot of the steps as Gerry pushes past him, Morgan grunts. "No no. After you sir." Turning and hading up to look at the Mosaic, the big viking speaks quietly to himself. "No this is not that kind of picture. Because it's a Nun. Remember that time in Mexico? No not that time. the one with the Nun...try to concentrate here. Same situation. Well yeah, I had a guitar...and yes, it was a daffodil, not a rose....ok and Yes she was a stripper in a vinyl Nun habit...Listen....same basic premies here. I'm not explaining further. trust me, Eduardo there does not go with the nun...Because I like the name Eduardo, That's why" Picking up the piece with the candle, The viking places it with the nun.

A quick flap of wings and a heavy thump give away Holegn's arrival, landing near Kid. "What is going on, Kid? Was walking by part of the campus and saw fog and flashing lights everywhere. Cops, fire service, ambulance, they're all out in force here." He moves to the edge of the building they're standing on, peering down at the partially cleared area. "What the fuck is that? Have you been down for a closer look yet? Do you know what's going on?", he asks of Kid. "I'm... I'm going down there."

The brilliant mosaic levitates from Morgan's hands and the pedestal falls away. At the big Viking's feet remains a tile bearing the letter E.

Jack had showed up to the scene to meet up with May for security reasons. Though as he draws close to the orgy in the campus in the fog. He reaches up to push back his cap and scratch his brow. " You know I grew up in a college town. I don't exactly remember any mass orgies. Maybe the ocassional campus streaker or Sorority girls flashing people." He says as he takes off to try to find May-Zee in the fog.

The clock chimes 3:00. The scarlet sheets billow alluringly away from the pedestals, nine sets of come-hither eyes trying to distract from the pieces of art and lure the eye to more...primal forms of enjoyment.

One of the red curtains closest to where both Morgan and Gerry were now standing parted slightly and a woman with skin so pure and soft it should have been pantented slipped through them, sweat dripping from her brow. Looking up with a kiss swollen mouth she smiled at the two men and rolled over, flashing other rather lovingly crafted bits of herself that the skin only served to enhance. "Don't leave yet, I still have ages of energy left, and I think I've exhausted this one." Her voice was a purr of pure delight as she managed a lustful enough expression in her eyes that they looked almost dewy as she shifted focus between Morgan and Gerry. "Come in with me, and see if we can't get me exhausted?" She reached hands out to both of them, grinning and eager. Then, a yelp of surprise had her as the shadowy figure of a man appeared just inside the curtain, ran his hands up her abdomen, grabbed her around hte rib cage, and pulled her back into the shrouded area. Of course, Morgan and Gerry had a very clear view of what was going on and how they might measure up to the man she'd 'exhausted' earlier before the curtains closed again and covered the view with its barely existant film of haze.

Kid almost loses her concentration when Holegn is there, to her suddenly. "Don't, the other's disappeared.." All she can trust herself to say before she grunts and forcefully starts to pull her hands apart. Fingers hooked, as if she were pulling at the fog to drag it apart. And almost as if her movements are connected to the real effects, the wind she's got swirling pushes outward, only to find resistance. The fog parts a few more feet, but it seems to be.. resisting? That confuses Kid, her brow furrowed. "Not normal.." Murmured to herself with a dark little frown. But she doesn't give up, keeping the wind she's drawn down swirling and pushing outward. Trying to rip through the rest of the fog, but without the force to accomplish it. Strain is in her expression and sweat starts bead, largely unseen due to the rain.

Helene glances uncertainly around her, the bust of the laughing girl cradled carefully in her hands. It's only when she notes several of the others having assembled other pieces of the artwork without blowing up or collapsing or anything else bad that she actually makes a move. Stepping forward, she settles the laughing girl's bust into the broken bronze, completeing the artwork, "Who'd want to do anything naughty with the ocean splashing them in the rear?" This last question is merely murmured more to herself than anything. She steps back once done to admire her work.

As the fracture pieces of the late Medieval -early Renaissance fresco knit together, the plaster piece bobs gently in the air as the pedestal wears away to nothing and leaves behind a 2x2 tile bearing the letter I.

The statue of the laughing women almost seems to come to life and laugh as Helene replaces the woman's bronze head. It takes to the air as the pedestal falls away, and a tile bearing the letter I is left behind.

Pim shifted around the tile and then reached over to pick it up. Grunting slightly, she sounded surprised as the thing was quite heavy in her hands. She ended up placing her legs and torso solidly under it for a good base and then started walking, headed towards the stairway with the missing tiles for walking. "Hey! Who does crossword puzzles or word searches? We need to figure out what would use these letters!" The call was loud, and maybe a little growly, as Pim was having to speak over the sound of so much debauchery. Setting her tile down on the ground in front of the strange stairwell with all its missing tiles, she eyed the letter L and then looked at the steps. "How many are there? 9?" She looked back to the pedastals and eyed the ones that hadn't been dissolved into tiles. "Are we getting the others?!"

"I'll get...the tapestry," Edward calls. "SOmeone else get the others, then we can get the tiels all together. And I really hope it doesn't spell 'TITALLATE'. 'Cause that would just be wrong." He spits on the ground, getting some mud out, his nose wrinkled as he tries to ignore the decadant lushness and /being out of the rain/ close by. "Right....tapestry. Family and civilization, rather than wild feral rutting in the woods...." He takes the portion with the pregnant wife and attaches it together.

The tapestry lifts into the air, the stitches weaving together as the pedestal falls away in front of Edward and leaves a second tile - this one bearing the letter S.

The level of sound of the orgiastic delights happening around all of the people in the area seemed to elevate. Rather than just a moan or a gasp or a series of noises, things started to get heated everywhere at once. Screams of bliss and near terror mixed on the edge of orgasms happening in multiple, red-shrouded enclosures at the same time. They all overlapped each other to make the noise a heady cacophony that even Caligula would be proud of.

Auggie grins happily as happily as her pedestal crumbles and falls to nothing. Bouncing on her step, she does a little victory, humming happily. When the erotic chorus goes off, she freezes in place, sniffing at the air. "Did I break it? I may have broken it..." The question wasn't to anyone in particular as she cleared her throat, looking at her feet. Blinking, she peered at the landing. "H... I... I have an I!"

Cricket watches her eyes wide open. She then moves carefully towards the smashed statue. Reaching it she picks it up one part of it. She runs her hand over the marble statue of a young man. Then with her other hand she picks up other his lover. The lover is no the woman is the ornate gown. But instead a young man. She then joins their hands together.

As the two marble hands of the young men join, the statue rises into the air and the pedestal crumbles, leaving a tile bearing the letter F at Cricket's feet.

Gerry glares at the woman who attempts to reach for his leg from between the red silk shrouds. He steps backward to avoid her grasp. "I have /one/ lover," he growls at her. "And you're not that one." He turns and studies the tile that he remains after the scroll levitated. "Right, then." He squats and slowly lifts one edge of the tile, hunching his shoulders and lifting the heavy mass. He looks to Helene and nods. "Or anagrams!" he calls. His muscles tense and he slowly lugs the large slab toward her. "Here's mine." He glances over his shoulder at the others. "Come along! It's Scrabble for high stakes!"

Grabbing his tile, Morgan looks at it for a moment, then gets distracted by the naked lady. Head tilting to the side for a moment, he mutters. "You know...that would be fun." Taking a tenative step towards the curtain, he shakes his head and steeles himself. "Stop that we've got a job to...WOW she is flexible!" There's another moment of staring as he leans slightly closer to the curtain. "Last time I tried that one, it took a tub of Coconut butter to get us apart. I'm pretty sure human anatomy isn't even designed to do that. OH! Deal breaker! You don't ever put those in that!" Turning away, The viking calls out "I've got an E!"

"What others, Kid? Who went down there?" He looks from her to the area that has been partly cleared of fog. "I don't know what that is, but I'll bet that it has something to do with the others disappearing." He turns back to look at Kid, and gets caught up watching her fight to clear the fog away. He watches her hands move and then spies the fog clearing, slightly. As she continues, he stands and slowly pulls her hood up, to keep the rain from her face. "Where's your umbrella?"

Near Auggie a leg slipped out of a curtain of red, followed by a second leg. The legs were masculine but only covered with a fine dusting of light hair, and were decidedly well shaped, and tended for that matter. They were obviously looking for purchase to get the leverage they needed for whatever movement the still slightly hidden pelvis was making. A third leg slid down between them, propping a foot to the earth for a similar reason. This leg was dark, cocoa colored like good, hot chocolate. And also decidedly male. As was the hand gripping the sheer red sheath that barely covered the view of a very aggressive session of illicit behavior between two men who ought to have statues erected in their honor for the simple reason of having been built so lovely.

She can't help herself, May-Zee peeks around a curtain, and her eyes widen. "Oh, my... I didn't think you even liked each other..." she stands transfixed, and then she shakes her head, and spins herself around back to the curtain. "I'm glad I'm not Jack... I'll unsee that some day. Some day..." she tilts her head as she notices the Dr. Horton seem to be working at repairing things and finding tiles along with some other familiar people. Stepping forward she looks at the broken frame. Looking to the others that have been put together, she considers. "If you hadn't been so forward you might have kept your head..." and she chooses to put together the young king with his older queen, leaving out the saucy lady in waiting.

The renaissance canvas binds itself together and rises from May-zee's hands, and the pedestal crumbles away to reveal a 2x2 tile, bearing the letter A.

Jack steps into the dense and out of the fog. He's met with porn playing out on projection screens that seem to want ot jump out at him and trying to Caress himself. He brushes them aside and calls out, "MAY-ZEE! YOu in here?" Then as he brushes through scenes that some he finds repulsing and some pleasurable. He catches sight of May doing something. There's a brief moment he stands there watching her from afar. Then he continues his quest through the silk. "May-Zee!" He calls and then he stops as one last sheet of silk stands between him and his love. He stops turnning his head and examining it. "HOly, I didn't knwo you could even do that!" He then press past it. " Hey Babe, what's up? You okay? And I just saw something crazy."

The clock chimes 4:00. As Pim and the others draw near with the tiles, the central staircase shifts and aligns itself in a single, horizontal line of empty frames, easily within arms' reach. The red silks reach out and grab, caress, and tease, trying to draw attention away from the staircase of empty frames and the cold, orderly, unfriendly clock. The pedestals and their narrow staircases vanish in whirling red sheers, the pieces of art falling into a sumptuous nest of soft fabric.

Kid can't answer Holegn. She has to focus. And it's hard for her. The tension on her face grows as she strains. Mentally and in a sense physically. The wind that she has circling starts to roil intensely before she growls throatily and her hands jerk apart all the more. The fog parts on one side, blowing open a hole through it to the strange, red cloth that won't do more than ripple as the wind pushes against it. For a moment she almost seems.. well, there is a positive hint to her expression. Pride, perhaps. Or just some manner of accomplished pleasure. A moment later, however, the expression falters. Because the fog is sill pushing back. The positivity is short lived as she says, "Not stopping.. can't make it go away." Frustration. Even a hint of anger. Which feeds stubbornness. Her expression setting, her posture shifting, feet planted. Holding the wind there. It doesn't matter particularly if it does anything at that moment. What matters is resistance.

Helene glances around apprehensively as the tile appears at her feet. Then, with a careful motion, she crouches down and picks the tile up. There's a momentary grunt of shocked surprise at the weight of it, but she easily lifts the thing and straightened back to her full height. "I have an 'I'! As in the letter 'I', not the sight organ." she calls out, examining hte tile closely as she slowly descends to where the horizontal empty spaces have arranged themselves. "Oh. Great. Scrabble. I'm having flashbacks to family game night." She gives the empty spaces a dismayed look and then glances to Edward and the others, "What other letters do we have?"

Pim looked at the other tiles as they were placed on the ground near hers, or held aloft nearby, then looked at the aligned steps that seemed to want to accept said tiles. "Ok.. so. I have an L. Or rather, we have an L." She shivered as a brush of fabric moved over her bare arms, down her vinyl clad legs to her bare feet. "You know, that only makes me want to set things on fire, not fuck, right?" Pim looked behind her at the cloth and glared at it. "I do not thing you have ample arm strength to get me excited, so stop petting me!" Obviously grumbly now, Pim turned back towards the tiles and frowned. "Auggie! Do these work in any of the languages you know?! Or Gerry? Cricket? Morgan? Anyone?"

The sound of someone letting out savage cries of some sort of mixed pain and pleasure could be heard... then a few whipping motions against one of the fluttering, red, almost thoroughly sheer curtains over a scene of intensely improper behavior caused the fabric to ripple. Upon closer inspection it was long, thich hair causing the movement of the gauzy material. A loud, clopping sound could be heard off and on against the timing of the harsh sounds that could be either male or female. Then, the sharp noise of a horse whinnying could be heard, clear as a bell... in time with the hollering of what could be either a male or female, hard to tell really.

Faint echoes of applause could be heard following the screaming.

When legs started coming out from under the curtain, Auggie's victory dance stopped as she froze in place, staring, counting and otherwise trying to sort out possible positions of coitus. Extending an index finger, she dotted the air blindly for someone that wasn't there. Then without warning, she started laughing hysterically like a mad person. Covering her mouth with both hand didn't stop the sound bubbling out of her, but it does cut off the reintroduction of oxygen. It wasn't until she was red-faced did she take off her hands, her body shaking with silent laughter as she snorted into a breath. "Castitas doesn't have an 'F' and it's only 8 letters." She immediately broke out into laughter again, snorting and convulsing with mad giggling. Why she was laughing was for the rest of the Latin speakers who would likely never admit to being that nerdy. With her heightened sense of smell, all the snorting did little to help higher brain functions to gain full control. By the time the curtains were getting grabby with their sensual tensing, Auggie was red-faced and out of air again, leaving her with only the ability to shake her head wildly and pull her limbs away. She paused to wave her hand fanatical, gesturing and pointing wildly towards the origin of the sounds of the horse as she finally gasped to yell, "CATHERINE THE GREAT!" Then she immediately fell into helpless laughter yet again.

When the statue disappears, Cricket goes to reach for the tile that is left once the statue disappears. It is heavy but the old smith has no issues reaching out to get it. She looks towards the clock. Then at the others. "Time to put these tiles together."

Gerry lowers his tile and waits while the others bring theirs. He strolls along the line, scanning the letters and thoughtfully tapping his chin. Finally, he speaks. "Fidelitas." He looks to Cricket and then adds, "It's Latin, vocative case. It means, 'Faithful one.'"

Looking at the Tiles, Morgan seems to be considering for a moment. "Fidelista? Fiddelist? Fiddliest? No Fellatio Doesn't work...Good gues under the circumstances though. Because there's an S. There is no S in Fellatio...what do you mean if you do it righ...." Frowning deeply, he mutters. "You dirty old bastard. Come on here. Concentrate....Yes ok, it was good, you got me...now a little help? Before people die of sexual exhaustion?"

Hearing Gerry, Morgan rolls his eyes "Good grief! Thank you Gerry! The boss is no help tonight. Too much skin."

"Please be careful, Kid. I think your nose has started bleeding." Holegn peers closely at her. "Don't burn yourself out, yeah?" Holly looks out at the red 'mouth' and then back to her. "If it's like some of the other incidents, they're probably in the Nevernever. Though I don't recall if they had obvious signs like that red thing down there." He looks up at the clouds, and idly thinks out loud, "You know, if there was a big enough fire, the hot air rising up would pull cooler air into the space and possibly disrupt the fog."

As she hears Jack calling her name, May-Zee turns. "Hey," she greets him. "You won't believe who I saw... maybe you would. Make yourself useful," she bends her knees in proper lifting style. "Grab the other side of this and help me carry it over to Gerry and Cricket, I suck at scrabble. We'll let them..." then Gerry says the word, and she nods. "Well, there we go..." and she nods to Jack. "Let's take it over and... well, get home. LJ's at Dad's tonight? Means we have the entire house to ourselves?" She licks her lips as she looks at her bodyguard. Apparently, she has ideas for him as she heads for a way out as soon as the tile is set in place.

Jack helps May-Zee. "Never sound like a better plan." He says helping carrying the tile over to Gerry. "Hey Doc. Good luck with the Scrabble. I hate the game." Then he grabs May-Zee's hand, "I'm getting her out of here." Then taking her by the hand the pair slip off and last heard with Jack declaring, "I think that's the way out!" As the end up in a portal.

The clock chimes 5:00. As soon as the word Fidelitas is uttered, the tiles rise of their own accord and fall into place, each a single stair leading upwards to the second tier. The ascent to the second tier leads to a much smaller platform, this one only eight steps away from the clock. Two letters are already in place - the first step, C, and the last step, S. The moans and teasing touches are more intense here, each sheer a flimsy doorway into the world where discretion is cast to the wind.

Kid is stubborn, but she's flagging. And yes, a drip of red seeps slowly from her nose. Her mental endurance, light that it is, pushed to it's limit. But if she feels it is questionable. She doggedly keeps her focus, teeth grinding as she forces the winds to remain in that tight, strong little cyclone that briefly keeps back the fog. But it's all she can do to hold it there as the moments pass and the fog starts to push inward gradually. As inevitable as the end of her endurance is, that hardly keeps her from pushing it dangerously into the red.

Helene squeezes her eyes shut at the renewed moaning sounds and ... horse hoof clopping? Her eyes snap open and bug-out slightly in shock, "Why is there a /horse/?" Scandalized, blushing and not even sure /where/ to go with this - this place is a nightmare for an emissary of a virgin goddess, after all - she abruptly adds, "No - don't tell me. I don't want to know." She trails off, muttering a few more prayers in Greek as she glares around her. She does look relieved when the word is so promptly discovered by Gerry and she blinks in abrupt surprise as the tile in her hand flies off on its own accord to slot itself into the puzzle. "Onwards and upwards?" she suggests, slinging her bow back into a ready position. And that's when the vision hits. She staggers back a step at the sheer surprise of it, muttering a Greek curse under her breath. There's a moment of struggle and her grip tightens on her bow but she manages to shake her head with a short laugh, "That's just ... just wrong." She regains her composure and steps forward, pale eyes scanning. And that's when she notices it. Abruptly, she sprints forward and through one of the portals, trying her absolute best to /ignore/ whatever depravity is going on in the hot tub, grabs a tile that was hidden there and does a flashy half-roll to sprint back out as quickly as possible. "I ... I don't want to know what was going on in there - but I found a tile."

Pim looked around, examining everything as she managed to avoid the temptation of the swirly strands of red cloth. Of course, when she saw something else delivered for the sheer delight of her eyeballs, she blinked and grinned slowly, but then looked around and seemed to be frowning for a moment. "Riiiiiight. That is obviously not even the best idea right now." Clearing her throat, she looked away from whatever had snagged her attention. "Oh. I see one." When she recognized the person using the tile for a pillow she didn't seem at all displeased. Walking into the portal like she was stepping into her personal suite at the Holtel de Carnal, she beamed widely and slinked herself over the back of the man who seemed quite busy indeed. "Do not mind me, draga, enjoy yourself." She whispered softly into Randall's ear as she reached out and pulled the tile from under his head with a loud, dragging, scrape. Pim promptly kissed the side of his neck with a wet, sloppy sort of lip and tongue contact and crawled away from him, lugging the heavy tile with her. "I have another S." She muttered the words as she walked back towards Gerry, Auggie, and the stairs, lips still shining with saliva.

Auggie's laughter continued to the ends of her lungs and there it stopped. Her gold eyes went wide as she stared at seemingly nothing. When she finally did draw in a breath it was through her flared nostrils, her nose twitching when her lungs were full. Swallowing hard, she tilted her head to the side, humming a worried note as she slowly sunk to her knees. Her eyes slowly rolled to the side to avert her gaze from the nothing as she waited and hummed worriedly.

"The clock is what will help us. It is an instrument of virtue for us." Cricket calls out. "We have get to the clock. It is holding back the tide so to speak. " she is about to say more when she becomes distracted and for a moment. Her movement is almost dismissive.

While people were continuing to gather more tiles and make some new stairway to the clock, the essence of lust and complete surrender to baser instincts seemed to be the theme of the evening. People continued to couple, or in some cases triple, or more, and there was much in the way of pleasured gasps and cries. The red, sheer cloth that made it somewhat hard to see a through to the acts being committed had started to flutter more excitedly, giving far more of a view in to the tableau of sex and indiscretion than it prevented such a thing. Lots of sweating, slick bodies, intertwined and moving together in rutting motions, people claiming and being claimed. It wasn't subtle in the slightest.

Frowning in concentration, Gerry joins the others in hunting for tiles. He eases toward one of the portals and peeks into it without actually venturing within. He has just enough time to spot a tile. "Aha!" he exclaims, but then the tile disappears beneath a pile of writhing, sweaty bodies. He grimaces. "For once, I'm glad that I don't treat humans. The health clinic here will need to open at all hours to deal with this." He shudders.

The clock chimes 6:00, and a low tone of warning shakes the foundation of the platform. The very air of Lust's demesne crackles with scintillating arrogance and the scarlet curtains shift once more, the scenes behind them replaced by new debauchery from all directions, even under your feet.

In Oxford University Park, medics are -somehow- able to find a clear patch in the fog to start bringing out more students who have collapses from exhaustion, dehydration, or dislocations. There are not enough ice packs for all the misaligned members. Ambulances are pulling up on the perimeter with fresh supplies and fluids for the students who are the worst off. "What kind of person just leaves a friend like this?" One of the responders wonders over a girl who had a seizure and was just rolled out into the hallway.

Kid makes a pained sound and falls to her knees. She sees people moving into the gap she made. She's on fumes. Her head hurts. Her body wants her to stop, but she doesn't. Her arms tremble, but remain locked. Her eyes fixed on the winds that push outward. Inexplicable to those who move through it. Hardly an eye for the roof and the strange woman up there. It's doing something.. they need it open a little longer. She has enough awareness to realize that and enough stubborn focus to keep going, just for a little while longer. Red drips on the roof. One drop, then two. But she has no awareness of it as all of her focus remains on the ground level before her. The fog pushes in a bit more, but single minded focus gives the people time to do what they need to.

Helene tries to look anywhere /but/ the wildly gyrating sweat-soaked figures around her, though it's pretty damned hard. She does a lot of intermediate closing of her eyes, as though pleading for strength, and cleansing deep breaths when she happens to catch sight of something she didn't even realize existed. Be thankful she isn't hyperventilating into a paper bag right about now. "This tile is an 'A'," she manages after pointedly looking /away/ from a wriggling pile of bodies, holding up said tile, "Though without the other four, we're kind of screwed. And the clock is literally ticking." Cue said clock giving that ominous noise not long after she says this. She starts to scan the different portals quickly and alertly and then stops, mouth actually dropping open in shock at what she sees. A tile sitting on a chair amidst a flurry of speedo-clad stripper men. The look on Helene's face is clearly a 'why me?' moment, but she soon steels herself. She first puts the current tile down on a flat surface and spends a few seconds focusing on the task. Taking a deep breath and uttering a quick prayer to Artemis, she darts amidst the strippers and their waggling Speedo-clad bulges towards the chair that was obviously meant for someone to get a lap dance. Helene doesn't give the men a chance - she snatches the tile adroitly as she slides past, narrowly avoids one of the glisteningly oiled bodies and sprints away as though she were escaping from monsters instead of half-naked men. "It's ... it's a 'T'."

Pim took a deep breath and gave Helene a wide smile as she also carried back another tile. Peering around, she glanced at the stairs, then at Auggie, and cocked her head to the side. "Lubirea?" She called softly and walked over to touch Auggie on the shoulder, attempting to bring her to the surface. Worry knit her brows together as she shook her head sharply. "Right, it is time to go." Her eyes cast out again and she spotted another tile. Moving in a quick, practiced lope of a run that demonstrated the hours the woman spent teaching parkour, yoga, and heaven only knew how many other small interim classes, she sped her way over to the tile that rested against what looked to be a cooler. Those that were nearby and quite busy in the water trap of the golf course she'd walked onto didn't even notice as she plucked it up and started back towards the stairs. When she got there, she was seemingly quite happy to set down the load in her arms and spoke with a rough voice. "I have found another I." Then she looked at Gerry, Cricket, and Auggie, checking in to see if they're doing alright or finding other tiles.

When Pim touched Auggie, a long moan slipped out, the dilation rated on the scale around 'I just finished my appointment with my optometrist'. Her mouth moved through trying to form words for a moment, sound being a delayed thing. "Go? Why would we go?" The concept was enough to cause a quake of fear as she shuttered. Leaning a touch closer to Pim, she asked quietly, "Here isn't okay?" Blinking her eyes, it took her a moment to understand that Pim was walking away, and Auggie slowly got her limbs under her to shamble in that direction. By the time Pim was heading back the other way, Auggie's bottom lip started to trembled as she threw her arms up, "What am I doing WRONG!?!" A moment later she buried her face in her hands, her body shaking.

Cricket joins the search to find the tiles. She is looking. Searching. Finding nothing she continues on with her search. She is becoming single minded with her focus. Must find tiles. Spying an old storage closet cricket opens it up. There she finds two medical interns. Desperate for affection, they are so consumed with each other they do not notice her opening the door and searching the around them. For her trouble she finds another tile. This one has the Letter T on it. She takes it into her hand and then politely closes the door so the interns can continue without interruption.

Any hope that the ambiance of a terrible 1970's Debbie Does Dallas pornographic movie had left the area were dashed without hope as the red, sheer, dividers between the graphic enactment of some of the most deplorable sexual desires were left bare to the eye. Everywhere, people were simply giving in to the most human and basic of urges, and then after that were getting creative and sampling some nearly inhuman methods of sating the lust for flesh. The smell of sex was now so thick in the air it nearly overrode the scent that had been left behind by the cloud of incense-like aroma.

The clock strikes 7:00, and a spiderweb of cracks laces across the face of the clock. The tile frames in the staircase, as before, float down to arms' reach, awaiting the completion of the word that begins with C and ends with S, the word that will make the bridge out of Lust's demesne and back to Oxford.

Like his beloved, who remains the only object of his affections, Gerry roams widely but without success until he finally discovers the last tile under the bleachers at the sports hall, serving as a prop for one of many athletes proving their prowess and showing how various calisthenic exercises can serve carnal purposes. He grabs the stone tile, bearing a letter 'A,' and hurries to provide it to the group.

Kid slumps, her arms dropping. The rolling winds last a little while longer before they start to fade and normal atmospheric conditions reassert themselves. Letting the fog roll back in, hopefully after most of what needs to be done. But she has no attention for this. Her hands lift, pressing her forehead as her head throbs. Surely Holegn will be there quickly to make sure she doesn't fall back and crack her head. For a little while, she'll be out of it, reeling from the overload. And he'll get her out of there shortly thereafter.

Helene presses her hands over her ears to try to block out all the moaning - it's starting to become almost too much for her purist's brain. "That's the last tile?" she ventures, brightening at Gerry's approach, "What does that spell out?" Because she's too strained right now to even consider putting them all together.

Pim motioned to the last tile that Gerry had brought in, moving it into place. "The letter A." She nodded and gave a grin to Helene. Of course, the fact that Auggie was having a minor meltdown hadn't escaped Pim's notice, but she had to get business done to get them out of there first, right? So now, since the puzzle pieces were all accounted for to be put into place, Pim moved over to Auggie and knelt down next to her, wrapping her arms around the other woman and cooing softly. "Shhhh, lubirea. I am here, all is well. Let us leave this place and you can tell me why you feel as though you have done something wrong. You have literally done more right today than most people hope to do in a lifetime." She gently attempted to get Auggie up, giving the other woman full support, and making sure she had her arms solidly around her. It might have been a little awkward, with the height difference, but hey, what's a little stretch of discomfort when it comes to Auggie having a rough time?

Auggie sniffled into her hands as Pim hugged but slowly withdrew them to speak to the woman as she was comforted. "I... I think I should have taken the blue pill..." She sniffled again, guarding her nose and mouth with one hand as she reached back to pull a tissue from the side pocket of her pack. "Maybe I should try Riley's method and soak in a pond somewhere..." Her bloodshot eyed wandered for a moment to a familiar pond and she swallowed. "That one maybe?" She stared a bit longer, "Though it seems occupied at the moment... Is that alright with you?"

After delivering the final tile, Gerry steps back and glances around him. Finding Cricket nearby, he takes another step to her and slips his arm around her waist. "I have a feeling that quite a large percentage of the student body will have profound regrets if they remember this later," he remarks. Looking to Auggie, he adds, "The hospitals might suffer a heavy burden, too."

As one by one the letters slide into the place, the stairway reforms and the steps of the word Castitas, or chastity, ascend towards the face of the clock. The glass swings open and the hands twist gently, the scarlet debauchery fading away in white light that fizzles into gentle fog as tiles turn to muddy grass beneath your feet. The scent of sulfur is entirely gone, and with it the red silk portal. Dazed students are wandering out of the buildings in search of water, friends, or painkillers. The fog lifts and the night, all things considered, is quite mild and pleasant.

A pair of faces of indeterminate gender or age pass by in the fog. "Well done," the Virtues smile before disappearing into the remnants of the fog that blows away on a gentle, warm breeze.

Pim, with her arms around Auggie, shook her head and sighed as the visuals went away and they were left in Oxford University Park again. "Oh for.. fine. Let us go to the pond. I will swim there with you and get rid of some of this terrible tension." She glared after the two figures when they'd gone, her eyes filled with fire and some sort of oddly placed rage. "You know, this could have been a good bit of fun, but instead it was ruined by these bastards doing all of this testing. Now, the next time I think of having an orgy, I will remember this and be so very disappointed in the memory." She kissed the top of Auggie's head gently and started walking them towards the actual pond in Oxford Park, this one empty likely due to the rain falling. Who wanted to swim in the pond in the rain, other than Pim and Auggie after all?