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Just One of those Days

Sometimes a little intimidation goes a long way.

Dramatis Personae

Auggie, Kid, Pim, Snake

18 June, 2007

Nerves run amok at the Pit


Dry Sandford Pit


Dry Sandford pit. It's raining on a Monday evening in June. Still broad daylight, but the full moon will be up soon. There's a bike in the car park with Snake leaning against it.

A long walk through the rain, or really more of a long run through the rain, didn't seem to dampen Pim's spirits in the slightest as she moved along through the entrance of the Dry Sandford Pit. She was laughing, and looking over at Auggie with her slate-blue eyes glimmering with good humor. Being careful not to get another citation for illegal exposure, she'd worn a black set of capri length, tight fitting yoga pants as well as a slightly cropped black tank top, neither of which were dry in the slightest. On her feet were an equally sopped pair of black track shoes with a violently bright pink swoosh on the side that matched her vivid pink socks. Her raven black hair was spiking in all directions and dripping as it gathered enough water to fully become sodden. "Still, more people here than I had expected, not terrible though. We should still be able to find some nice spots for a bit of practice." She waggled her eyebrows at Auggie and gave the other woman a wink, not seeming to slow down her pace much at all despite passing the motorcycle and an encroaching taxi cab. "Well worth the run, no matter if we do or do not, though."

Panting heavily as some people do not have the natural stamina that others have, Auggie managed a momentary grin in response to Pim and a rapid nod. "Yes, people... Though likely not everywhere." Interlacing her fingers and resting them atop her head, Auggie's pace dropped to walk. She wore a white compression long sleeve with red piping, a part of athletic pants that didn't quite fit perfectly as the extra length over the back of her grey trainers was gathered moisture. Upon her back was a bright pink rucksack. She nodded again as if the conversation in her head was more external, "So... Further, right?"

Snake, still leaning back against his motorbike as he waits, turns his head to watch Pim and Auggie go past. Most of his attention seems to be on Pim, and his leer is openly appreciative. With his arms folded across his chest the biker appears to be at least a little on edge, and nowhere near as relaxed as he might be pretending.

Attention being as it is, Pim grinned widely and blew a kiss to Snake. "Perhaps we should go and say hello, his kick stand may be broken. I am quite sure he would not be practice, either, now that I think about it." Her curved lips maintained their wide grin as she looked at Auggie and then altered their direction slightly, heading towards snake. "Buna Seara, baiat mare." She called it once they were a bit closer, her voice taking on a slight purr that matched her unwavering smile as she looked up at the tall man just chilling at his bike.

Blinking her eyes, Auggie offered Snake a cheerful wave before returning her hand to the top of her head. "Good day to you," she offered happily as well as her course corrected towards Snake. Her eyes moved to the bike as she wove back and forth behind Pim to see if the kickstand had indeed went missing. "If I couldn't get the 2CV, a vespa was a possibility. Transporting baked goods may have proved difficult, though I wouldn't have been above a trailer."

Snake's leer doesn't vanish when he's looked at; he's honest about it, at least. "Evenin'," he replies to Pim, entirely unabashed. He looks between Pim and Auggie, then, and smiles. "Fancy a fuck?" The kickstand is present, and in fact down, and Snake probably isn't putting anything like as much weight on the bike as his posture suggests. At least, it seems to be resting quite solidly on said kickstand.

Pim's smile, if possible gained even more momentum as she raised her brows and looked Snake up and down in a rather purposeful manner. "That all depends, does it come with some sort of door prize, or are you expecting the fuck to be thrilling and fulfilling enough that I should be entirely satisfied with the act itself?" Amusement had her eyes glimmering with defined brightness as she glanced over at Auggie, then looked back to Snake without an ounce of compunction. "I should warn you that despite the run, my energy levels have not been impacted in the slightest today. That you seem willing to take on the both of us makes me wonder if you have yourself a dose or two of viagra that you are trying to burn through before expiration."

Auggie leaned over as she continued to stare at Snake's bike until she found the kickstand. Her brain was given something that it was not entirely ready to handle, like when someone forget how to spell the word 'use' and could swear there was a 'z' in it. "Ship high in... Transit?" Straighten herself slow, she blinked a couple of times, staring at Snake, then slowly looking to Pim and back again. Her nose wrinkled as she sniffed at the air. Then she leaned over to Pim, sniffing again. Leaning at the waist, the rucksack flopped nearly taking her off balance as she sniffed yet again, then she once again righted herself, looking more confused than when she started.

Snake's slow grin is full of hunger, and it's focused on Pim and Auggie. "Who needs viagra when there's lovely young ladies around?" The biker smells of petrol engine, leather, soap and cigarette smoke. The bike smells similarly, though without so much soap. "Moon will be up soon. Viagra's for people who ain't in tune with life." The moon. The full moon. "Be a night to remember."

Cocking her head to the side, Pim looked at Snake for a long moment and shook her head slightly. "I cannot even deny the fact that there should be no need for viagra for someone interested in lovely young ladies and in tune with life." She turned her attention to the sky for a moment, glancing at the color of it and seeming to think through something. "Ah, you must be feeling full of energy tonight, hmm? I do not remember you being this forward the last time we talked, though we were not in a relatively secluded location with only ourselves around, so I suppose it might have been the environment." Blinking away rainwater that had found itself cascading down her eyelids, Pim looked back over at Snake and then to Auggie, chuckling softly. "And you, luberia? Are you interested in some random sex in the woods with a man obviously about to kick off a wild night?"

Auggie let her arms relax as she started to dot her index fingers together. "That is... Very sweet of you to say so." Her gold eyes drifted back to Pim as she started to stare at the woman. "One could argue I have made terrible decisions during this time of the lunar cycle." She cleared her throat gently as her eyes drifted back to Snake. "So... Chasing and eating small woodland creatures perhaps? Voles are terribly easy to find and dig up with the recent rains."

Snake is in the car park at Dry Sandpit, the huge biker leaning against his bike with his arms folded across his chest as he speaks with Pim and Auggie. "First rule of this game is there ain't no terrible decisions," he says. "No regrets, or you'll be spendin' your whole life regrettin' shit." His arms unfold, one hand going to rest on the pillion seat, the other hooking a thumb into a pocket. "Ain't no fun in takin' on the small stuff. Gotta be somethin' worth the challenge."

Pim chuckled darkly and looked at Auggie with a nod of her head. "I suppose that can be said, the track record speaks for itself." She looked back to Snake and allowed herself another slow, langorous perusal before she winked. "If it were just me making the decision, I might well have already answered the question with an unmistakable affirmation, Snake. But since I have others to think about today, I am afraid I have to bow to the wisdom of paying attention to choices. You are, however, more than welcome to join us on a little hunt and practice rout. Who knows? It could well end in the less well thought out decisions making themselves." The last bit was spoken with a cheeky, positively suggestive tone that should have required something nearby to burst into flame, at the very least Pim's own cheeks, but as per usual, such things just didn't cause her any embarassment in the slightest.

The trees are still good cover in the rain. A bit more so with the visual and audible screen it gives her. Though her decision to try and shield herself from that rain works against her attempt to move through discreetly. Not visibly, given her utilitarian outdoors outfit is covered over with a dark green poncho. It hampers Kid's movement slightly, catches against the foliage a bit despite her best efforts to remain more discreet. But it, with it's hood, keeps much of the rain off of her, limiting her wetness somewhat.

She's actually on her way out, the young woman moving with purpose, though still with discretion. Which, of course, ends with her pausing to linger short of actually breaking free of natural cover on the fringes of the parking area, peering into it carefully. Noting familiar and a not so familiar face. Her lips pursing faintly.

Auggie offered a nod to Snake, "It is one of those arguments that I can't easily dismiss. Regrets tend to go hand and hand with humanity, but I'm capable of being very inhuman." She dotted the air in Snake's direction. "That does leave the possibility of red deer." Looking back to Pim, she nodded to the woman. "It seems like a reasonable idea and seeing as it allows things to develop organically..." Auggie tugged at the collar of her compression shirt. Sniffing at the day, she glanced towards Kid and offered a polite wave to the woman, looking back to Snake and Pim.

Snake moves a step away from his bike, leaving the machine leaning quietly on its kickstand without the weight of the biker added. "Maybe some huntin' would help, since my fight looks like it ain't showin' up," he says. When Auggie waves to someone, he turns to look in that direction; Kid comes in for a scowl that borders on the ferocious. The biker's fingers flex, and then he nods to Pim and Auggie.

Rolling her rather sodden shoulders a bit caused the fabric of Pim's tank top to do that odd, surfacing of water, before a stream of it ran down the front and back to join with the rest of the rain that had soaked her. She nodded to Snake, her smile taking on the hint of challenge and excitement that only a Hunter in the moment would feel, that thrill of excitement for gaining more in the hunting pack. A moment later her nose flared and Pim's smile slowly turned into a wicked smirk as her eyes fell closed. "Fee, Fie, Fo Fum... I smell the blood of an unsweetened shop girl." Her words were loud enough to carry a little bit in the heavy rain, and Pim didn't open her eyes again til she'd finished the statement, then turned her head a bit and stared directly at Kid with fierce sort of smile. "We might have another bit of fun tonight, loosing animals from traps. That could be good fun as well." That bit was spoken a little more quietly, as a suggestion to the others in the prospective hunting party.

Kid tenses when she's spotted. Her lips tighten and she glances between the three for a few moments before she grunts softly to herself. She straightens from where she was lurking, walking out in her poncho. The baton is obvious, but has been flipped to rest along her forearm, a posture more defensive than offensive. For the moment she walks towards the three quietly, largely shrouded in her poncho. But it's easy to see she's got a bag with her in addition to her simple weapon.

"Hunting is a good way to expend energy in a way that part of the mind appreciates." Auggie smiled happily before blinking as she looked at Pim. The stare lingered there for a moment before Auggie drew in a heavy breath, pressing her fingers to her neck to check her pulse. "And I'm officially recovered." Taking a few steps, she sniffed at Snake's bike once more before looking up to Snake sheepishly, "It is a very nice bike."

Snake's arms, previously unfolded, re-fold across his chest. His gaze focuses on Kid, and there's a low rumbling from him, a growl to match his scowl. He doesn't move towards her but he doesn't move away either, his weight shifting over the balls of his feet. "Thanks," he says quietly, presumably to Auggie even though he's still focusing on Kid. "I 'ate traps."

Pim watched Kid walking closer and allowed her grin to broaden again as she nodded, then looked over at Snake. "I agree, I think we could make a very enjoyable game of it, even set it as a challenge." Glancing at Auggie, Pim finally thought about it and looked at the bike behind Snake, nodding in agreement. "Good point, Auggie, that is a lovely bike indeed."

Kid doesn't quite get close to the three. In part because of Snake, perhaps. Or just because that's how she is. She is looking at him, though. His mood seeming to promote a certain air of defensiveness. Yet not entirely. "What?" The question to him. Direct, not without some force behind it. Perhaps borne mostly of a faint hint of frustration in the young woman.

Auggie started humming a broken little tune of random notes as her gold eyes darted from Snake to Kid to Pim. "I was trying to keep the conversation upbeat and carefree..." Her gaze moved back to the bike, "It is not to say that you aren't a lovely bike, because you very much are." The fact that she was speaking to it as if it was a puppy was anyone's guess. Taking a deep breath, she smiled over to Kid. "You may be pronouncing it incorrectly. Isn't not W ah t. It's more relaxed and flowing, G uh d day. I don't recall wronging you in this or some other life. You could try it and if it feels completely wrong, you could try avoiding people." Auggie sighed and shook her head, frowning. "It was entirely rude of me, I apologize."

Snake's arms unfold again, the man eyeing Kid as he reaches for his waist. "Come an' 'ave a go if you think yer 'ard enough," he says simply to Kid, his eyes narrowed to slits. His hand moves and the buckle of his belt opens, releasing the chain around his waist. He doesn't pull it free yet, but he's ready to do so at a moment's notice should it be called for.

Pim's eyes flashed with an amusement belying what might have been required for the moment. She looked over and watched Snake undo his belt and couldn't help the small chuckle of absolute delight. "And here I am thinking of decisions I am so very glad for putting off. Now I get to have the delightful pleasure of watching him prepare and entertain all of these terrible little fantasies. Multumesc, Kid, multumesc indeed." Pim licked her lips as if she might have been absently salivating, then moved over by Auggie to loop her arm around the shorter woman's shoulders, dragging Auggie in for a half hug. "I quite enjoy it when you play the role of educator, lubirea. It pleases me quite thoroughly." Then she just stood there, watching Snake and Kid with that expression of pure entertainment, as if she were attending some sort of Roman colliseum.

Kid ends up eyeing Auggie and tells her, "I wasn't talking to you. You're not the one eyeing me up like he's thinking about doing something." She tilts her head towards Snake. "Maybe aim some of that at your growling pal here, rather than me for a change." Her attention goes back to Snake and she tells him, "I ain't a thug. I don't attack unless I'm attacked. Or unless you're a dangerous monster. If those don't apply, you can back the fuck down and relax. Cause I ain't in the mood for bullshit today." She doesn't sound like she's in a good mood, no. Pim? For now, she ignores her. Not quite pointedly.

Auggie stared at the ground even as Pim looped an arm over her shoulders, listening to the conversation before sighing again. "Yes, but..." She looked up at Kid, "When you notice someone, it is polite to acknowledge them, it's common decency. I waved to you when I noticed you. In fact, I wave to you and greet you most everytime we see one another. Cases when there are events that prohibit greetings not withstanding, and understandably so. It is the polite thing to do. You, on the other hand, have rarely and possibly never done so in the more than a year of knowing of one another. It's cold and frankly, unsettling." She gestured to Snake, "If this man has less tolerance for it, I can't blame him for thinking you to be an insufferable cunt." Auggie shook her head, "He is standing by his bike, that he parked before you arrived in the immediate area. We were conversing politely, there was no shouting, yet you're the one that is once again carrying a baton and looking like the monster."

Snake's hand stays on the chain that is his belt. "I ain't got the patience for your shit," he says to Kid, irritability only adding to his scowl. "Get started or piss off. I've already been stood up for one fight today, I ain't in the mood to dance around the point. I'm six foot ten. Of course I'm dangerous and a fuckin' monster, okay? Now /come and 'ave a go if you think you're 'ard enough/. Or piss off. Pick one."

Pim beamed proudly at Auggie, looking at the woman like one might gaze at their child as they won the country's top honors or defeated the toughest competition at the national level science fair. "Auggie, you are a wonder. Have I mentioned that recently? I feel I may not say it often enough." Clearing her throat softly, she finally tore her wide smile and impressed gaze from Auggie to look at Snake and his rather unimpressed sentiment, then to Kid. Her smile grew harder, and she looked at the woman with an intensity that one might imagine some geneticist staring through an electron microscope to naturally come by. "Kid. I have tried speaking kindly to you, I have tried getting you to lighten up with jest and a little light teasing. You have accused me of abuse, and generally treated me as though I warrant less respect than a pebble in a shoe. While I do not expect everyone to love me, care for me, dote on me, or even attempt to try to win me over, I do however hope you realize that when you make the generalization that you only attack dangerous monsters that you are essentially speaking about every single person in your general vicinity. I, miss, am a very dangerous monster. Does that mean that your lack of mood for bullshit will lead us into an immediate confrontation? Or are you attempting to categorize dangerous into the pro and con categories?"

Kid hasn't made a move at all towards Snake. She frowns a little and after a moment just turns away from him, maintaining her distance. She does keep him in her peripheral vision, however. "You don't get itn," Kid tells Pim, eyeing her. Dangerous monsters are the ones who will attack me for no reason. So no, you ain't. I know what you can do, seen it. I ain't dumb, even if you think I am. I ain't a thug, I ain't a killer. I ain't some random violence person. And I don't like you teasing me. It don't make me wanna lighten up, but you don't care, even though you seen it don't make me wanna lighten up. You keep doing it, so no I don't act nice to you. Cause of what you do. Who knows, nice one moment, making fun of me the next. I ain't opening myself up to that."

She glances at Auggie and after a moment she breathes out and glances to the side slightly. "Sorry, I guess. I ain't good at social stuff. I ain't used to.. 'waves' and small talk and stuff. It ain't stuff I do. If that makes me whatever, I guess I am. But I didn't do nothing right now. I just walked. I wasn't waving this at no one. I had it out because I was out in the PIt. Alone. It's dangerous. I ain't gunna apologize for having my baton to protect myself." she looks at Auggie. "Am I threatening anyone with it? Or did I? Would it even matter? Ain't like I could hurt any of you, probably."

Auggie looked up to Snake for a long moment, then smiled sheepishly to Pim. The moment passed and her expression melted into a frown as she focused on Kid's feet. "I wish I classify exactly how dangerous I was to you. The simple and wholly inaccurate answer would be to say I was half a dangerous monster. Is the rain dangerous? It depends on the circumstance. I am half human which is terribly monstrous at times." She drew in a deep breath, gesturing to Pim and herself. "Thank you for your apology. We have said hello to you and earned scowls for it. We have waved and smiled, and sometimes earned scowls. She has teased you and you called her abusive for it. Frankly, the remaining options are shouting at you, throwing something at you, or ignoring you entirely. Two of those options are unwarranted." Auggie growned, crossing her arms to hug herself. "No, you didn't threaten directly, but if I appeared out of the woods with a knife in my hand, I expect that people would feel defensive. At the very least, their eyes would drift between myself and the knife, trying to understand my intentions. When I noticed, I would put the knife away unless I planned on using it." She looked up to stare at Kid's nose, "Because anything less would be antisocial behavior or clinical paranoia that would require psychiatric treatment."

Snake's hand doesn't move, but his eyes stay narrowed. The low rumbling returns, but it's more of a snarl than a growl and it certainly doesn't belong in a throat that looks human. He turns his head to one side to spit on the ground, away from his motorbike, and what hits the ground is white and frothy. He focuses on Kid again, the hand at his waist moving and pulling the chain out from his belt loops with a soft rippling jangle of steel. The threat isn't even implicit any more.

Pim sighed softly and shook her head. "Believe it or not, Kid, gentle teasing and ribbing is normal among friends. Heaven knows that I do not gently tease or make jokes with my enemies. The fact that you consider friendly ribbing abuse speaks to your sensitivity. I cannot promise I will not do it in the future, but perhaps I will keep in mind that you do not wish to develop any sort of friendly relationship with me, and act accordingly." Pim nodded and then looked over at Snake, watching him pull the belt free with an actual shiver running down her spine. "It is much like watching the preparation of a tight rope act, wondering what it will all end up like when they are up high on that tall platform. How electric." She blinked and looked down at Auggie, her arm still around the shorter woman's shoulders. "I am now imagining a rather vigorous hunt today. Something for the record books."

Kid listens, but anything she might have said in answer to Pim or Auggie is interrupted by Snake making a move. Whether he intends to do something or not matters little. She stood down, but obviously not enough so. Now, rather than speak, she acts. Snapping around to face Snake immediately. Her baton flipped around to a more aggressive carriage, though her posture is immediately rocked back and defensive. All done without thought. Pure instinct that bleeds into her next action an instant after she reorients. Primal gauging of the situation makes it clear from her perspective that being here is bad. She doesn't answer the girls, instead wheeling around and running. Back into The Pit, instinctively making a break for cover as opposed to open ground.

Auggie's eyes dart to the source of the growl and the impressively tall man that it came from. Sniffing the air, she groaned, her gold eyes moving to Kid. "Unless you want to go a few rounds, Kid, you need to leave. Right now, you smell like prey and that is not the scent you want to be putting off at the moment." Wiping the edge of her mouth, she started undoing her sternum strap of her pack, her focus on Snake. "In the realm of prey, four legs tends to provide more of challenge."

Pim's arm tightened around Auggie's shoulders as Kid took off in a run. Her slate blue eyes narrowed and she watched the woman as she darted off towards the Pit and its wooded areas, breathing coming faster. "Naughty girl, teasing me like that." She ground out the words through clenched teeth as her muscles slowly relaxed and she forced her legs to chill out and not propel her forward. "At some point we should really explain to her why running away is more dangerous than taking measured steps backwards when a predator is watching you. It might make situations like this less stressful for everyone. I, for one, do not particularly want to give chase and take a bite, but I could easily envision myself doing it just because of that action." Licking her lips, Pim looked over at Auggie and loosened her hold on the other woman, attempting to not crush her shoulders. "Imi pare rau, lubirea. I hope I did not force anything out of alignment?"

Snake's grin as Kid turns to flee is savage, and when she runs he starts to move after her, the chain still swinging from his hand. He's not moving at great speed - darting about the place isn't his forte - but his nostrils are twitching as he lopes towards the trees between which she vanished. His instincts sing with the encroaching evening, driving him in ways that he'd normally be able to resist.

It's unlikely that Kid hears anything anyone else is saying. She's leaving. Through the trees until she's far enough away before bothering to plot a new path back to the city.

Auggie winced as the situation went from social awkward to potential violent. "So... About that question he asked earlier, Pim... The only other alternative would be to taking a shape, picking up and flying her away... Which likely isn't any better for her." Shrugging out from Pim's arm, Auggie pushed her rucksack off her shoulders. "So... Non-violent solutions it is..." Toeing out of her shoes, Auggie unzipped her compression top and peeled out of it, revealing the sports bra that was quickly shed as well. Taking in a hissing breath, she hissed, "Rain..." Dragging the athletic pants off hips and down her legs, she stepped out of them, her gold eyes searching for Snake as stuck two fingers in her mouth and whistled loud enough that the other Liverpool fans would take notice during penalty shootouts.

Pim obviously understood the plan, her nose flaring as a new scent, courtesy of Auggie, filled the air. The grin on her lips was decidedly a mix of predatory and unabashadly bawdy as she nodded. "Good girl, good thinking." Luckily, Pim had long since mastered the stripping of clothing in a pinch, and so she stepped out of her shoes in the same motion she whipped her top off over her head. Her pants were pulled off mere moments later, leaving the rather fantastically shaped woman as nude as Auggie, save for the fact that she wore a pair of violently pink socks still on her feet. Since Auggie had whistled to get Snake's attention, Pim called out after with a throaty, obviously purposeful seductive purr in her voice. "I cannot wait that long, Snake. Come, we will have more fun now over here than you could ever have over there. And we will get rid of more energy." And with that, Pim performed a rather lovely, rather nude, cartwheel for Snake's viewing pleasure, coming to her feet with a coquettish crick of her fingers to lure Snake towards Auggie and Pim, rather than having him hunt down the fleeing woman in the woods.

Snake has almost vanished between the trees when Auggie whistles; he glances back, catching sight of her - and then Pim - out of the corner of his eye before his head turns almost fast enough to break his neck. His body follows it, all thoughts of Kid apparently vanished at the sight of something much more interesting. He heads for Pim and Auggie, quite thoroughly distracted from the hunt. They have his full attention.