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The Floods

Never can tell what's going to happen at River Park...

Dramatis Personae

Andrew, Auggie, Cricket, Dave, Gerry, Holegn, Iara, Kid, Llewelyn, Morgan, Penelope, and Pim. Trinity as GM

23 June, 2007

The Fomor come with the floods


River Park


Plot:The Unbound Vs...

The flood waters had swallowed up much of Oxford, leaving the normally flat, possibly grassy or concrete covered land with in places as little as a foot of water, but in others as much as 3-4 feet. The water was still relatively fresh, and combined with the still heavily falling rain, it didn't have a chance to smell stagnant or in any way brackish. For the most part lights were off, as fuse boxes had shorted out with the touch of water to electrodes. The overhead walkway lights of River Park managed to remain lit against the inky black sky, as the majority of their functions occurred still well above water level, but seeing them standing over 3 feet of water cut down their usual height in a nearly comical way, making the tall rods of metal leading up out of the water look far shorter than normal. Waves seem to roll over the top of the water, but it's really just more and more water being added to the flood, the waters reaching out to fill in every basin they could find until they overflowed that one, and moved on to the next.

Andrew seemed to be one of those crazy people that might actually be enjoying some aspect of the flooding, if his current state of being was any indication. He was floating through River Park on top of a queen sized air mattress, kicked back and leaning on a smaller, air filled pillow that was shaped like the upper half of a chair. He wore nothing but a pair of vivid blue bermuda shorts with a bright pink and orange depiction of a sunset on them, and little black palm trees all along the bottom hem. His bare feet were crossed and he smoked a cigarette despite the rain falling down onto him, his black sunglasses looked incredibly chic, but totally out of sorts in the darkness. In his hand? A huge, pinkish-orange concoction of a drink that looked disturbingly like a Mai Tai, the bright yellow umbrella on top looking more sodden than was healthy.

"We gotta figure out what's doing this," Kid tells the man beside her. She glances at Holegn, but only for a moment before looking back at the flooded area. She's positioned herself just outside of the area, not wanting to actually stand in the flooded area. She has a black raincoat on and is holding a matching umbrella, guarding herself and her satchel against the continued rain as much as one can. "This ain't normal," she asserts.

Mingling with the sound of the rushing water is a sloshing sound, and an occasional whinney. A large, gray draft horse looms beneath one of the lamps. Gerry, wearing waders and a heavy water-resistant coat rides the horse, holding a lantern high. His eyes survey the area carefully, probably looking for stragglers who might need a rescue.

A large Clydesdale, with three white legs and lovely blaze makes its way down the street. Cricket who is the rider is dressed in an heavy pink rain slicker complete with matching hat. Covering the riders legs are high riding boots and jodhpurs. The horse is wearing its harness and the traces and long reins have been carefully tucked up and out of the water and away from the rider. The horse patiently makes it way through the park and toward the river area. They are not far behind Gerry.

Holegn is standing there in shorts, a tshirt, and Wellingtons that go up to his hips. And possibly the strongest looking umbrella. London Fog, for that atypical British weather! "Well, my guess it's the rain, but what do I know?", he replies back to her with a bright grin. "Honestly, we should check historical flooding patterns. This could just be a hundred or thousand year flood or something. But, you are right, it's not normal and we cannot discount magic or supernatural beasties having a hand in this. Luckily the shop and my place are on high ground. Hate to be in our old place now, it's right in the path."

Love. Exciting and new. Come aboard, we're expecting you. A slender man sloshes through the waterlogged park, music piped into his ears through ipod headphones. Thigh high waders carve through the water and a giant rubber lizard tail waves lazily as it floats on the surface. His incredibly loud Hawaiian shirt may well have been chosen for its safety-orange-yet-somehow-worse visibility. Dave is clearly enjoying himself and getting into the spirit of things. He stalks through the surging waters, pretending to be some kind of water-dwelling lizard.

Pim had a wide grin on her face as she floated along on the Queen sized air mattress near Andrew, Auggie just to the other side of her. She had no need for an inflatable pillow as she was laying on her tummy, propped up onto her elbows, watching the world around their little island with a curious sparkle of amusement in her slate blue eyes. All the rain falling onto her didn't seem to bother the raven haired woman as she relaxed in a two piece swimsuit the brightest color of DANGER orange. Glancing over at Andrew, she snatched the drink out of his hand and took a long swallow, giving him a wink before she handed it back. "This was a wonderful idea, enjoying time out in the extra water. It is almost as nice as having a pool, though I can only imagine that most of the apartments and houses... and businesses for that matter are not quite so happy." She looked over at Auggie where she lay next to her on the air mattress and winked, the water dripping off the spikes of her soaked hair and her black lashes. "Still, we may as well enjoy what has been giving you so much extra work, Auggie." She looked up at the horses and riders coming along in 2 foot deep water and gave Gerry a wide grin, along with the presumed Cricket, lifting her arm up to wave to them happily. "Buna seara!" She called brightly as they were a little bit away, being on the street.

Behind the woman in pink on the Clydesdale is a slim woman of shorter stature, and less colorful rain wear. The outdoor store's best is being put to the test, although her legs are already soaked, but the synthetic work out tights don't really 'hold' the water, per se. An auburn braid hangs over the shoulder and trails down the woman's chest from under her hood. "Poor Napoleon, I bet Reno's put his little crate on the table, and he's probably not enjoying his kingdom turning from a vast valley to an archipelago. Maybe it hasn't made it our place, but somehow I think we're right in the middle of it." She lifts her head a little, letting some drops plop into her face, then she peers around Cricket's shoulder up towards Gerry, and then points to the party on the raft. "Well, someone is making the best of it."

The water is deep enough that Llewelyn is taking care as he walks, more out of fear of stepping into a hole or crushing something than anything else. By all appearances, he has dressed quickly. A sodden V-neck cotton shirt covers his bulging chest, the damp material going transparent in places and giving peeks of usually hidden tattoos on his back and arms. His black cargo pants are likewise soaked, the material clinging to his legs and slapping against each other as he walks. He is wearing a pair of heavy workman's gloves and is gripping the straps of a large backpack, one of a hiking variety with a frame at the back. He is puffing and slightly out of breath as he trudges through the water, lifting his head every now and then to nod in greeting to those he recognises. He blinks a few times as he spots the horse and offers a nod to Cricket, his hands still firmly attached to the straps of his backpack. He laughs when he spots the pleasure island, shaking his head and grinning widely when Andrey, Auggie and Pim float into view.

Iara shivers as she hurries home from work, having left early due to the sudden flood warning. Ugh, she hates water. Give her the cool rushing wind any day! But lately, she's been suffering from serious brain fog and she cant even think of shifting to get home faster. Besides, she doesn't care to lose anymore clothing in the meantime.

Wrapping her bright red rain jacket more tightly around herself, she is at least thankful that she thought to bring it and a pair of wellingtons, but this is ridiculous! After the evacuation order, she didnat come prepared with a giant horse or a floaty mattress to flee home in, and so she does her best to stay on high ground as she hurries through, passing somewhere near Auggie, whom she remembers from the church along with the rest of her posse. "Auggie?" she calls out to her, glancing around nervously at the rising waters, then back at their mattress, wondering if there's any room on there for another.

Occasionally she rubs her temples, glancing around nervously, seeming..Not quite right. As if this confusion wasnat bad enough, she's got a splitting headache and cant even think of how to get home from here. Everything just looks..Different..

Auggie shook her head and glanced at Pim, raising a brow as the water sluiced over the thick mop of her hair. "It would have been more fun if I'd been taking readings all week this way instead of just sloshing around in the big water boots and coveralls, but that was fun too!" She was on her back, laying a bit lower than Pim, so that her legs could hang over the edge of the makeshift raft and she could propel them in any direction she desired. Right now, their AugEngine was kicking them in a slow, lazy circle around a light pole. Auggie had dressed in a one piece, white swimsuit that fit her well, and seemed to be enjoying kicking the water up from the overflow onto the floating mattress as much as she was propelling them. She looked over at Penelope, Cricket, and Gerry and gave them both an enthusiastic wave that nearly had her falling off the raft with its energy. Only the grip she had on the back of Pim's calf kept her from plunging right off the inflatable into the rising water beneath. Llewelyn coming into view got him a brightly called "LLLLLLLEWELYN! Do you need any help?!" From the white-clad occupant of the 'pleasure island' floating through River Park. Iara got herself a smile, and since she was in a similar direction as Llewelyn, and a nod. "Yes, it's me, Iara. What are you doing out in this weather?" The question being of course absurd as it came from an 'island' of people out in this particular weather.

Morgan was in the water this evening as well. Stripped to the waist as he slogs down the middle of the street in waist deep water, the one eyed viking is quietly pushing a canoe containing a little old lady smoking a joint, a half a metric tonne of luggage, and at least 15 of the meanest, smelliest Tom cats a person has ever laid eyes on. As he moves, the old woman holds the joint for Morgan to take a hit on as she speaks in a thick Irish accent. "T'is a shame about yer scooter lad. i'm sure the engine will be alright up in the loft though...I'll even spot you a half month's rent for repairs."

Holding the toke for a moment, Morgan lets the smoke roll from his nostrils before he replies. "You only charge me 50 pounds a month rent and an 8th of weed. which part of that are you going to spot me for renovations?" "Well it won't be the bloody Weed lad! You can be sure of that!" At least Morgan was carrying on a conversation with someone others could see for once.

Andrew didn't seem to be all that miffed that Pim had stolen a drink from his tall glass of high octane Mai tai, and simply took it back from her with a rakish grin and polished off a heavy swallow of it with an exaggerated 'AH!' as he did so. "This is precisely the life, love. Precisely the life. A keen bird or two at my side and not having to lift a finger. Don't you go helping the big man, there, Auggie, we'd not get anywhere." He snickered and gave a flipped bird to Llewelyn, with that grin growing ever wider. "You don't need 'er, do ya mate? We'll never make it back without the motor. And besides, you can't see her legs if she's walking in all this water!"

Fowler was a man in a black suit, yes, a black suit. Walking down the street on the sidewalk, the water came up to his knees, leaving him the appearance of a man wading out of water instead of into it, oddly enough. He was accompanied by a couple others, both of which were dressed similarly, wearing black suit pants, matching suit jacket, and a black turtle neck that came up high. His pale, stringy hair was completely sopping wet and clinged to his head in thin strands that molded it to his scalp perfectly. His mouth was wide, and pressed flat into a straight line of displeasure that seemed to come naturally to it. He looked to be walking towards the Park, and kept moving that direction despite any possible other people that might have drawn his attention away from his intended vector.

Kid frowns a little as she spies the revelers floating along the way over there, disdain edging her expression just a little. "Why are they acting like this is some fun time? Ain't a time for messing about." The question not loudly spoken obviously meant for Holegn primarily. Her head turns and she spots the suited people just.. walking through the water. Fancy clothes and not caring about getting them wet? Strange. Her eyes narrow. And they're going where more water is. "Look at them," Kid murmurs to Hol without looking back to him.

A very, very large man walked through the water, looking on level of height with Llewelyn for as little of his legs were covered with the thick, inky soup of the night. Mungus wass taller than Fowler by a good near 2 feet, and so the water just came to above his ankles, but he was dressed almost precisely the same. Rather than pale of hair he had thicker, dark hair that looked black in the night with all the water soaking it. He nodded to Fowler as if they were talking, then continued on towards the Park, causing huge waves to cut out from his walking trunks of legs.

"Buna seara!" Gerry calls to Him from his high seat, doing his best to mimic the young lady's odd accent. "I'm glad to see that someone benefiting from all of this mess," he adds. He glances behind him and then explains, "We're checking for anyone needing rescue out here. Have you seen any trouble?" Water continues to drizzle from his wide-brimmed hat. When a flash of red catches his eye, he lifts the lantern again and squints toward where Iara is attempting to navigate. "Miss?" He calls. "Do you need a lift?" With a slight tug of his reins, he guides the huge horse toward Iara. "I hope that you're not afraid of horses. He won't hurt you."

Pim snickered darkly and looked over at Cricket, Gerry, and Penelope as they moved through the water with thier steeds. "That is a marvelous idea, Auggie, Horses like the water, right? This could possibly be fun for them, in a relatively safe area." She nodded thoughtfully and then gave a wicked grin to Andrew. "Come now, you would have as much fun watching her get on and off the raft anyway. Let her help if she needs it. Or you could always go for a swim." She waggled black brows at Andrew and shifted how she was seated on the raft, actually coming up to rest on her rear end, legs akimbo. She looked over at Gerry and shook her head, Pim's grin wide as he tried to speak Romanian back to her. Her accent, of course, was everpresent and thick enough to make her words lilt as she responded to him "I figured we might find something or someone that needed help, with all of this water, but we have mostly been floating around and just checking places over. We helped a dog earlier tonight, but nothing now since it has become dark." Peering over at Iara, Pim seemed to be satisfied that she was being helped before she turned a broad grin to Llewelyn. "Is this your new workout, Llewelyn? Seems... very situational."

Holegn grins and laughs at the raft floating around the park. "Well, at least some people are enjoying the wet weather. Hey Llewelyn!" Hol lifts a hand to wave at the big man, and then to the people on the raft. "Hey Pim, Auggie! And 'lo Gerry, and Cricket! And Penelope!" He looks back to Kid and shrugs, "Well, the water's here, they're just making the best of it." When Kid lowers her voice, he looks around, and notices the well-suited person heading towards the deeper water, and then the lumbering giant that follows. "I dunno. Maybe they're just uh, going to have some fun too?" The tone in his voice indicates quite a bit of doubt in his statement. The young man steps between the 'gentlemen' and Kid. "We're flying out of here if we have to, Kid, fair warning right now."

Love. Life's sweetest reward. Let it flow, it floats back to you. Dave is pushed by a brief surge and sways in the water, then recovers. He stumbles with uneven steps through the water and takes a moment to adjust his ridiculous tail. After an experimental shake, Dave gleefully sets off again. People seem to be building a floating city and he makes no time in heading over there to see what's going on. "Air mattresses. Of course! You guys are brilliant." Dave pulls an earbud out and dangles it on his shoulder. The theme song to the love boat can barely be heard over the rain and water.

Llewelyn grins wolfishly and looks to Andrew, his hands tightening on the straps of his pack. "Would you mind if I plopped this in your lap for a minute, I just need to change me grip?" Turning slowly, he looks to Auggie, his smile becoming softer, the warmth spreading to his silver eyes. "AUGGIE!" He bellows across to the slight woman in their customary greeting, the huge Welshman caring not about the looks he gets from other pedestrians. "Thanks muchly for the offer but I think I've got it, I wouldn't say no to a drink if there's any going though." Spotting Gerry he calls out to him, nodding his head. "Hey there Gerry, didn't see you behind the horse." Turning his attention to Pim, he shakes his head, stepping closer to the raft in a few long strides. "This covers everything. Legs, back, chest. If I had the time I'd do a promo video but then you know how weak the southerners are." He shrugs his shoulders and then blinks, the load on his back shifting dangerously and causing him to grip even tighter at the handles of his pack. "I'm just moving some stuff from the cafe so it doesn't get water damaged, thought I'd store it at the flat until the waters die down."

Iara glances around, peering curiously at the horse, recognizing Cricket and nodding at her faintly, idly wondering where the horse came from anyway? Glancing around at the other people wandering about, she's surprised to see that some people seem to be enjoying themselves. Glancing back at Auggie, and Pim whenever her name is mentioned (Wait, didnat Abdiel mention her at some time?), she arches a brow, seeming to have trouble formulating her thoughts. "Ia?Uh..Was working, until this.." she frowns softly, noting how they're in bathing suits. "What are youa??" But then the big horse steps towards her..And it's talking! She's a bit startled at first when he speaks and by his sheer size, but really Iara was an animal lover herself, and perhaps this horse is another shifter. Besides, his voice kinda sounds..Familiar? "Gerry? Is that you..?" Iara nods slowly, shivering and hugging her arms. "Um..I Think I'm..Lost.." Worse, Iara cant quite seem to recall where exactly she lives now, even. "Thank youa?For the park.." it's said as an afterthought, although she doesnat entirely remember what happened there either.

Auggie blinked as her gold eyes darted from Pim to Andrew and back. "I don't know if horses like the water, but they are surprisingly strong swimmers. It's bad to keep the hooves submerged for extended periods of time, it can cause issues with bacteria..." Her mouth twisted and she blinked unless you're asking something else, at which point I get surprising nervous when I can't see where I step." Curling back her feet from the water exposing the pink galoshes and prompting water to pour back into the water before sending up a splash upon their return into the water and kicking. Her attention tracked back to Holegn calling and she offered a wave to the man, "Hello Holly!" She smiled happily, slipping into the water to stop and hold the raft in place for the coming Llewelyn. Her gold eyes scanning back and forth for people and horses and people. Leaning down, she held back the soaked tendrils of hair to pointedly sniff at the water.

Looking at the lady in the canoe, Morgan nods towards high ground in the distance. "Listen Rose, I've got to take a detour here and go see a guy about a thing. I'm gonna give you a push and you've got the paddle, so take your damned cats and float up towards the church, alright? and for the love of the Christ king, don't take my pot into the church. Leave it in your luggage. Taking a pair of joints from the woman in a ziplock baggie, and a bottle of Mezcal from the floor of the canoe, The big viking turns and begins to make his way towards the floating party goers with a chuckle. "I know we're in the middle of a natural disaster and they're floating on a party raft....call it indomitable human spirit....ok fine. Insanity too. but look on the bright side. Auggie and Pim are both in Bathing suits. No...stop right there...because I have a girlfriend and you can NOT use that as a pickup line...Because it;s not even a good one...in fact it's downright horrible....Because it involves a GOAT! No. We've discussed this...this is not an appropriate usage of 'Your god commands you.'"

The 3 men in black suits are given a cursory glance at this point and the conversation seems to shift. "Yeah...I suppose they do fall under the category of Shady fuckers...I don't know, You are the god in this cranial space, you tell me. Because you're supposed to be the omnipotent one here, One would think it would be easier for you to figure out the degree of shadiness then it is for me."

"Oh he will be okay! They are snug as bug and dry!" Cricket tells her. Her blue eyes catch sight of the boat. The horse's ears flick forward. His nostrils flare, but the old man does not shy. With a silent signal given with her seat she bring the horse to a halt. "They have the right idea!" She offers a nod of her head. "Pim, Auggie Llewelyn." A nod of her head is given to Kid and Holegn. "Ger-Bear! You do doing okay?" She calls out. Gaze moves towards those in suits. Her eyes glancing over them but her eyes never meet theirs. The difference in height and dress is noticed, they way they move through the water. She looks back to Pim. "They are tolerant of water, they can swim. They are just two good old boys." She looks to Morgan, "Good to see you again Sir, seems you have found a new place to live?" Her gaze moves back to the two men.

Fulger was dressed precisely the same as the two men she was walking with, despite the fact that she's a woman. Still the black pants, the black blazer, and the high turtleneck. Her hair is a color somewhere between brown and blonde, but even that in this weather looks like nothing but a slick of coffee has it plastered itself to her head and neck. Grimacing, which seemed to be her natural state, the woman followed after the two men but was shorter than both of them, but still on the taller than average side for all woman.

The sense of something close by that gives off the need to rub one's arms and possibly pull up the collar of one's shirts to protect against the touch of 'other' is there, crawling across the skin of everyone nearby, though some have it a bit worse than others, everyone except for Morgan can feel the disturbance in the energy of the area.

Iara's ears flick, peering towards the men in black. How..Strange. They seem almost out of place and definitely off. She shivers, hugging her arms, moving closer to the horse (Gerry?). "Something's not right...Those men over there. Clicking." She grits her teeth, covering her ears. Oh no, what's this about now? But there's more! She sniffs the air, seeming to sense something in the air, peering intently towards the creepy men. "It smells like..Oil, ugh, what is this!?" Iara rubs her hands together, dipping them in the water and trying to get the oiliness off of them. "Oil..so oily, everywhere..Ugh..." Her eyes widen, looking troubled as she steps away, towards higher ground and towards safety. As far away from those creepy men as she can. "I..Have to go!" and she runs off, realizing that she's not that far from home and from safety.

Andrew reaches underneath his inflated pillow to his secret, safe trove that holds the holiest of holies: his cigarettes. He flicks his lighter to life, futile as it may be in the pouring rain, while he mumbles around the rapidly-soggifying ciggy between his lips. "Cheers, mate," he greets to fellow wave-rider Dave, and Llew gets a lopsided grin of thanks. "Not saying you're an albatross, just that I'm not willing to share these lovely specimens." He props his glasses up into his hair and squints out at the new faces. "This is a right proper party now, I hope somebody brought music and d..." He trails off and stares at the stiffs in suits. "Huh. Those blokes sound extra clicky to anybody else, or is that the special brownie kicking in?"

Fowler continued to trudge forward, the trio of black suited men now coming fully into the watery basin of River Park. The depth of the floodwaters had gained, making it so that 3 solid feet of water rested on top of the earth, and it covered the man up to just above his waste. He just kept walking, even as the water sliced away from him in a sharp V that merged with the same wake coming off of his compatriots. It seems they're on the way to the River proper, not just to the park, if their trajectory is right. He looked up at his taller companion and a series of clicks came from him, fully audible, especially to those already in the water. Then he altered course slightly, heading towards a particular stand of trees that used to mark the water's edge, when the River had elected to color within the lines.

"They're clicking," Kid murmurs to Holegn. She glances towards the horse people, but ultimately the strange trio are what hold her attention now. Her eyes narrow and her fingers twitch, squeezing the umbrella's handle tightly. "I could.. maybe use the wind to hear what's going on, but.." She glances up, then towards Holegn a moment. "The rain.. water messes with magic. And I ain't got much," she says. "I don't think it would work." Her eyes settle on the three men again, watching them carefully. "I should get some binoculars," she adds, lips pursed faintly.

Mungus' height made the deep water look laughable, much as it would have looked coming up against Llewelyn. As he walked a good 20 feet from the raft and the people talking to one another on and near it, he simply looked over at it and took stock of the people there. Promptly seeming to write them off, he turned his head to the direction that Fowler was walking and continued going the same way, his monstrous legs carrying him further ahead of the smaller man and woman easily, drawing him closer to the trees a good bit ahead of the other two. From his pocket, the very, very large man pulled what looked like a huge hunk of rock. Lifting it up, as the water hit the rock, the rock started to glow green in spots, brighter and brighter as more rain washed away the blackened exterior and revealed a brilliant, glowing emerald that gave off its own light.

"Dogs need help, too!" Gerry answers, nodding to the group on the raft. He waves to Llew and quips, "You have an advantage of height!" He grins. "We're helping stragglers," he adds. Suddenly, he tenses and shudders. "Odd," he murmurs. Grimacing, he hooks the lantern to a ring on his saddle and then nudges the great draft horse toward Iara. "Lost? This is not a good place to be lost, lass." He leans down from the saddle and offers his hand. "And it is Gerry. This is Blue. He's a fine working horse. We'll see you safely home. You should ride behind me if you don't --" The clicking repeats, louder. He shudders. When Iaraa panics and retreats, he frowns. He opens his mouth to call after her, but then his eyes return to the men and he frowns. "Not good," he murmurs. "Steady, Blue," he urges, lowering his hand to pat the horse's broad muscular neck. He eyes the men and then looks toward Cricket. "Love?" he calls to her.

Pim laughed at Llewelyn's suggestion of using Andrew's lap as a resting place, then shook her head. "Come now, llewelyn, it would cause the raft to sink. At least pull Andrew off before you use his lap as a... coaster?" She snickered and reached under Andrew's leg, pulling a bottle of what looked like pre-mixed Mai-Tai's from under it, then held it out to Llewelyn. "Have some, Andrew made them, so they are definitely not for the gentle stomach." Dave got himself a wide grin and a nod. "I thought it seemed like a grand idea myself, why not have a little fun while we search for animals that need saving in this dour bit of weather? It has made it far more enjoyable." The trim woman in the vibrantly orange bikini winked to Dave, and then Pim turned her attention to the three people walking past them, before she cocked her head to the side and frowned a bit. "See now... that is not alright." The glowing green rock had her sitting up straighter, and sliding towards the edge of the inflatable mattress, her feet coming to dangle into the water as she looked over at Cricket and Gerry, then at Holegn and Kid. "Holly, be careful over there." She called out the warning as her hair seemed to stand up on the back of her neck. "Yeah, very clicky. Very... wrong." She answered Andrew's question as she listened in to the 'chatter' and 'chitter' of the 'conversation' between the three suited beings.

Penelope wiggles a bit so that she can put her palms on the horse in front of her and tries to shift her balance. She gives a smile to those on the raft, and Llew as she tries to ease her seat on the rump of the horse. Any words she might have said are lost, her lips forming an 'O' before she squeaks when her squirming on wet horeshair ends up becoming a little slipperier than she intended. Since she can't 'see' any footing as she falls, she splashes underwater, thrashing for a moment, then the splashing stills as her arms and legs stop trying to propel her up. When she finally does resurface, she grabs at a floating hunk of lumber and looks around before she edges towards the building, watching the trio headed towards the river. "Cricket..." she starts, eyes never leaving the dark suited ones. "What sort of creature looks like a human in turtleneck suit and communicates by clicking?" She pauses as she reaches the building and wraps her fingers around two rods that look like metal. "aaaand, carry glowing green rocks?"

Holegn looks to Kid and nods his head. "I know.", he whispers. "I think... they're either the cause of or solution to the problem at hand." He wades a step or two closer towards the filled in basin. "I would advise against trying anything until we see what they're up to. If they are going to fix the problem, we should leave them be." Hol glances back to her. "Please do not use electricity, whatever you do." At the sight of the glowing emerald, the young man squinted. "I'm betting we'll find out right about now." Hol gave a brief wave and nod to Pim. "It's you who should be worried, I think, you might want to get out of there, Pim.", he called back.

Dave waves with two fingers back at Andrew. "Cheers." He seems about to say something but stops and looks across the waves. "Clicky? Now that you mention it..." Dave trails off. "What kind of a person wears a suit to a flood? Those three are completely underdressed." He pulls a zip-loc baggie from his pocket, which contains his ipod. He grins widely at Pim while tucking his headphones into the bag and putting it away. Emerald light shines in the darkness and reflects off the water. "Oh brilliant! That kind of person!" Without a moment of hesitation Dave spits off from the group, wading confidently toward the suited figures. His ridiculous lizard tail floats along behind him.

Llewelyn's smile freezes in place, his body stiffening and then his eyebrows furrow into a frown. He nods slowly in response to Andew, his gaze then flicking to Pim and Auggie, an eyebrow raising to accompany the questioning glance. His head tilts to one side as he hears Gerry and he turns to him. "I found 3 stragglers here in an unsecured vessel, thinking about confiscating any excess booze right now." Turning back to the raft, his shoulder sag as Pim produces the bottle, the sense of gratitude palpable as he reaches across for the bottle and then pops the top off with a thumb. Taking a large swig, he raises the bottle in toast to the three on the raft. "Gods I needed that. Thank you!" His grin returns for a moment, although it looks a little force. "Am I the only one who's getting Mimic flashbacks right now? Rather glad we're not in a tube station, that's all I'm saying."

Auggie frowned and stopped kicking the water, slowly turning to follow the three suited people as they made their clicking and clacking. She rubbed her arms and shook her head. "I should have worn something more, something thicker. That feels entirely wrong." She scooted slightly closer to Pim, imbalancing the floating island just a touch until it resettled. she then used her legs to kick at the water a little to turn the raft so she could better watch the glowing rock, worry causing her to chew on her lower lip. Blinking she let her lip come from between her teeth in time to bare them in a growl. "These seem... familiar. I'm pretty sure they're leading the way for something very, very bad. This could be part of a much bigger war that we're seeing."

Still walking towards the others, Morgan turns his attention towards the men in black once more and mutters "Yoogie? That's what you give me? Those 3 are Yoogie? That isn't even Norse. What the hell is Yoogie!? Oh...oh yeah, ok! gotcha! Making with the running now!" Bottle gripped tightly in one hand, the big Viking begins barelling through the water as fast as he can towards the men in black yelling "Bad men! Bad men! Stranger Danger!"

Cricket's long legs tighten around the sides of her mount when she feels the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She looks thoughtful and slightly distant. Her fingers tighten on her reins. She shivers. Walter snorts and tosses his head. She does not seem to notice much. Rain waiter drips off the brim of her hat. She seems lost in thought for a moment. Thinking and does not notice those that are around her or talking to her at the moment.

Fulger, the last of the 3 suited people, was submerged in water up to her mid-thorax at this point but still moved forward with purpose. The only indication on her face of anything approaching a positive emotion came as the light of the green, glowing stone reached her. A small, disturbingly pleased smile came to her face as she was touched by the light, and she started moving forward faster, finally taking herself from her feet and swimming with the grace inherent to some sort of aquatic born creature, like a snake. In fact, swimming had her caught up to the much taller Mungus in almost no time at all.

Andrew scrapes his hand up the back of his neck and shudders. "Ugh, it feels like the time I touched the wall of the loo at a Chelsea match..." His silvery gray eyes slant dangerously over at the glowing green stone and the man who carries it...then snap back to Pim as she tries to give away his booze! "Oi, that's the last one..." He tries to pry it back from Pim, but the tricky vixen evades him. "Well, drink it in good health, yeah?" He tells Llew with another cockeyed grin, "It'll help you get your brawl on." Penel, clinging to her piece of floating lumber, is offered a sly wink. "Room up here if you don't mind sitting on my lap, Dove." He pats his thigh then glances at wet Auggie. "Maybe you should have worn something less...then you wouldn't have all that wet cloth on you," he offers helpfully, jerking a thumb towards Dave. "I'm with our friend with the lizard bum. That lot is inappropriately dressed. What say we evict 'em?" Too much tooth shows in his grin.

A glow started from the water, near what would have been the bank of the river when the river hadn't decided to swell itself beyond normal measures. It almost matched the sickly green light coming from the hunk of stone in the very tall Mungus' hand. As the glow came up to the surface of the water, a form emerged. It was tall, or perhaps long was the correct word for it. Completely covered in a long cloak soaked and spackled to its lithe form. The cloak looked like it was covered in lichen, and water moss, and the hood of said cloak covered the face of the creature wearing it in a deep shadow as it stood there, seemingly on top of the water.

Fowler seemed to be watching the emergence of the cloaked creature with frenzied glee, or as close as one could get to it without actually doing more than smiling. He shuddered as that cloaked form came up out of the water and promptly dropped to his knees, prostrating himself on the ground. In this case, he was prostrating himself underwater and was completely submerged, no longer visible, as he paid his respects to whatever had just arisen.

"Since when did problems just fix themselves?" Kid's words are suitably pessimistic. And given the way those closer are reacting, it's obvious things may well prove her right. She dips a bit, instinctively making herself a smaller target as she hunches down on her haunches, not wanting to risk her knees or otherwise. "What's that green?" Asked of Holegn as she continues to watch carefully, tensing when some.. thing comes out of the water. "What is that? I wish I had a crossbow, cause it can't be good," she murmurs to no one in particular.

The gargantuan form of Mungus grew smaller as he folded himself down and went to his knees before the arisen form of Horace. He was large enough that his head and shoulders were still out of the water, but he bowed his head enough to fully submerge his face in the inky blackness of the swollen river, bowing to the cloaked form.

When the thing emerges, Gerry tugs with his left hand at Blue's reins to stop the horse. Reaching across the saddle with his right hand, he pulls a slender walking stick from a sheath. "Take cover or run!" he shouts to all within range. "We have trouble!"

A second, sickly green glow came from under the water nearby to where the first cloaked form had come up from the depths of the river. This creature, too, was wearing a full cloak that had obviously been submerged long enough to gain the patina of a long life underwater. Rivermoss covered almost the entirety of the garment as the second figure came to the surface, then took a step across the water to stand directly next to Horace. Hippahlee, the second figure, had displayed one long, odd looking leg. It was thin, very thin really, and the foot attached to that leg seemed to have five splayed toes, each of them with a rounded end, almost like a small saucer. In fact... if one were to describe that skinny appendage as it flashed for a moment from the cloak, it would be explained as looking decidedly frog-like. The leg in question was soon hidden again, and the figure stood next to the other, silent, watching, hidden by shadows and sodden cloth.

Pim flashed a wicked grin over at Holegn and shook her head, sending the raindrops flying all around her from the short, spiky blackness of her hair. "That would mean I miss all of the fun, Holegn. What could be the upside of that?" She winked to the man, glanced between him and Kid, then turned her attention to Auggie, Andrew, and Llewelyn. "If we are doing this, it should be now, before they bring up an entire army of..." She glanced at the creatures in their cloaks, watching the others go submerged in prostrate. When the thin, froglike leg was revealed her jaw dropped open. "Broaste?" The Romanian word hung in the air until it was mercilessly attacked by rainfall, and Pim cocked her head to the side. "I believe I will go and help Morgan, and our exciteable Crocodillian friend." And with that, Pim simply shoved herself off of the floating Isle de' Chill and went into the water, swimming with a sort of fishlike grace that had the vibrant orange of her bikini flashing above the surface every so often as she came up for a breath on her way towards the inevitable insanity.

Receiving no response from Cricket, and only a Romanian word from Pim that she doesn't understand, Penel sighs. "Alright, then," she mutters. Looking over to Andrew, she gives him a rueful smile. "It appears the party is moving over... there..." she points one of the metal rods that she exchanged her stick for towards the prostrate suits and the sinuous, hooded, thing above them. Not as swimmy as Pim, and not dressed for swimming, she begins to slog her way towards the others, the pipes she carries causing arcs of ripples to spread in her wake as they trail along the path of her arms with each step.

"Sometimes you get lucky, that's all I'm saying." Holegn glances back to Kid. "I have no idea, it's a big stone of some kind." Looking back to the goings on, the young man shakes his head. "No, not good at all. And why would you want to shoot them, it'd probably just piss them off." He looks up at the rain a moment, and slowly gets a smile on his face. "Did you bring your beatstick?", Holly asks of Kid, glancing back at her. "And did you feel like maybe giving them a jolt?" He watches Pim submerge herself and swim... towards the trouble. "Oh. Well. Maybe not." As Penelope starts to move in as well, Holegn sighs and holds his hand out to Kid. "Beatstick please." There's a sound of shredding flesh and fabric as dun-coloured wings spread out from his back. "God it feels good to flex those."

Water splashes violently around Dave as he wades into the water. It passes the top of his waders and suddenly floods them. Dave's excited grin briefly becomes one of horror as his socks become wet. He stops in his tracks looks at the dark water in seeming disbelief that this could have happened. Horace's giant body rises from the waves and Dave's gnat-like attention is drawn back to grander things. "Oh wow!" Figures going under water. A larger one rising from the water. He knows what this is! Dave's face lights up in joy. He splashes his way close to Mungus and says, "Is this a pantomime horse? I love it!"

"I don't know if I'll need to get my brawl on, we mustn't forget that different don't mean we're going to be smacking each other." The expression on Llewelyn's face shows that he's not totally convinced of this. As the suited folk start to dip into the water he turns to watch, shrugging one shoulder out of his pack when he notices the glow. "It's not like they've done anything really odd yet, I'd rather not hit some bloke who has just popped out to do some shopping." Still not convinced, Llewelyn loosens his pack until the weight is resting on just one shoulder, giving him the option to drop it should he need to. Letting out a sigh, he follows on after Pim, rolling his head to the accompaniment of some stomach lurching cracks as he heads towards the strangers.

A third cloaked form came up from the depths of the river with the glow of the water bright around them. Like the other two forms, the cloak that concealed this one was covered in lichen and river moss. When this one came up from the water, however, it was not facing the three figures that had gone down to knees or possibly even laid themselves on the bed of the newfound riverland. No, he was facing the other two. Reaching out with a set of hands that looked odd indeed, five splayed fingers each ending in a heavy roundness, he joined hands with the other two figures. Subsequently, those figures joined hands as well, long thin fingers wrapping around skinny hands. They all spread apart a bit, and created what could only be called a circle.

Beneath the three figures, the glowing green light that had accompanied them seemed to merge into one giant, glowing blob that filled in the area they had enclosed with their arms. It was bright, and seemed to be growing in intensity under their feet, and along the surface of the water.

Her gold eyes lingered on the stone, a nervous smile appearing on Auggie's lips as Andrew quip. "The terrible part is that you are probably right, there is a solid chance that I am overdressed for the occasion. I really should do more research into this park... I expect to find some mass grave, massacre... Hell mouth... The burial ground for the E.T. cartridges..." She took a deep breath pushing to the edge of the raft once more to put her feet in the water to stand. "Pim... We may have to grow wings in a hurry. I just hope I am terribly wrong because there is no way to put down a circle in this weather..." As Pim goes swimming as well, Auggie hisses and shakes her head randomly, sending tendrils of hair about. The glow spreading has her turning to look at landmarks or anything that may be tied to a spell.

Pausing in his run, Morgan looks at the bottle of Mezcal in his hand and growls. "No...NO! that is going WAY too far. I'll use my bare hands...I'll use my hammer...not the booze...Fuck! fine!" Patting himself down for dry fabric, the big viking snaps the cap of and takes a swig of the bottle. Muttering darkly under his breath as he soaks the fabric in booze and begins making a molotov cocktail. "I swear to...well, you... if you ever make me use my weed to fight bad guys, I am SO going to convert to the Christ king."

With the creature coming out of the water, Cricket's mount Walter shies, away from Penny and away. That brings her out of her musings. Legs gripping the side of the horse. She lets out a squawk. "Holy Shit, Pen watch out!." The words leave her mouth. She with a struggle she gets the horse back under control. He paws at the water with his large hoof. His nostrils are faring and his ears are perked at the river bank, that is glowing and now has creatures coming from it. Creatures that most likely will eat horses for breakfast, second breakfast and dinner. If only his rider had more sense. Water chomps at the bit, and tosses his head again.

"Pen, I do not know." Cricket shouts. She looks over at Gerry with Blue. Then the creatures. "We can try that is all we can do and hope for the best. Best figure out why first."

She then shouts at them, "Lovely day for a swim, why here and why now?" This is shouted at any of the summoned creatures joining hands.

The third figure in black, the female, came up out of the water without feeling the need to take a gulping breath of air. In fact, she was just kind of... there. She turned and stared at Dave, walking towards him slowly with her arms raised out to the side in an obvious blocking motion as she moved his way, and kept coming. "Back away, please, this is none of your concern." Her voice was grumbly but still somehow female, if not a bit on the lower side much like something you'd expect to hear from Nina Simone. The completely waterlogged turtleneck she was wearing moved oddly around her neck, in a strange sort of writhing motion. Of course, it was easiest for Dave and Morgan to see such a thing, as they were the two that were closest to her. Standing as she was, the water came up to her solar plexus, laping at her sides and her chest. She was also definitely up in Dave's personal space at this point, making herself a solid, obvious block between him and the rest of the group.

"It's not a party raft with only one!" Andrew protests as first Pim, then Penel, then Dave and Llew and Auggie somehow choose Evil Kermit's Kum-Ba-Ya singalong over the Love Boat. "THIS IS HOW YOU GET WARTS!" he cautions everyone getting closer to the ring of frog creatures, or the pantomime horse. Stubbornly, he puts his sunglasses back in place and pouts over a swig of mai-tai. "Why can't they be beautiful naked birds that want to sing me to my doom?" He drains the last of his reserve flask and then slips into the water, abandoning ship. A moment later, his sunset swim shorts float to the surface...but he does not.

The trio of strange creatures in cloaks were now chanting something in voices that sounded somewhere between a croak and actual, humanoid words. As they did so, the water that was glowing started to rise up between them, like a heightened cylindar of glowing green liquid. All three let their heads fall back and continued their chant, leaning back, as the cylindar continued to grow, and glow very brightly, until it reached the level of their height, and then some.

The form of Fowler, a bit taller than his female counterpart, came up out of the water with a rush. His head swiveled towards Morgan and he made a horrendous clicking sound that was akin to a gear grinding teeth away. He brought his arms up, then down hard, aiming for Morgan's arm with a hammering blow of his own forearms, attempting to force the man to drop the malotov cocktail in the making. The hit was solid, two forearms landing with a THUD into Morgan's one arm near the wrist.

"Don't know it won't work until you hit 'em between the eyes," Kid states plainly. Why she doesn't try to electro-bolt them is obvious, so she doesn't comment as Holegn figures it out himself. Too much chance for friendly fire. But she can provide for his request, the young woman slipping a hand into the utilitarian satchel bag she has tucked under her raincoat, slipping out the extendable baton that she rarely goes anywhere without. Glancing at him a moment before she hands it to him. "Don't lose it," she murmurs. She's not worried about keeping her distance for now. But that doesn't mean she isn't watching carefully.

Mungus finally came back to standing again, after offering the worship to the things that had come up out of the water. He turned his back to the ritual being performed and faced the direction of those that might be coming towards them. The glowing rock in his hand was shoved back into his pocket as it was apparently no longer needed. Then, his hands spread out to the sides and he looked, for all intents and purposes, to be making himself into a wall vs. whatever might be coming that way.

Gerry continues to watch the strangers, frowning darkly, and when sailors leave their raft and head toward the creatures, he glances toward Cricket. Their eyes meet for a moment, and he nods. "Steady, old boy," he murmurs to his horse. "Now's the time to be braver than you've been in years." He presses his calves agains the horse's sides, urging him forward. The draft horse lacks speed but he has heft, and he lurches forward, toward the circle of hands. Gerry levels his cane as if it is a lance. It is probably useless, but it is one shot at disrupting the circle.

Hippahlee was just one of the three creatures holding the circle. As they continued to chant, the water held in between the three of them started to cycle, swirling around and around, rising up the sides, as it created a tornado out of water, a funnel of cycling water. The glowing green began to almost throb as the water thinned and air started being pulled down the watery cylindar like a funnel.

Pim used her forward momentum to drop down to the ground underneath the water, then pushed up with her feet hard to surge up, sending water around herself like a gyeser as she surfaced. She attempted to bring her fist into Fowler's face, but the man in the suit just made a series of angry, harsh clicking sounds and leaned back, letting Pim essentially fall back into the water and go back beneath its surface. The only thing she managed to hit him with was the same series of splashing that also managed to likely hit Morgan.

Penelope increases the momentum of the swinging of her arms that she's been using to propel herself through the water. A circle, and glowing within the circle, cannot be good, but there's a wall of Mungus in the way, and so she must go through him, it seems. The metal whistles as she raises it from the water, and she hits him square. And... nothing. She looks at him, at the wriggling under his shirt, and here lip curls, nose wrinkling. "Please tell me an alien isn't about to bust out of your chest..."

Holegn nods to Kid. "Don't worry, I won't. I'll pay for a new one if I do, though, just in case." With a few flaps of his wings, the young man takes to the air, and makes his way towards the circle where the amphibious operation had begun.

"How could you say something like that!" Dave says in mock shock. "Of course it's my concern. I've got a tail." Dave wiggles his tail and tries to step around Fulger. "You've could have a tail under there too. We've got so much in common! I just want to be a part of all the fun." His tail flicks across the surface of the water as, assuming he was blocked the first time, he tries to circle around her the other way. "How about you let me hold one of the glowing green rocks?" He tries what he thinks could be a charming smile.

Gritting his teeth, Llewelyn lunges forward and reaches for the other strap of his backpack. Letting out a grunt of effort, he gathers both straps in one hand and starts to heft the weight, testing it before letting his gaze fall on Fowler, the look on Llewelyn's face calculating. Roaring, he charges forward and letting his arm fall low, lunges and then with another roar of effort he swings the backpack over his head and down towards Fowler. The water tugging at his legs confuses Llewelyn and puts him off balance, the miss obvious after a moment but the huge Welshman unable to stop the momentum of the blow. There is a huge splash as his backpack hits the water, the pack displacing far more water than it should, the impact shape some four feet across on one. Growling with frustration, Llewelyn lets the veil drop, the straps turning back to lengths of rope and the backpack, starting to shine as chrome and steel replace the fabric. Raising a hand, he points a finger at Fowler. "Stand still boy, I got something for you!" He hefts the weight in his other hand, a dual hob industrial cooker that almost looks small against the bulk of Llewelyn.

The third of the trio of Robed culists(?), Hyphastius let out a sound that was akin in every way to a warbled, strange, frog's call into the air. With it, air suddenly started rushing down through the funnel of upswept, glowing water that was drawn up in the circle of the three. Once that air started churning into the water beneath, the sickening green glow started to spread out into the water, bubbles came up in a heavy roaring sound around the circle of power and burst to the surface making the water foam a bright green, and the glow just spread, and spread, and spread. The air, it just kept coming, and the glow just kept glowing, as it was pushed out into the over-swollen river towards everything the flooding water touched.

As the green spread through the water, strange things took place. Specifically, the water took on the tinge and taste of metal, iron to be precise, and the air around it started to smell metallic. As that green glow reached the metal rods in Penelope's hands, the rods themselves began to rust, flaking off layers into the water. Those close enough to the green glow would likely notice small, floating metal particulates shimmering in the cast light as it came towards them.

Auggie's search for the landmarks seemed pointless and she makes a long worried hum. "This makes no sense!" With everyone pushing towards the frog creatures, Auggie blinked and looked at the flying Holly. "That makes sense..." Looping her arms back under the shoulder straps of swimsuit to work it off her body. Rolling forward into the water, offering a flash of England baked flesh as the swimsuit was working, there was more splashing as one pink galosh went flying at the air mattress, then a second. A moment later, two massive skeleton hands spread out of the water, a blackened membrane growing between the fingers. The wings slapped against the water as the black scaled dragoness took to the air, it's advance easy to track as liquid fire fell from it's mouth. A fireball appeared a second later as the horned dragoness coughed and yacked. "WAH!" It coughed again, trying to make up the distance. "WAH TER! In my lungs..."

Midway through making a molotov cocktail, Morgan is suddenly being attacked by Fowler. The bottle gets dunked, the booze ruined. Then Pim is splashing him, followed by Llew. It's really enough to make a grown man cry as he stands there for a moment, staring at the ruined booze. Soaking wet and bedraggled looking as muscles twitch under his bare chest, the tattoos and scars dancing in weird patterns as barely suppressed rage boils inside of him. Finally, the big viking turns his attention to Fowler, his one eye almost burning in it's gimlet blue intensity, his voice calm as the Warhammer appears in his hand. "I'm gonna eat your fucking soul." With that, the big man swings at Fowler.

Blue eyes meet green ones. Cricket nods her head. "One last one Walt, then you can run like your life depends on it, but through them." With that said she follows Gerry towards the circle. The large Draft moving through the water towards the circle. The horses ears are pinned back, and his nostrils flare. He is listening to her leg.

Fulger looked at Dave like he was insane for a long moment, or maybe she was just insane, and that was how she looked at everyone. Instead of hitting him or forcing him under water, she walked right up to him, chest to chest, and wrapped her long arms around him to pull him in close. As she did so, her arms seemed to tighten like they were made of some sort of formable steel, and were unrelenting, but didn't offer any real damage. No, she was just hugging him... without option of parole.

Andrew glides through the water, naked as a jaybird and happy as a clam, despite Oxford once more going to hell in a handbasket - or chum bucket, in this case. Because Andrew was channeling Jaws - a shark's fin slices through the water away from the forgotten swim shorts, the thematic music all but audible in the background: baaa-dum. baaa-dum. ba dum ba dum ba dum ba dum...the fin sinks beneath the surface as he goes in for the kill.

Beneath the water, and beneath his glamoured shape, the man's form had warped. Legs become haunches, hands curve into claws, and a maw full of gaping teeth replaces that all-too-appropriately wolfish grin. His shaggy, moss-covered coat swirls around the beast as it approaches the circle, and in a flash, savage jaws rip at the back of froggy cultist legs, attempting to hamstring them out from beneath one third of the circle.

Horace was still completely embroiled in the ritual he and the other two robed figures were performing. The air continued coming through, funelling more of the glowing green out into the water. It was spreading rapidly, moving all that odd, iron scented stuff further and futher out, completely filling the area around them, and now encompassing the people that were fighting them...

In fact.. those people in the water with an allergy to Iron were, at the moment, starting to feel a rather terrible burn where the water touched them. Something akin to momentarily resting your hand on a searing skillet. Only it happened continually...

Fowler let out a screech as he was hamstrung, he was angry, obviously, looking around at all of those attacking him. Lashing out in rage, a tentacle the size of one of Llewelyn's legs burst free from his shirt and lashed out at Llewelyn, actually managing to hit the man and cause a bit of stinging where it abraded Llewelyn's skin.

Kid grimaces faintly as the fight is joined. The young woman fading back as Hol takes off. The spreading green makes her nervous so she fades back to a safe spot to watch. Not wanting to miss what happens, but wanting to keep from becoming a distraction. Taking time to slip into just the right lurking spot.

Mungus finally made a move forward, this time to bring his huge, boom-like arms around in a whirling motion towards Morgan, the weilder of the Hammer. The water moved around him in a rush, and those arms of his almost managed to strike Morgan, but all that really happened was that Morgan's hammer came up and deflected him away, causing the huge man to stumble to the side a bit as he was batted back with seemingly little effort by the large viking.

Gerry hunkers in the saddle and tightens his legs around Blue's stout body. "Charge!" he bellows, and aims the draft horse for the strange forms who are attempting to maintain the circle for their master. The horse thunders through the water, parting it with each stride until Blue collides solidly into the minions who are struggling to form their master's circle of power.

As Gerry rode his horse directly through the circle, the sensation of power suddenly lashing out was quite obvious. All three of the creatures that had been holding it together were suddenly flung back. The huge funnel of water suddenly crashed down, causing a massive wave to ride out, out, out away from where the circle had been. A line of force exploded from the center with a green tinge and flew up into the air in strips and streamers, causing the rain to fall with sickly, glowing cores at the drops in the surrounding zone or two.

Hippahlee ended up floating on the water, her long, strangely frog-like legs were bent up, her arms splayed to the side. As the hood of her cloak fell back her strange, froglike face with it's wide, nearly face-splitting mouth was falling open and closed in surprise. Her large, round eyes were blinking in stupification as the sickly green power dispersed, and fizzled. A shocked, harsh croak left her mouth as she wailed, the backlash of power causing her own skin to smoke slightly as she was burned by it and stunned.

From under the water, Pim came to the surface. But it wasn't Pim as she'd gone down, no, now, it was the Zmeu. The top half of her was above water, all her shimmering grey scales, the bright green strip of them up her center torso and neck, caught the sickly green light and refracted it. Her high, proud wings stretched out a bit as she used them to rush forward at the huge slab of Mungus. Clawed hands flashed out to try to get purchase on the giant man and missed as he dodged to the side, making the PimZmeu's bright green eyes narrow in pure rage as smoke came up from her mouth in a blackened line. "Alright, we dance." She offered as fire glowed at the back of her throat, that molten heat ready to pour itself onto the peon's face once it had opportunity.

The green laps out, and as Penel raises her weapon again, she notices it deteriorating, and with pressed lips she drops the useless things into the water. Then, there are wings around her, and scales, and so... why not? Without the time to worry about taking off her clothes, she pulls into herself, shrinking into her jacket. Then, the workout pants fall to the ground, and there's a glowing from inside the jacket just before the glowing peahen head peeks up, the little feather bobbing on top of her head. Her wings point up and out of the neck, and then sweep down, pushing the garment away, the strain and give of stitches sending their little ratatat over the water. The long tail flicks impatiently to send it floating away as her wings push her upwards towards the 'wall's' face. She may look pretty, and almost cute, but the slash of the talons down the front of the suit's face is anything but. She rises above, circling around for another attack.

Holegn gets to the fight in time for it to almost be over. Still, there was at least one still trying to get up, and Holegn was having none of that, today. Dipping down, he swung the baton, catching the creature on the top of it's head with a nasty sounding crack. He pulls up, hovering a moment in the air before his wings beat heavily. "Well, we're a right fucking menagerie of creatures today! And I thought I was hiding shit. Haw, learn something new every day." Surveying the scene, he heads upwards once more, moving away from the park.

"Come on. Whatever's going on loo--" Dave is still trying to talk his way around Fulger when the woman gets what regular people would call 'much too close.' "Ooh. I didn't think we had this in common." He says. Dave drapes his arms around Fulger's neck and leans back in a fake swoon, resting his weight on her iron strength. He gazes upwards with an affectionate, almost loving smile. Dave pulls himself up, eyes closing and mouth opening. He goes in for a tender kiss.

Llewelyn blinks a few times as he stands there panting, the water sloshing against his legs and the splash from the earlier impact covering his arms. Where the water has hit, his skin has gone red and blotchy, the huge Welshman twitching as he scratches at his arms. There is a moments pause as he idly gazes at his hands, his eyebrows raising as he notices flecks of skin under his nails. Gazing at his arm, he lets out a low moan as he notices the scratches, the grazes on his skin and the furrows from where he has scrached. His face pales as he lets go of the cooker, the heavy item just slipping from his finger and Llewelyn lets out a yelp as the rope burns at his fingers. Shaking his head, he backs away from the group and then turns, making a bee-line for Auggie and then tearing off into the distance.

Hyphastus was there, laying on the ground, in a similar state of stupor to Hippahlee, of course, he hadn't just been clobbered. When he saw Holegn hit her, he let out a garbled sound and rolled forward. His body covered Hippah's and as quickly as they had risen from the water, they sank into it, no glow of green around them this time... they were simply... gone.

Zmeugie was zeroing in on the green cycle for her attack run as Gerry and Cricket went charging through. A feral grin appeared on her lips as she drew in a deep breath, the bichemical mixing in her mouth. As the glowing water hit her scales, rolling and burning over her scales, they left very human looking skin. "Oh no..." Her dragoness wings lacked that sort of internal structure as they were pitted and holed like they were catching flak from Anti-Aircraft. Then one of the wings snapped, it sent Zmeugie into a swirl downward to crash into the flood waters into more of the green glowy water. Bubbles came up rapidly, following by a yowling and naked Auggie. "OWWWW!" She cletched the white bathing suit in both hands, jumping in place in a circle and generally throwing a tantrum. It is mostly Auggie, mostly human, really the minors changes to maintain a human guise had melted away. So true Auggie had little horn buds on her forehead and a tiny black furred tail at the base of her spine which whipped in wild disapproval at the whole crash landing. Growling, she pointed the frogs, "You should be on fire right now!" The anger in her voice caused her eyes to glow with a feral yellow light, though she blinked at the white swimsuit, hugging in back to her chest. "That was not a flag of surrender, please do not be confused!"

Fulger likely couldn't have been more shocked had she been crowned with a bucket of molten metal. Dave coming in for a tender kiss had her freezing entirely, her jaw going slack in disbelief. Of course, this had poor Dave on the receiving end of an open mouthed kiss. An open mouthed kiss that tasted of fish, and sea salt, and small, oceanic or river creatures. Her tongue, likewise, wasn't human. And when she licked at him as if tasting to see if he'd be delicious, a twinned set of tentacles lapped over his lips and cheeks, one of them poking up his nose and wriggling.

Andrew is completely submerged in the water as the iron disperses in it...and that same iron-infused water saturates the faebeast's coat. With a wild thrashing, the mossy-coated wolf comes crashing out of the veil, with the yelping screams of a beast in pain as he frantically lunges for the air mattress. He submerges once more before reaching the floating raft, now more life boat than party boat, and so it's Andrew's human hands that scramble up onto the raft, his entire naked body burned and blistering. He spread-eagles out on the floating air mattress, a steady stream of sailor-worthy profanity replacing the canine yelping from before. "I can't believe I'm saying this...but nobody touch me."

Horace, as he'd been knocked back by the blast of power being unfurled, lay there blinking. When the other two slipped away into the water, he simply closed his eyes and sank down, gone to the depths as well, no glow or even ripple to signify he'd even been there.

Still feeling the cold Rage, Morgan has slipped into the zone. It's a feeling the One eyed viking hasn't felt in a long time. A singular desire to kill his enemy. Mungus registers to his side as a slight nuisance and the big viking pivots slightly blocking the man's blow with the hammer, his attention remains on Fowler as he shifts his grip on the hammer. the Raven's beak spike on the backside employed now as he swings the weapon at Fowler's knee.

When the frog-like creatures slipped away, the bottom of the river suddenly became slick... like it was completely rumbled away to crumbling nothingness. Grass and dirt floated to the surface and made the murk complete.

As the bottom of the world seemed to go away, so too did Morgan, he slipped from his feet and went under the water. A few moments went by... and suddenly he was sputtering up some three hundred yards away, in the deepest part of the river, having to swim back. But it would take quite some time...

Fowler let out a blood curdling sound of rage as Morgan, the one that had hurt him, went slipping away out of reach. He turned and attempted to lash out at PimZmeu, attacking her wings like he was going to try to rip one off. The lithe PimZmeu had other ideas, though, as she danced away from him in a swish of smoke and water, making use of his enfeebled state.

Mungus lunged after the lovely, fluttery Penelope then, his monstrous hands the size of hamhocks as he reached to try to tear her wings and graze her from the sky. Like the light bird she was, however, she dodged out of his reach and left him looking like a rushing mongoloid, gaining no purchase at all.

PimZmeu opened her mouth with a laugh that should have unnerved the dead. Using the momentum from her spinning dodge she launched herself forward, the shimmering glory of her scales dripping with water as she came towards Fowler. Her hands came up under his jaw, driving her claws deeply into his neck to hold him firmly in place, severing all of his necessary veins and arteries with a gush of blood. Then she smiled, leaned closer, and gave him a kiss. But it wasn't a kind kiss. No. This kiss held none of the tenderness happening nearby between Dave and his newfound lover. This kiss was hot to the point it was nothing that could be lived through. Molten fire poured from Pim's mouth against Fowler's lips until they burned away, and then she pushed more of that intense heat down his throat, until he literally melted and burned away from the throat down to his belly. She dropped him then, with a sizzle in the water as the cooked flesh of him met the cool liquid. Wiping her lips with a bloody finger, she grinned, and gave the dead man a wink. "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me."

After the breaking of the circle, there was no way to keep the horses in check. They turned round at a speed neigh unbelievable, the heavy hooves attempting to find purchase in the roiling earth beneath them. They mostly swam out, carrying Cricket and Gerry on their backs, and once they were able to feel solid earth beneath them again they ran, causing heavy splashes of water to surround them, partially occluding them from view, as they got away, and rather fast, from the park and likely this side of town entirely.

The red eyes of her tail feathers wink just out of reach of Mungus, but the grasping hamhock hands are given a baleful glare. He would try to pull her down from the sky? No one captures the Firebird. With a screech, she circles around and the feathers fly around the fomor's face as talons rake down the side of his neck before she's launching her ruffled feathers skyward once more.

Dave has not been kissed like this by man nor woman. The earth moves under him and his legs go limp - or is that a catastrophic wave? He sees stars - or is that just the tentacles up his nose? Either way, for a few heartbeats Dave feels the second most pure love possible. His hands cling to Fulger and he looks into her eyes. Pale lips move silently as he tries to say something.

Going the way of other plans of Mice, Men, and Pucakin... Auggie's threats hung in the rain without a batted eye as the water torn her feet from under her. Those glowing gold eyes appeared under the world with the rest of Auggie. Couple of seconds later, a white swimsuit splashed at the water, operated by a hand as Auggie came up thrashing, kicking and coughing a feet from Mungus, near where the river bank should be. "HEL--" She continued kicking and coughing as she got her feet under her. With a growl, she scanned her surroundings for anyone, spying Mungus. Whipping her swimsuit in the air over and over at the frog as she screamed, sending droplets of water as its eyes and making a general spectacle of herself, she may have been successful at getting it's full attention.

Fulger was still someone confused. And it seemed that the creature in her arms was trying to say something to her. Leaning back a bit, she licked her slightly overwide lips with her tentacles and blinked slowly, cocking her head to the side. "Come to my place?" She offered with a smile, and they slowly started sinking down lower in the water...

Andrew was a dried out starfish on his air mattress. "Are we winning? Auggie's naked, does that mean we're winning?" As he picks up his head to assess the "score" or the battle, he gags. "I look like bloody Christmas Ham. This hero shite is for the birds. Oh, like that..." he says, catching sight of a soaring Penel.

Mungus flailed around with his arms, looking like he had no idea which way to go, where to hit, who to attack. The white cloth being swung around by Auggie took his attention, but the flashy bird still flying around his head didn't fully leave him. Hopping up with a surprisingly dexterous movement, he tried to grab hold of the shimmery Penelope again. But she was far too agile to be captured, and he just ended up back in the water without his prize.

Pim saw that huge hunk of man being attacked by the flying Penelope, and thwarted by Auggie's swimsuit... and that was that really. She jumped forward and raked her claws down Mungus' spine, to either side of it, causing a flush of putrid, fishy smelling blood to flow out into the water.

Penel is surprised at the leap, but she gives a swift down stroke of her wings to dance back out of his arm's reach, and she hovers, her blazing eyes sweeping the scene below her, rule number one. The others have gone, there don't appear to be any more innocents around, and so she waits for the moment. It comes seconds later as Pim's claws rake down the huge one's spine. His head jerks back reflexively, hand going behind him as he bellows out, and in that move he leaves his throat exposed. One more dive, and the firebird's talons slice through, severing his hold on this life and leaving him to collapse backwards, still trying to clutch at his spine.

Dave all but melts in Fulger's arms. He clings to her as the water rises and their bodies sink lower into the water. With a smile, he nods in acceptance.

Fulger lets out a soft giggle/chortle of anticipation, then nods her head as well. A pop is heard, as somehow... some unseen appendage actually breaks the fastener on Dave's pants, a stray button coming up and flying with a little 'bloop' as it emerges, then falls back into the water. As they start to sink lower, a writhing tentacle slips out from Fulgers jacket and reaches down the front of Dave. As they go below the water, Dave's free space in his knickers is filled with a strange sensation, as what could only be described as smooth, round balls that are soft and squishy, the size of a golfball, fill his shorts. Around those smooth, soft objects is a liquid that must be comprised mostly of slime. Lots and lots of slime. The water around them turns murky not just with the mud they disappear down through, but a layer of slime roughly as big around as the two beings that had been standing there, with one golf-ball sized egg floating in the aftermath of them leaving.

Auggie winced as Mungus was comboed by a Zmeu and a Phoenix, her tails giving two swishes at the carnage as her gold eyes moved to the remaining... She blinked as she started to stare at Dave and Fulger. After another moment of staring she raising an index to object, but her mouth opened and nothing but silence fell from it. It closed a second as she looked all the more confused as she checked her left and right for an answer from someone... Anyone really. Sniffing the air, and notice of the added mucus on the water, she blinked again a hint of glow building on her cheeks. "So um..." She cleared her throat gently, fiddling with her skin suit. "She is offering to take him to an expensive restaurant, or does skipped way beyond that stage of the game..."

Andrew lifts his head just in time to watch Dave and the Formor lady disappear into the...slime. "Did...did she? Is he...? Were those...?" He lays his head back down and retrieves his smokes from underneath the pillow. "I think, Auggie Love, that they have skipped straight to dessert."

PimZmeu looked at the water, eyeing the mucous leftovers there from where two people had once stood. Walking over gingerly, she used one clawed hand to reach out and plucked up the golf-ball sized egg between two long, lethal claws. Eyeing it, she raised a brow and grinned like the wicked thing she was. "I wonder if they are delicious roasted?" She clicked her tongue to her teeth and smoke curled up out of her mouth and nose.

Auggie leaned away and moved away from the spread mucus with a calculated slowness as not to create eddies to gather anything behind her. She shook her head at Pim. "No... You put that down, if only for thaumaturgical connections between mother and offspring. Just..." She extended her arm towards the darkness, wiggling her fingers. "Let the current take it... Something... Don--" Auggie lowered her head, staring at the water, "Think on it too hard..." With that, she kept this 100 metre stare at the water as she made her way back to the mattress raft.