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Plots are awesome. However, in the interest of continuity and sanity-checking, we ask that you put in a +request before you run anything. Monsters, gangsters, politics at the University--check with staff first. There are any number of reasons something that seems innocuous won't stay that way. Also, you can get help and shiny bonuses on your advancement timers.

Do a gut-check: is this something that isn't just between PCs? Will it last beyond one scene--including fallout from what happened? If the answer to either question is yes, you might want to toss staff a +request. Find something you RPed is turning into more? Put in a +request after the fact, so we can get things straightened out and get you credit. Plots are how you advance on this game. Do yourself and your friends a favor, get those timers boosted.

Also: post the log so others can see how great you are, and you have proof towards advancements!

So how do you run a plot?

  • Put in a +request (+request/TPS <title>=<body>) to discuss your idea with staff.
  • They will help shape it, making sure that it doesn't mess with any other plots or break canon that is here.
  • You run your plot, talking to staff and posting the logs as you go.

Current Plots

Current game wide plots:

Previous Plots