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Category Name Cost Quick Info
Creature Features
p. 162-165
Addictive Saliva -1 Fists maneuver, or weaponless Fists attack for mental stress. Out of combat, Deceit+2 vs. Discipline to inflict “Addicted” consequence. Tag “Addicted” for free once/scene.
Aquatic -1 Doesn’t drown; ignore water-based borders.
Breath Weapon -2 Weapon:2, one zone away.
Broad Senses (Supernatural Sense) -2 Up to a dozen (exclusive with Strange Senses).
Claws -1 Weapon:2 for Fists attacks. Stacks with Strength!
Diminutive Size -1 +4 to Stealth to hide. +2 to to notice small details. Endurance capped at Mediocre for Stress boxes. Might is relative (-2 to -4 or worse). +1 to Athletics for dodging. Max 1 stress per attack (plus weapons).
Echoes of the Beast -1 Better senses (+1). One extra trapping. Assess beast motives.
Hive Mind -2 (Dark Spires Custom) Your consciousness is spread throughout a number of separate bodies which allows you to perceive through their senses.
Many Bodies: Each member of the swarm has its own physical stress track. Small entities Endurance is Mediocre.
Senses of the Swarm: Each entity has their Alertness rolled separately, each instance of entity alertness being rolled incurs a -1 penalty to Alertness after the first roll.
All One Mind: Mental attacks against any member of the swarm effect you directly.
Hulking Size -2 +1 to be hit. +2 physical stress boxes. Border 1 for normal doors. +2 Might to lift/break, +1 Athletics to cover distance. +2 Intimidation. Mediocre Stealth, no more than 1 shift
Living Dead -1 Cannot heal. Cannot die (again). +1 Intimidation on mundanes, -1 on almost every social skill but Deceit. Each physical consequence boosts above by 1.
Pack Instincts -1 +1 Alertness when near pack members. Communicate single words wordlessly. Locate pack members with Investigation. All or no pack members are surprised.
Spider Walk -1 All surfaces are vertical with handholds.
Supernatural Sense -1 Strange Sense.
Supernatural Senses (supernatural sense) -1 up to three senses.
Venomous (Claws) -2 Fists maneuver for “Poisoned” aspect. Each turn, free Fists vs. Endurance attack.
Weaver -2 (Dark Spires Custom) You are able to create webs, or similar means of restraint and battlefield control.
Web up the Block: You can use your webs (or other substance) to create blocks up to one zone away. You could put them across an escape route (blocking people from crossing that area), or web up someone's feet (keeping them from moving freely), and other such blocks. These blocks are rolled with Weapons, or Fists if you have an appropriate stunt.
High-Maneuverability Webs: You can also produce maneuvers, up to one zone away. You could web-yank someone's weapon to leave them Disarmed, or generally web someone to leave them Sticky in ways that don't work as a block. These maneuvers are rolled with Weapons, or Fists if you have an appropriate stunt. Defence is rolled with different skills, depending on the circumstances; Athletics and Might are common.
Wings -1 Fly with Athletics, ignoring some borders.
p. 183-184
Inhuman Strength -2 +3 to lift/break objects. Might+1 to grapple. 2-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds +1. +2 damage with muscles.
Supernatural Strength -4 +6 to lift/break objects. Might+2 to grapple. 3-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds +2. +4 damage with muscles. Casual punches kill
Mythic Strength -6 +12 to lift/break objects. Might+3 to grapple. 4-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds +3. +6 damage with muscles. Casual punches kill. (Not available for PC use)
p. 178
Inhuman Speed -2 +4 to initiative. +1 to Athletics, including dodging; +2 to sprint. No penalty for supplemental movement. -2 penalty for moving Stealth.
Supernatural Speed -4 Always first. +2 to Athletics; +4 to sprint. Two zones free movement. -4 penalty for moving Stealth.
Mythic Speed -6 Always first. +3 to Athletics; +6 to spring. Keep up with vehicle. Three zones free movement. No penalty for moving Stealth. (Not available for PC use)
p. 185-187
Inhuman Recovery -2 Total recovery. Physical consequences are one level lower. Endurance never restricts from lack of rest. Skip a night of sleep. Once per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence.
Supernatural Recovery -4 Consequences two levels lower. Skip a week of sleep. Twice per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence.
Mythic Recovery -6 Recover all physical consequences. No sleep. Three times per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence. (Not available for PC use)
Inhuman Toughness -2 Armor 1. Two physical stress.
Supernatural Toughness -4 Armor 2. Four physical stress.
Mythic Toughness -6 Armor 3. Six physical stress. (Not available for PC use)
Physical Immunity -8 No stress or consequences unless Catch met. Stacked catch [+?]
Resilience -1 [-3 Max] (Dark Spires Custom) Additional armor you can take. Maximum Armor you may have in total due to Toughness powers is +3. Physical harm bounces off you without effect. Each refresh point spent on Resilience grants you +1 Armour against all physical stress but that which fulfills your Catch. (Note that this is a power you would take with +powers/create, as Armour is not a coded effect.)
Tolerance -1 [-3 Max] (Dark Spires Custom) Additional stress boxes you can take. Maximum Additional Stress Boxes you may have in total due to Toughness powers is +6. You can handle a little (or a lot) more wear and tear than the average human. Each refresh point spent on Tolerance grants you 2 additional boxes of physical stress capacity. (Note that this is a power you'd buy, from among the set of '+X Stress Boxes' options, as stress boxes are a coded effect.)
Undying -4 (Dark Spires Custom) No death is permanent. Must choose special method of permanent 'kill' to be afflicted with.
Death is a Nuisance: If 'killed' go unconscious until sunrise or sunset. Damage recovers normally.
Suspended Animation: You cannot recover from death if you are actively kept dead.
Okay, Maybe More Than a Nuisance: Gain +1 refresh if you take a Moderate consequence after recovering from being dead that must recover at normal healing times, not affected by recovery powers.
Not Very Special Means: Gain +1 refresh if you take a special method of permanent kill that is not all that odd to come by.
The Catch 0[+] *Required purchase for any Toughness or Recovery power*. Only specific defense: +2 Except specific: +0. Anyone can access: +2. Rare: +1. Very rare: +0. Dracula-known: +2. Research: +1. Know you: +0.
Nevernever Powers
p. 170-171
Demesne -1 Auto-declarations about physical form of demesne. Discipline to place scene aspects, or as attack.
No Mortal Home +1 Discipline to avoid being pulled back to Nevernever.
Poltergeist (Spirit Form) -2 Manipulate solids. Conviction instead of Might. Physical combat skills work.
Spirit Form -3 Can become incorporeal.
Insubstantial: Pass through walls, Thresholds act as a physical barrier. Can still be harmed.
Variable Manifestation: Must manifest visibly to be able to perceive the world around you.
Variable Visage: Can become more beautiful, or more menacing. +2 to appropriate social actions based on your appearance.
Swift Transition -2 Transition to the Nevernever from anywhere, not just tuned places.
Worldwalker -2 Investigation or Lore to find weak spots. Make a rift once per scene. +2 to Lore or Survival for Nevernever geography.
p. 174-177
Animorphism -2 Take any animal form, skill shuffle. May use deceit to shift to an uncoded form.
Beast Change -1 Shift to one form. Shuffle physical skills.
Clothing Shifter -1 Change your clothing, never fail to have clothing.
Demonic Co-Pilot -1 +1 to any skill aligned with form or demon agenda. Defend against your own such rolls with Discipline, or take stress. (Not available for PC use)
Flesh Mask -1 As Red Court: pierced by attacks, restored in minutes. +2 to appearance on the unknowing. Can move underneath, Deceit vs. Stealth.
Fluid Shapeshifting -3 Take any human or animal form. Skill shuffle. May use deceit to shift to an uncoded form.
Gaseous Form -3 One exchange to transform. Cannot attack/block. Physical Immunity, Fly, and Insubstantial. New Catch: bottles, fans, wind.
(Dark Spires Custom Addition) Liquid Transformation: In lieu of transforming into your full gaseous form, you can instead transform into a liquid form. This uses the same rules as Liquid Form (-2). Transforming from solid to liquid, liquid to gas, gas to liquid, or gas to solid, is a supplemental action.
Human Form +1 Some powers don’t work when human. (For use with Beast Change shifters and Lycanthropes only)
Human Guise 0 Drops when powers are used.
Liquid Form -2 Difficult to move, physical immunity except to normal catches and anything that would be a catch for liquid.
Mimic Abilities -1[+] Eat power. Must lay hands on heart, brain, mojo, etc. 1 point to mimic skills or stunts.
Mimic Form -2 Requires something significant: ideally blood, hair, skin. Deceit+4 (or worse, with bad fuel).
Modular Abilities -2[+] Overhead [-1] (Dark Spires price reduction). Full action to change abilities. Creature Features, Minors, Speed, Strength, Toughness.
Rare or Involuntary Change +1 You either cannot control when you shift, or it happens because of very specific circumstances.
Shapeshifter's Mystique -2 Skill shuffle. Deceit to take on any human form not coded, skills are not shuffled for these forms.
Talky Animal -1 (Dark Spires Custom) Speak while in animal form (Animal must have appropriate vocal system).
Doctor Do-It-Myself: Allows fully clear communication and use of social skills regardless of shape.
True Shapeshifting -4 Free skill shuffle. Disguise at +4.
p. 179-183
Channeling -2 one-element Evocation
Evocation -3 p. 249
Lawbreaker -1[+] +1 to break that law. +2 if broken 3+ times, but [-1] and twist an aspect for every third breaking. +1 more if more than three laws are broken.
Master of The Sight -1 You are remarkably good at seeing through your third eye. Add +1 to your Discipline and Lore skills when using them to interpret or control the Sight.
Potion for Everything -1 You always have exactly the right potion for any situation. Add +2 to your Lore skill when using it to declare that you have a certain potion.
Refinement -1 1 element, 2 specializations (pyramid, lore cap), 2 focus slots, or 4 item slots. (No longer in use on Dark Spires)
Ritual -2 one-subject Thaumaturgy
Spellsinger -1 Music is magic, at least for you. You may use your Performance skill instead of your Discipline skill for spellcasting control.
Sponsored Magic  ? p287. (currently not allowed on this MUX)
Thaumaturge -1 Thaumaturgy is about knowledge, more than anything else. And you have that knowledge. Add +2 to your Lore skill when using it to make declarations as part of thaumaturgy preparation.
Thaumaturgy -3 p. 261
Wizard's Constitution 0 Recover eventually from anything. (Wizards and Sorcerers only)
Faerie Magic
p. 166-167
Glamours -2 Veil with Discipline or Deceit; Disguise with Discipline or Deceit. Only self, things that belong to you, or those that have a pact with you.
Greater Glamours -4 As Glamours at +2, or on a group. Create one object at a time from ectoplasm. (Pure Fae only, per YS page 166)
Seelie Magic -4 Sponsored magic. Strong vs. Winter. (as with Sponsored magic, currently not allowed)
Unseelie Magic -4 Sponsored magic. Strong vs. Summer. (as with Sponsored Magic, currently not allowed)
Psychic Abilities
p. 172-174
Cassandra's Tears 0 Predictions as an aspect on the world (p324). -2 to convince anyone this is real. Compellable.
Death Sight 0 (Dark Spires Custom) You see if someone is fated to die within the next 24 hours. Cannot be shut off.
Domination -2 Given a helpless victim, use Discipline vs. Discipline for mental attack. Create one Renfield/day.
Fortunes Gift -2 (Dark Spires Custom) You are able to toy with fate.
Blessing of Fortune: You can roll Discipline to place aspects on people or objects, referring to enhanced luck. The default (but modifiable) difficulty is Mediocre, which gives you a fragile aspect. Higher results create sticky aspects, lasting for a scene, and every three shifts gives you an extra tag. Normally, these aspects last for a scene at most. If you are blessing someone or something in a certain endeavour, then the aspect is narrower, but can last longer: until the endeavour is either accomplished, abandoned, or definitively failed. You can make a blessing 'conditional', in which case the aspect will vanish if the character betrays a certain condition. (For example, a weapon might be blessed, but only if it is not turned against innocents or surrendering enemies.) A conditional blessing can last up to a week. Note that after the tags are used up, characters must use fate points to invoke this aspect.
Curses of Fortune: You can roll Discipline as an offensive maneuver, placing aspects on people or things, referring to damaged luck. The target defends with the better of Discipline or Conviction. A tie results in a fragile aspect, while shifts result in a sticky aspect, and every three shifts gives an extra tag. Normally, a sticky aspect lasts up to a scene. A conditional curse, such as 'you will suffer hardship unless you reconcile with your long-lost son', can last longer, depending on the roll: a week for 1 shift, and each further shift is one step up on the Time table. However, note that once tags are used up, characters must use fate points to invoke this aspect - and any time the aspect is invoked to the sufferer's detriment, they claim the fate point.
Incite Emotion -1 Touch, Intimidation/Deceit +2 vs. Discipline as maneuver or block. (Intimidation for Anger or Fear, Deceit for all other emotions)
Additional Emotion (Incite) -1[+] Upgrades apply to all emotions.
Range (Incite) -1 one zone, no touch required
Lasting Emotion (Incite) -1 Attack+2 instead of Maneuver+2.
Potent Emotion (Incite) -1 Weapon 4 instead of Weapon 2. Requires Lasting Emotion.
Master Dominator (Domination) -2 +2 to psychic attacks. Enhanced Renfields have Inhuman Strength and Recovery, one-month span. Three days to create each!
Neuro-Feedback -1 (Dark Spires Custom) Psychic Backlash. On a successful mental defense, you may sacrifice your next action for an immediate and automatically successful mental attack against your attacker, inverting the previous attack and defense rolls.
Possession (Domination) -3 +2 to psychic attacks. Must take Gaseous or Spirit Form, then take control.
Prophetic Dreams 0 (Dark Spires Custom) Prophetic Dreams: GMs may elect to send you dreams or clues to plots via dreams.
Induced Dreaming: You may offer the GM a fate point and ask to have a dream. The fate point represents how you as a player are taking more control over the story by asking for a vision when the GM isn't actively giving one. If the GM accepts the fate point, they give you information (whether an aspect or just a detail); if they refuse, you keep the fate point.
Psychic Empathy -2 (Dark Spires Custom) A semi-magical ("psychic") understanding of others' emotional states. Shallow enough to avoid violating the sanctity of their minds (and thus not break the Second Law).
I Hear the Lie in Your Heart: +1 to defence against lies.
Emotion Intuition: +1 Empathy to Make assessments and declarations related to a person's emotional state, they defend against these with Deceit or Rapport.
Psychic-Assisted Read: First attempt to assess someone's aspects (with the Reading People trapping) takes less than a minute of interaction, followed by 'a few minutes', '15 minutes', and so on for further attempts.
Mind-Dar: Sense where people are feeling. Use Empathy instead of Alertness/Investigation to detect the presence and location of thinking beings.
Psychometry -1 Assess object history with touch and time: Investigation, Good or better.
The Sight -1 Lore+1 as Investigation. Free roll when touching supernatural. Open the Third Eye (p223).
Soulgaze -1 p226
Application of The Sight (Soulgaze) +1 Free with the Sight.
True Faith
p. 187-188
Bless This House -1 If conviction higher than base threshold, add +2 to threshold.
Divine Sight -2 As if being bitchslapped by a Higher Power with precognative visions of mayhem, murder and monsters wasn't enough, a select few are choosen to be hit with a double whammy. While not as potent as the Opening of a Third eye, seeing things through the eyes of a Higher Power can be equally disturbing. Must be Faithful. Costs -1 if you have Divine Visions. Skills Effected: Lore, Conviction, Discipline
Divine Touch -2 With a successful lore role, the Faithful can get a sense of the general nature of something or someone. That nature includes a general idea of what a character might be as well as a basic sense of 'good or evil'. Must be Faithful. Costs -1 if you have Divine Visions.
Divine Visions 0 see glimpses of the future, must have Guide My Hand.
Guide My Hand -1 Given time to pray, pure goals, selfless actions, 1 FP to use Conviction for any skill. No attacks or maneuvers. Can show up where needed without a FP.
Holy Touch -1 Holy. Even with no Catch for Holy, bad things take 1-stress hit from touch. Compel their High Concept to hold them at bay.
Righteous -1 Requires the "Righteousness" power. You are nearly unstoppable when you’re doing what’s right. Add +2 to your Conviction skill when using it with your Righteousness power.
Righteousness -2 Pray and 1 FP to declare a purpose. Conviction complements actions towards that purpose until achieved or abandoned. If you must take severe or extreme, or friend/ally/innocent is taken out/concedes, pray: Zone Attack, Conviction vs. Discipline. Holy, physical, catch-busting. One/scene only.
Spirit Sword -2 (Not In use on Dark Spires, use Energy Weapon instead)
When the Sheep Roars -2 (Dark Spires Custom) Use your faith to protect others. Applied exclusively to others.
Protect your Friend: You can use your Conviction skill to place a block around a specific person being attacked in your zone or an adjacent zone.
Protect ALL of your Friends: By spending a fate point, you can instead spread the protection to all allies and/or non-combatants in a single zone.
p. 188-190
Blood Drinker -1 Fists or Weapons to draw blood. +1 to attack in subsequent exchanges. 1 extra stress on grappled target as free action. Once/scene, recover when killing. Discipline to control blood thirst.
Emotional Vampire -1 Touch attack (Deceit/Intimidation), may combine with Incite Emotion. Later exchanges, continue to feed at +1. Once/scene, free recovery when killing. Discipline to control emotion-thirst.
Feeding Dependency +1 Hunger stress track, Discipline based. Each scene end, resist attack with total cost of abilities used with Discipline. Success: clear Hunger. Fail: take Hunger stress or consequences. Stress blocks powers. If taken out or no powers left, taken out. If compelled otherwise, strength is half the total of affected abilities. Recover 1 point per scene feeding off-screen, or all in one scene of killing.
Tattoos of St. Giles -2 Visible warning. Bonus to others’ perception equal to your Hunger. +1 Discipline when defensive. Two extra Hunger stress. +1 Intimidation for those who know them. +1 to Lore for identifying threats, +2 vs. Red Court.
Items of Power
p. 167-168
Items of Power -1[+] Discount up to 2. Unbreakable. Hard to loan (1 FP/scene). Talk to staff to get help building and approval prior to buying.
Sword of the Cross -3 1 FP to ignore defensive abilities and armor for a scene. Only for divine purpose. Holy. Weapon 3. +1 to Weapons. Unbreakable. Already discounted (no Knights of the Cross or emissaries, so currently no Swords of the Cross)
Minor Abilities
p. 169-170
Animal Speaker -1 (Dark Spires Custom) Can talk to animals. Must be able to see and hear those animals, and must speak aloud.
Cloak of Shadows -1 No perception penalty in dark. +2 Stealth to hide in shadows.
Ghost Speaker -1 See dead without penalty. Ghosts see you at +2. Speak to the dead freely. Contacts works on the dead.
Hex Buffer -1[+] You may actively defend against hexing for your property. Additional refresh will allow more things to be protected. See Custom Powers for more details.
Mana Static -1 Deliberate hexing (p228). Accidental hexing is restrainable at +2.
Marked by Power -1 +1 to social skills with the magical community. Mark of Power upon you by your patron is visible to those who can see such things (I.E. using The Sight or other beings that can see such things) and is hard to conceal. (Only available to the Emissary of Power template)
Minor Veils -1 You may create small, personal veils.
Plant Empathy -1 (Dark Spires Custom) Communicate with Plant life.
Plant Speech: Roll Craftsmanship to perform an assessment action on the history of a given plant.
Green Thumb: +2 to Craftsmanship rolls involving plants and gardening.
Sleepless -1[+] (Dark Spires Custom) Sleepless: You do not need to sleep, but can choose to do so if you desire.
Truly Sleepless: For -1 refresh, you literally cannot sleep. Unconscious states are simply 'paralyzed' states as you cannot go unconscious.
Function of Recovery: (+varies). If you have Inhuman Recovery, this power is contained within the Catch. (For example: Inhuman Recovery (-2) and Sleepless (-1), with a +2 Catch, will only cost you one refresh point total.) If you have Supernatural or better Recovery, this power is one refresh point cheaper (and thus, free without the Truly Sleepless extra).
Snap conjuration -2 (Dark Spires Custom) Creating an Item: Roll Discipline to create a simple item with no moving parts. This action is effectively a maneuver, creating an aspect related to the item you make. This aspect is good for one tag, plus one for every three full shifts. When appropriate, one tag can be an 'invoke for effect' which gives you the item's effect for the duration of the scene, or until it's nullified or otherwise lost. (For example, you could spend a tag to turn your maneuver 'Ectoplasmic Sword' into a Weapon:2 benefit.)
Notes: You may only have 1 active summoned item at a time, and each summoning causes 1 mental stress (much as a rote evocation).
Superhuman Housekeeper -2 (Dark Spires Custom) Tidy like a Brownie.
World's Best Cleaning Service: Provided nobody observes you, the first time you tidy a location in a scene is completed in an instant. If you're observed, or if you've already insta-tidied once in the scene, instead reduce the time required by four increments.
Faerepairman: +1 to Craftsmanship, the repairs are completed two time increments faster. No penalties for lacking an appropriate workshop.
Energy Manipulation
Energy Attack -1[+] (Dark Spires Custom) Your attacks are augmented by pure energy.
Energy Attack: Weapon:2, use Fists or Weapons, within one zone. If using Weapons, you cannot 'throw' the weapon, nor use it to parry. Your attack overcomes Catches which match its description.
Variable Descriptors: (-1 or more). Per extra refresh point choose from two more kinds of attack each time you use this power. For instance, with one level of Variable Descriptors, you could attack with fire, ice, or lightning.
Energy Weapon -2[+] (Dark Spires Custom) Conjure a weapon to use in battle. MUST specify weapon at purchase.
Energy Weapon: Weapon:2, rolled with Weapons, can parry attacks, be thrown a base of one zone, and allows the use of Weapons stunts. The first conjuring is free, but if you (for example) conjure it, throw it, and conjure it again in one exchange, you incur a -1 penalty on your main action. Satisfies Catches that suit its description.
Variable Form: Re-shape your Energy Weapon at will, cosmetic, still Weapon:2 weapon which can be thrown one zone. If you want to say that the weapon change gives you some kind of advantage, then you must spend a fate point declaring that advantage as an aspect on the scene. (For instance, when outnumbered, you could spend a fate point to declare 'Two Swords, No Waiting', and then use that aspect to your advantage for the rest of the fight.)
Variable Descriptors: (-1 or more). Per extra refresh point choose from two more kinds of attack each time you use this power. For instance, with one level of Variable Descriptors, you could attack with fire, ice, or lightning.
Empower Weapon: (-1). When wielding a mundane object, you can power it up with your energy weapon. This allows it to bypass Catches appropriate to your weapon's descriptors. Take the higher Weapon rating of your power or the mundane object. (Example: If you empower a small knife, it comes up to Weapon:2. But if you empower a large battleaxe, it remains Weapon:3 while gaining the Catch bypass potential.) Though you can make a visible effect if you want (such as the classic 'flaming sword'), you can also prevent any visible effect. In that case, it takes a mystic perception Lore roll to notice any change to your weapon (contested by your Deceit or Discipline), but when appropriate, Alertness may notice oddities (such as a 'normal' knife leaving burn wounds).

See also Custom Powers