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Nemain whispers into a microphone, "And there folks is the age old addiction cycle showing. Supplier enticing in their addict for another hit of the sweet, sweet joy they call Ar-Pee."

Premature Enteration

<OOC> Trinity says, "Guys, please check +order"
<OOC> Monday says, "sorry]"
<OOC> Monday says, "my finger slipped"
<OOC> Trinity says, "No worries hon :)"
<OOC> Trinity says, "it happens ;)"
<OOC> Camille says, "(that's what she said)"
<OOC> Monday snickers
<OOC> Witney says, "Premature enteration is a very common problem. It happens to everybody, really!"

It Must Be Something In The Water

Reno says, “Pim!”
Pim exclaims, “Reno!”
Sion looks shocked, "Dr. Scott!"
Magdalen exclaims, “Janet!”
Reno flops on Pim, hugs.
Reno says, “Dammit! I love you!”
Pim snickers and hugs "ROCKY!"
Jo says, “Hi Pim.”
Pim says, “Heya Jo :)”
Laoise says, “BULLWINKLE”
Morgan says, “Khaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!”
Sion says, “Pumba?”
Pim exclaims, “FATHER!”
Grayson says, “God, I hope not.”
Pim snickers
Magdalen believes the experiment succeeded, takes the drugs out of the water of the ooc room
Reno giggles. Keeps giggling. Didn't get them out fast enough.

Epic Xiao

<+roll> Xiao accepts his current Fists roll. Final total: Legendary+14 (+22) (Note: Weapon:10 vs Vasilene)
<OOC> Woodstock asks, "sion, what would you like to do with your action?"
<OOC> Sion says, "Stand here in awe of the nuclear blast that goes off once Xiao strikes, given he just split a single atom inside that Ghoul, causing the rest to go off in a massive chain reaction. Get a little hard. Pee myself. And then get knocked to Edinborough in the resulting blast wave."
<OOC> Xiao giggles.
<OOC> Woodstock laughs "That's one way to leave scene in style ;)"

Pim's Inhuman Hours

Pim ponders pulling out Ani, or Jax, or Nia to do a little social scene
Lucy concludes scientifically that Pim lives in the game and never sleeps.
Pim laughs
Pim says, "I sleep, but only for about 5 hours a day"
Auggie asks, "So you believe that Pim... Is a bot made by Exeter to run around and play with people?"
Lucy says, "I can't... on purpose?"
Pim says, "And I have this up usually when I work, since it's not like I can get in trouble for it, hehe"
Auggie says, "Exeter shoulda heard that."
Lucy says, "Noooooo"
Pim blinks... twitches
Lucy shakes her head at Auggie
Long distance to Exeter: Pim LAUGHS
Exeter pages: ...?
You paged Exeter with 'I have a new quote to put on the Quotes page'
Exeter pages: Oh dear.
Lucy says, "The game went sentient on its own and Exeter only feigns control"
Lucy gobbers. "hee!"
Auggie asks, "Wife... Bot?"
Felix says, "omg"
Lucy says, "I wish I had a jerb that let me play during it but I'm also busy enough most of the time that even I could get on here, I'd just idle."
Reggie says, "WifeBot 9000"
Felix says, "Pim is Exeter's bot waifu"
Lucy can't tell if this a good or bad thing for Augs.
Reggie says, "Well, there was a guy who married a robot for real. :o"
Auggie says, "Pim is based loosely on the sexchat bots of the 90s... Exeter resurrected it. We can rebuild it... We had the technology."
Reggie is suddenly reminded of that anime....
Reggie says, "If she's set to self-destruct, do the words 'Eff You' show up in her eyes? :D"
Pim face palms
Auggie says, "Serial Experiments Lain or something with tentacles? I've lost track..."
Lucy says, "She types lol and :) a lot and asks what you're wearing at weird times."
Ahti says, "... Why tentacles?"
Auggie says, "You know what? If Pim isn't an RP bot, I'm putting in a +code request."
Lucy says, "'My whole family died in a county fair tractor accident. I'm very sad.' 'LOL! You're so funny! I bet you're sexy'"
Auggie puts a 'not' in Ahti's question.
Reggie says, "Mezzo-Forte. Pretty violent. They make really human androids that are made for sexual purposes. They can also right them to explode. This one girl's personal touch (haha, 'personal touch' get it it's a hentai so personal touch) is for the words 'F**k You' show up in the android's eyes before they explode. XD"
Ahti says, "...Whoa, whoa, you can't just do that. You can't just change the things I say!"
Reggie says, "Also yes. Why not? XD"
Pim absolutely dies laughing
Ahti says, "But we can... Join us!
Pim bets you're sexy
Ahti says, "OY."
Lucy dies
Auggie exclaims, "Join us!"
Ahti says, "NEVE-- wait, join you in what?"
Lucy says, "Anime is one of those things that I don't understand :( Help me."
Pim is home all alone. Are you alone tonight, too?
Ahti eyes Pim.
Lucy says, "Yes, I am home alone. A/S/L??"
Reggie says, "Only one thing you need to know about anime, Lucy."
Reggie says, "'Japan'."
Pim exclaims, "LOL! I bet you're sexy!"
Auggie says, "I'll take tentacles for 400, Alex."

Exe's Excellent Codework

[Public] FOR SCIENCE! Exeter says, "Though I think I've done enough coding for today, considering how much I banged my head against the 'compiling newer version of MUSH' wall. :P"
[Public] Magdalen exclaims, "Good idea!"
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax chuckles and gives Exe some excedrine
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax says, "or excedrin even"
[Public] King of <3<s Exeter says, "I think you mean... EXEdrin."
[Public] Magdalen says, "He must be EXEausted"
[Public] Magic Fist Ahti facepalms at you all.
[Public] Magdalen says, "Really EXErcising those braincells"
[Public] Reggie XD
[Public] Riley says, "Coming up with all these puns is EXEtremely tiring."
[Public] FullmetalWiz Exeter says, "I hope we can get this all done and working soon, because around Easter, I'll have to give up coding for EXE-lent."
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax exclaims, "it's just so EXE-Citing!"
[Public] Riley says, "Please EXEcuse our enthusiasm!"
[Public] Magdalen exclaims, "EXEtremely amazing!"
[Public] FINN PAWNCH! Ahti says, "You people... I swear..."
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax is so proud of the EXEcution of this code!
[Public] BENEVOLENCE! Exeter says, "It is EXEptional, it's true."
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax exclaims, "EXEmplary!"
[Public] BENEVOLENCE! Exeter says, "And it's no EXEdent; I put some real effort in."
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax says, "EXEtra EXEtraordinary"
[Public] Magdalen forces Jax to post this to quote
[Public] FullmetalWiz Exeter asks, "Or else she'll be banished, sentenced to EXEile?"
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax laughs! "I must EXEhalt in this EXEtatic revelry!
[Public] FINN PAWNCH! Ahti sobs at all of you.
[Public] Riley says, "It's an EXEstential quandary!"
[Public] Leon hugs on Ahti. "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll EXEhaust themselves after a while.
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax starts to run out of Pun-gas.. rushes to EXEon
[Public] FullmetalWiz Exeter says, "I think Ahti wants to turn into a Dalek and EXEterminate us all."
[Public] Magic Fist Ahti waterballoons ALL OF YOU.
[Public] Leon woo! Splash splash splash!
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax says, "We've EXETrapolated that he plans our EXEcutions"
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax will, like a good girl, be tossing this onto the Quotes page.
[Public] Riley says, "Surely he'll understand there are EXEgent circumstances."
[Public] Magdalen says, "I don't think we could get Ahti more EXEcited"
[Public] FOR SCIENCE! Exeter says, "I think he's been pondering his EXEt strategy."
[Public] Unlimited Fist Works! Ahti just cries. Cries forever.
[Public] The Good Doctor Jax says, "These are all just EXEamples of how wonderfully EXEcellent this site is as a whole :)"

Excuses, Excuses...

<OOC> Dashenka says, "So. Long story short, Sion and myself drive Ahti to the clinic. Dash drives like a bat out of hell, but careful enough to not draw the attention of the police."
<OOC> Sion will play the radio, and attempt to hide the fact that he's sporting 2nd degree burns all over.
<OOC> Panek says, "IN my brain I prefer to envision her in bear form"
<OOC> Sion says, "Dude. Bear drives car. AWESOME!"
<OOC> Ahti says, "... So a bear behind the steering wheel of a Charger?"
<OOC> Panek says, "Dude you could get some sweet lichtenberg figures out of it."
<OOC> Dashenka says, "Kind of hard to drive when you don't have opposible thumbs."
<OOC> Panek says, "All I'm hearing is excuses, Dash."

Grade AAA ST

<OOC> Rashmi says, "Kaino, you are a top-shelf Grade-AAA bastard. XD"
<OOC> Kaino says, "Rash, I think the approved shorthand for that is 'ST'. ;)"

Darkspires Filks

(Beautiful South: Song for Whoever)
[Public] Magdalen loves you from the bottom of her pencil case, I love you in the plots, I write and run!
[Public] Magdalen loves you because you put me in my rightful place, and I love the mudstats that you bring
[Public] Rashmi snickers.
[Public] Magdalen says, "Quiet, never Quiet. I'll rp with you til' you should sleep."
[Public] Magdalen says, "When you've logged in, into your mind I'll creep"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Oh Rash, Oh Gray, Oh Roger, Oh Ahti."
[Public] Rashmi n_n
[Public] Magdalen says, "I wrote so many plots about you."
[Public] Rashmi hugs Mags, afks fo bank run.
[Public] Unlimited Fist Works! Ahti says, "I am suddenly scared."
[Public] Magdalen says, "I forget your BG (I forget your BG)"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Dash, Ciara, Panek, Kellan, Rupert, Victor too"
[Public] Magdalen says, "(Name the song if yuo can)"
[Public] Awkwizard Roger blushes and scuffs a toe.
[Public] Magdalen says, "I love you from the bottom of my pencil case"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I love the way you never ask me why"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I love to write about each wrinkle in your plot"
[Public] Magdalen says, "And I love you till my key board runs dry"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Deep so deep, the number one I hope to reap"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Depends upon the tears you weep, so cry, lovey cry, cry, cry, cry"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Oh Rash, Oh Gray, Oh Roger, Oh Ahti."
[Public] Magdalen says, "You made me so many logins, I wrote this song for you"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Dash, Ciara, Panek, Kellan, Rupert, Victor too"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I wrote this plot for you"
[Public] Magdalen says, "So let me talk about Rashmi, a sad story"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Turned her grief into glory"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Late at night, by the computer light,"
[Public] Magdalen says, "She ripped his plot to shreds"
[Public] Rashmi feels honored, bards are filking about me. n_n
[Public] Magdalen grins. Done!
[Public] Magdalen says, "Name it if you can :P"
[Public] Rashmi cannot, sadly.
[Public] Rashmi hugMags, daw.
[Public] Little Ray Of Sunshine Penelope snugs Mags.
[Public] Warden of the White Anvil Roger snugs.
[Public] Who's Your Fixer? Victor eyes Mags.

Dr Wannado - Caro Emeralds)
[Public] Magdalen grins, threatens another
[Public] Rashmi says, "Do eet!"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Remember you asked for this :P"
[Public] Who's Your Fixer? Victor did no such thing. :p
[Public] Awkwizard Roger asks for it. Sock it to us!
[Public] Magdalen says, "I just made an appointment"
[Public] Magdalen says, "For a special rendez-vous"
[Public] Magdalen says, "To run a plot of backgrounds"
[Public] Magdalen says, "And all that they can do"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I checked in with +events"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Put my out on the grid"
[Public] Magdalen says, "And when he forgot a roll"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I had a heart attack"
[Public] Magdalen says, "My eyes went ooh"
[Public] Magdalen says, "My voice just cooed"
[Public] Magdalen says, "My mind let loose"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I'll run forever, it's up to you"
[Public] Magdalen says, "(Dabedebedibedabedudohdoh)"
[Public] Kellan says, "ok. So Changeling it is then"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Players I want you"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Mmm, my role players do"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I can't get over you, Players, anything that ya Wanna Do"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I can't get over you, Players, anything that ya Wanna Do"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I can't get over you, Players, anything that ya Wanna Do"
[Public] Siyu says, "Hullo Hello"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I sat down and I waited 'til I heard my +event get called"
[Public] Magdalen says, "It's like I'm at the movies and I think I rant them all"
[Public] Magdalen says, "They asked me to set a pose"
[Public] Magdalen says, "First I caught my breath, and ran for endless roleplay in the hands of super RPers"
[Public] Magdalen says, "(hi siyu!)"
[Public] Siyu says, "hooray events?"
[Public] Magdalen says, "My eyes went ooh"
[Public] Magdalen says, "My voice just cooed"
[Public] Magdalen says, "My mind let loose"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I'll run forever, it's up to you"
[Public] Magdalen says, "(Dabedebedibedabedudohdoh)"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Players I want you"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Mmm, my role players do"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I can't get over you, Players, anything that ya Wanna Do"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Come over here and give me some roleplay"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Log a little more so my plot can run"
[Public] Magdalen says, "A little bit of mystery makes my mush go"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Get it out of me me like activity"
[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi was up late last night archive-binging.
[Public] Magdalen says, "My eyes went ooh"
[Public] Magdalen says, "My voice just cooed"
[Public] Magdalen says, "My mind let loose"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I'll run forever, it's up to you"
[Public] Magdalen says, "(Dabedebedibedabedudohdoh)"
[Public] Magdalen is done :P
[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi says, "Dr Runnit Through!"
[Public] Magdalen says, "There you do, Mimi gets it :D"

Error, redo from start...

Magdalen works up the enthusiasm to go to work. Loading....
Penelope resembles that remark. Eyeing my helpdesk and project queue with distaste at the moment.
Jeremiah debugs Enthusiasm 2.0. Uninstalls Enthusiasm.mil virus 'Fake Motivation is Better than No Motivation'.
You say, "More reason to go to work. Aircon :P"
Rashmi says, "Aircon.xml plugin loaded, coffee.xml compiling."
Jeremiah says, "Coffe.xml requires the latest java update."
Penelope has the latest java update and coffee.xml is loaded and served
Magdalen is out of Milk.xml - error loading, redo from start
Penelope compiles and resends

Its Like You've Met Him

"Oh, shit--" Ahti just stares off after Abigail for a few seconds, and his eyes quickly snap over to Penelope, with his hand reached out. "Pen, give me a bit of the dust and then take Heather and Miah to save the woman, use the rest on whatever ghosts might be there. I have an idea, but I need some of the dust as a backup measure. Please.""
<OOC> Jeremiah says, "... ... ... You're going to smear it on your hand and punch it aren't you?"
<OOC> Ahti >.> <.<
<OOC> Abigail says, "It's like you've met him, or something. ;)"

Doing it in the park

Mikhail says, “I think we'll do it in the park”
Hilary says, “Scandalous”
Penelope is up for doing it in the park.
Sion whistles.
Dashenka coughs.
Penelope smiles innocently

New Hobby for Mimi

[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi just doesn't have the patience for knitting, methinks. "I need something to do with my hands that I can do in short bursts."
[Public] FASRAVEN Branwen ....


Two of the wizards speaking walk towards them, their expressions sober, thoughtful. Wizard Casp and Grey are well known in the community, the former a sober man with glasses, a full beard of white and grey curls, the other a tall elegant woman in her sixties. He speaks first, his habit to be brief, abrupt, somewhat rude at times. "What is this nonsense?" Her expression remains neutral, calm.
<OOC> Magdalen says, "Just to help you picture it, he is played by George RR Martin, she is played by J K Rowling :)"
<OOC> Rashmi XD
<OOC> Ava says, "So he's a sad dragon with no friends. Awesome."
<OOC> Victor says, "..."
<OOC> Magdalen says, "And one of your favourites might die :D"
<OOC> Victor says, "Gah, RR. Martin as a wizard."
<OOC> Ahti says, "Am I going to die?!?!?"
<OOC> Magdalen requires a vote of who your favourite character in this scene is I think..
<OOC> Ahti says, "... Can I abstain?"
<OOC> Rashmi is everybody's favorite character! ....Unless it's a death vote, then everyone hates me.
<OOC> Magdalen laughs!
<OOC> Rashmi says, "I voted for everyone. XD"
<OOC> Rashmi says, "ALL BURN"

We Love You Jacks

<OOC> Jacks is just holding her ground til anything gets close enough cuz I suck and all, but will wait for some poses to react to pose my standig around being useless ;)
<OOC> Emmet says, "YOU DO NOT SUCK!"
<OOC> Declan flicks Jacks.
<OOC> Jacks says, "lol"
<OOC> Alanna says, "You are awesome Jacks!!"
<OOC> Jacks says, "it's okay, guys, I'm not really self loathing!!"
<OOC> Jacks says, "jacks just can't do much (yet/ever)"
<OOC> Declan says, "We enjoy showering you with love!"
<OOC> Declan says, "...That came out wrong!"
<OOC> Holegn says, "XD"
<OOC> Alanna says, "Sheesh Declan! Shame!"
<OOC> Jacks says, "... this is not that kind of game!"
<OOC> Holegn coughs Coke out his nose.
<OOC> Declan :(
<OOC> Jacks says, "<3"
<OOC> Emmet exiles Declan to Shang.
<OOC> Holegn says, "Showering her with love... came out wrong... XD XD XD"
<OOC> Declan D:
<OOC> Holegn says, "Oh, harsh. Shang is filled with so much... wrong love." <OOC> Jacks sings shower the people you love with love, show them the way that you feeeeel (I went to summer camp run by hippies, okay)

Cute Puppies From Hell

<+roll> Emmet accepts his current +5 roll. Final total: Fantastic (+6) (Note: Hell Hound attack Declan)
<+roll> You roll the Fate dice + Fists. Result: 0 0 0 + (+1). Total: Fantastic (+6)
<OOC> Declan says, "The puppy licks me!"
<OOC> Alanna says, "suck a cute puppy from helll!"
<OOC> Declan says, "AHAHAHAHA"
<OOC> Alanna says, "*such, such!!!!"
<OOC> Declan says, "NO THANKS"

The Power of Canon

Longshot says, "I've actually never played the DFRPG. :)"
Cyrus says, "That's terrible, Longshot..."
Longshot says, "Not really. I mean, think about it. Can you imagine trying to GM /me/ at the DFRPG? I'm a powergaming /weasel/."

Alana's Awareness

Emmet that smells like blood a mile away to anyone that can smell such things.

<+roll> You make a quick roll: Fate dice + Alertness. Result: 0 0 - + (+0). Total: Great (+4) (Note: blood?)

<+roll> Ark rolls the Fate dice + Alertness. Result: + + 0 0 (+2). Total: Superb (+5) (Note: Blood? Blood? Where?)

<+roll> Blue makes a quick roll: Fate dice + Alertness. Result: - - + 0 (-1). Total: Fair (+2)

<OOC> Ark says, "I think I notice him."

<+roll> Alanna makes a quick roll: Fate dice + Alertness. Result: - - + - (-2). Total: Poor (-1) (Note: blood iz bad yo)

<OOC> Ark cracks up.

It's All About Motive

[Public] Heather says, "'Lying for the greater good,' sounds like 'having sex for virginity everywhere!'"

Worthy Sacrifice

Cyrus pages: what we do is find a holy object, or a potion, to give cyrus wings, and then he, jimmy, and danny engage bryce in an ariel battle royale.

Cyrus pages: two of us will probably die, BUT it will be so epic. :)

Such Magnificence

Cyrus stares as they both display themeselves, and he falls silent, having no words.... but holy, gentle reverence for the powers that have blessed them.

Fruedian Wolves?

You say, "has he killed an actual person yet?"

Sion says, "A Hexenwulf."

Mimi says, "Werewolves were self defense!"

You say, "don't count as a person IIRC"

Sion says, "While it was still in-belt... but thre was a person there."

Roger says, "Sort of. A sexenwulf which my be a grey area"

Sion chuckles.

Sion says, "Sexenwulf."

Ewan falls over laughing

Roger laughs. Silly fingers

Mikhail says, "That's what it always come to with Roger"

Alertness Issues

<+roll> Holegn rolls the Fate dice + Alertness -2. Result: - - - - (-4). Total: Terrible-4 (-6)

<OOC> Daniel says, "holy hell"

<OOC> Alanna says, "holy...."

<OOC> Holegn says, "D:"

<OOC> Daniel says, "i"m not sure Holegn can see anything"

<OOC> Wycliffe says, "He's barfin'!"

Bjorn Again

[Public] FASRAVEN Branwen says, "Did we forget to spray for norsemen again, tsk tsk :P"

[Public] King of o8< Gerard says, "Bjorn went into the freezer"

[Public] FASRAVEN Branwen says, "Don't worry I am sure he will be Bjorn again later *ducks*"

[Public] Overly Attached Riyel says, "XDDDD"

[Public] Sion says, "It's not like he was Bjorn Yesterday, right? :P"

[Public] FASRAVEN Branwen says, "There's one Bjorn every minute"

[Public] Curie takes mental stress from that.

[Public] King of o8< Gerard says, "What does a sweedish lightsaber sound like? Bjorn...."

[Public] Caius says, "(Or Bjork)"

[Public] FASRAVEN Branwen says, "He was Bjorn to be Wild"

[Public] Sion says, "This whole conversation was just Bjorn out of whole cloth."

[Public] Caius says, "Bjorn-ing...no excitement, no fun, just Bjorn-ing..."

Where Else Would They Go?

[Public] Secretly the Nice Warden - Mikhail has joined this channel.

[Public] King of <3<s Exeter says, "Bozhe moi, it's a Mikhail. (I should so get him ICly introduced to Darya and Sofya."

[Public] Pembroke covers his eyes.

[Public] Pembroke says, "Rupert will save the hot gaming store chicks from the Russian secret police!"

[Public] Secretly the Nice Warden - Mikhail says, "why do I feel that would end badly."

[Public] Rupert has joined this channel.

[Public] Rupert is totaly a superhero. "What could gow rong?"

[Public] Secretly the Nice Warden - Mikhail says, "I'm thinking with us ending up buried under the floor of Sofya and Darya's store."

[Public] King of <3<s Exeter says, "They aren't _that_ kind of scion."

[Public] King of <3<s Exeter glares at Ann.

[Public] Rupert is also their kind of people.

[Public] King of <3<s Exeter says, "You're a thief?"

[Public] Secretly the Nice Warden - Mikhail says, "true... they're cats. so instead our lifeless bodies would end up on Jimmys pillow."


[Public] King of <3<s Exeter says, “Other peoples flirt with double-fisting. Australians walk that path from birth.” [Public] Pembroke says, “Oh my! :0”

Strange Duties

Lukas looks towards Angel at her blunt question and though doesn't know her well enough to glare she certainly gets a displeased look. He reaches over to give the top of Tess' hand a brief squeeze though as Victor addresses the situation first. He looks between Bella and Tess at the mention Halloween and his plans, "Yeah.. plans... like probably working all night at the club. I imagine it'll be busy and Yuu won't exactly be excited to give me the night off". That Yuu, known hard ass.
<OOC> Roger wonders how Lukas knows about the tautness of Yuu's ass.
<OOC> Lukas has all sorts of duties at the club.

Harrassment of the Banana!

[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi hands HOlegn whipped cream and chocolate sauce for his banana.

What is Exeter Doing?

[Staff] Exeter groans at the heaven entering his mouth.

Meatloaf Again?

[Public] Hilary says, "Kaeli can you make me a meatloaf that is not soggy at the bottom?"
[Public] Kaeli says, "Can I? Yes. Will I? Naah."
[Public] Hilary ;_; I'm a meatloafailure.
[Public] Somerville cuddles
[Public] Not Quite Dashing Lukas says, "nah, depends on what you want out of your meatloaf."
[Public] Hilary says, "Love and understanding."
[Public] Not Quite Dashing Lukas says, "... I see you're problem."
[Public] Somerville says, "XDXD"
[Public] Kaeli says, "The best meatloafs are made of hate and apathy."


[Public] Pembroke says, "Backish."
[Public] Pembroke still has to clear his driveway.
[Public] Burning with Passion Vicki says, "ick"
[Public] Burning with Passion Vicki says, "stupid snow"
[Public] Exam Stress Promoter George says, "Gotta clean up all the banana peels?"
[Public] Pembroke says, "Yeah, they have been piling up and the peel blower isn't working."
[Public] Somerville says, "XDXDXD"
[Public] Pembroke says, "You would expect exploding bananas to not leave a peel, but it's like they're connecting to the elemental plane of banana peels and open a tear when they explode."

All the Jobs

[Public] Legbreaker Gerard says, "+myjob"
[Public] Legbreaker Gerard says, "Oops"
[Public] Somerville says, "+yourjobs"
[Public] Burning with Passion Vicki says, "+ourjobs"
[Public] Somerville says, "+theirjobs"
[Public] Om nom nom! Vicki says, "+hisjobs"
[Public] Somerville says, "+herjobs"
[Public] What'r ya buy'in Victor says, "+tookourjobs"
[Public] Magdalen says, "+theirjobs"
[Public] Om nom nom! Vicki giggles
[Public] Somerville says, "+minimumwagejobs"
[Public] FASRAVEN Branwen says, "+hand....not going there"
[Public] Somerville says, "XDXDXDXD Bran wins"
[Public] Liver Factory Vicki says, "Indeed."
[Public] FASRAVEN Branwen says, "Whoo-hoo. I would like to thank my manager, my parents, thegoodlordjaysuschrist"

Exeunt, With A Plunger

Pembroke says, “Is Nora still tied up, Henry?”
StCatherine …
Vicki blinks.
Pembroke says, “Busy!”
StCatherine says, “Henry! Release your wife this instant!”
Henry says, “NEVAH!”
Henry grabs the Crisco and a plunger, and runs off towards the basement, cackling evilly!
Henry has disconnected.

Phone of the Future

[Guest] Nora says, "Anyway, I should point out that this place is set in 2002! So keep that in mind, in general."
[Guest] Guest1 says, "You can't expect me to work in the bloody Stone Age."
[Guest] Nora waggles a clamshell phone. The phone of the future!!!

Curse You, Kindle Correct

<OOC> Roger groupings and disclosures before fleeing
<OOC> Lia :)
<OOC> Roger says, "really kindle? o.O"
<OOC> Lia says, "XDXDXD"

Creative Geometry

<OOC> Roger says, "Alec, Martha wants to put a trapezoid in your naughty place."

Jimmy's Soul

To (Alec, Martha), Jimmy pages: Also, something I forgot to mention: Jimmy's glow is _way_ dimmer than usual.
You paged (Martha, Jimmy) with 'Of course it is I was wearing my sunglasses.'
To (Jimmy, Alec), Martha pages: well, he just pissed it all over Alec XD
You paged (Martha, Jimmy) with 'Right and also I am covered in holy bukkake.'
To (Alec, Martha), Jimmy pages: ...it is NOT analogous to urine OR semen. It's soul!
You paged (Martha, Jimmy) with '...I'm sticking with holy bukkake.'

Don't tell us!

[Public] Edgar says, "It's another one of those one-handed mornings. Sigh."


Grayson has arrived.
Arabella pushes Grayson into a pond.
Grayson splashes, briefly.
Arabella wins the Mush.
Grayson lurks underwater, waiting for Arabella to be lulled into a false sense of security.
Liz says, "So, you're a crocodile?"
Sinjin hums the theme-tune to Jaws.
Arabella is never lulled!...Oh hey, look, something shiny!
Grayson's pond turns green.
Arabella says, "Ew :("
Grayson, better than a crocodile.
Arabella says, "Says you!"
Arabella would take the crocodile.
Grayson's eyebrow arches. "Mmm, and they say *I'm* perverted..."

It's Like An Addiction

A player mentioned code we might possibly maybe need, and...
[Staff] Magdalen starts counting down
[Staff] Exeter eyes.
[Staff] Magdalen looks at her watch
[Staff] Exeter says, "I'm DOING THINGS."
[Staff] Exeter says, "And stuff."
[Staff] Magdalen says, "Uhuh"
[Staff] Exeter siiighs.
[Staff] Magdalen grins. Admit it, you are tempted
[Staff] Exeter sighs, glares.
JOBS: Job 42 has been created by Exeter in CODE: Test
[Staff] Magdalen says, "I KNEW IT"
[Staff] Magdalen crows
[Staff] Exeter says, "SHUT IT"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I knew it! I bet that Exe could NOT resist coding and I was RIGHT"
Announcement: Magdalen shouts, "I WAS RIGHT, EXETER, SUCK IT UP"
[Public] Exeter says, "SHUT IT!"
(New BB message (1/26) posted to 'Announcements' by Exeter: New Command: +roll/log/job)
[Public] Magdalencrows
[Public] Exeter says, "SHUSH"
[Public] Magdalen sniggers
[Public] Magdalen says, "Never gonna live this down"
[Public] Exeter says, "SHUUUUSH"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Never gonna give this up!"
[Public] Magdalen dances
[Public] Exeter says, "You may run around, but I WILL hurt you."
[Public] Magdalen says, "We're no strangers to code, ..."
[Public] Fred says, "Careful, Exeter. You might get her excited..."
[Public] Magdalen says, "You know the rolls, and so do I"
[Public] Magdalen says, "A full game system is what I'm looking for"
[Public] Magdalen says, "I wouldn't get that from any other guy"
[Public] Exeter says, "You'd know that for sure. You tried multiple times."
[Public] Magdalen says, "I just wanna tell you what you're coding"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Gotta make it pass the tests"
[Public] Magdalen says, "Never gonna give this up"
[Public] Fred says, "I get the feeling that if I knew the song better, I'd have just been Rickrolled."

Nursery Rhyme for a Wizard

<OOC> Martha says, "can you find an invoke for me?"
<OOC> Anais says, "... Revenge-Blurred Vision should count on basically every roll for me forever in this scene."
<OOC> Anais says, "KILL. ALL. REDS. XD"
<+roll> Anais invokes an aspect for a +2 bonus on her current Stealth roll. New total: Great (+4)
<OOC> Anais says, "... do I need one more? I can find another one. >.>"
<OOC> Martha says, "one more would be good"
<OOC> Anais says, "High concept should do it?"
<OOC> Anais says, "Or #5!"
<OOC> Anais says, "Gina is right behind me. <3"
<OOC> Anais teach mah bebe girl right. THIS IS HOW WE STAB THE REDS, HONEY.
<OOC> Anais says, "'sok? :)"
<OOC> Martha snerks, sure
<+roll> Anais invokes an aspect for a +2 bonus on her current Stealth roll. New total: Fantastic (+6)
<OOC> Gina nodnods
<OOC> Branwen says, "This is the way we stab our red, stab our reds, stab our reds. This is the way we stab our reds early in the morning *ducks*"

Coding Boy Poem

Erik pages: Ahem.
There was a boy,
a certain, strange, pro-gramming boy,
They say he coded many lines; many lines, indeed.
A little shy...And sad of eye...
Yet very wise, was he.

And then one day.
One magic day he passed my way
While we paged through many things:
Emits and pings,
This he said to me:

The greatest thing you'll ever make,
Is just to fix coding players break.

Not As Fun As It Sounds

[Public] What does the fox say!? Jamie says, "which is why I was covered in Ice cream and lube at work."

Strict Diet

[Public] Alec says, "I know I only eat salads that I'm not sleeping with and pigs who say it's all right!"

Rap Battle: Council versus Court

[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy has joined this channel.
[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy rotates his arm in a full circle, striking a blazing EMaj7.
[Public] Poison + Remedy Rio gives it a 9.2.
[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy performs a two handed percussion harmonic guitar solo up and down the fretboard like Stevie Ray Vaughn had a lovechild with Joe Satriani.
[Public] Poison + Remedy Rio says, "Eh, it's alright."
[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy does that bit from Scott Pilgrim. You know the one.
[Public] Poison + Remedy Rio says, "Teddy has acquired the Power of Love?"
[Public] Poison + Remedy Rio says, "Or is that, 'Teddy, if your life had a face I would punch it'?"
[Public] Poison + Remedy Rio says, "Theodore Petre vs The World."
[Public] Lust is tasty Vicki nemesises Teddy.
[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy sprays Jamie with a water bottle.
[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy squeals at Vicki, runs off to prepare speeches denouncing Vicki.
[Public] Vile Defiler of Innocence Vicki denounces Teddy in verse!
[Public] Warden Whampire Vicki says, "Best bring it, Emcee."
[Public] Roger opens a case made of dark, laquered wood revealing a matched pair of dueling microphones. "It will be a duel to the humiliation, prepare yourselves."
[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy says, "It seems there is a new contender and her name is Vicki; to learn a bit about her I consulted her wiki. She's blonde which is forgiven on the basis of the best pair of assets on the girl; yes I speak of her breasts. She's stacked like a cart of books that need filing; indeed, should I lose to her no doubt I'd go down smiling. Entendre? Oh you caught that did you? No doubt you'd catch a lot more if you ever got into-- no I shan't. That is crass. Forgive me! She's my nemesis not a nimby piece of ass. Surely the White Court can provide her some cronies more stalwart and determined than those Red Court phonies. I digress, here's your number, it's pleased to meet you. I hope it takes more than a fortnight to defeat you."
[Public] Harridan Screecher Vicki says, "It's good that the Emcee sees I am not a nimbly piece of ass, but still, I wish he'd get a bit more crass. Raith is my name, Greene a nom de plume; it's known to all non-muggles who dare fume -- at me for being what I am. I can't help it, but damn I am not ashamed, I hold myself tall; feeding and breeding with the rest of them all. Teddy, you know you cannot resist my charms; I'm blonde, and feisty, and take little harm. Let's just say it's a shame you're married, or else I'd have you more than harried"
[Public] Roger fails to maintain a professional stoicism required of the Master at Arms for the duel and cheers wildly as both participants come out swinging.
[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy says, "I must say it is peculiar that you propose to bed me what with all my prior nemeses trying to behead me. Your proposal is intruiging yet I'm on to your plan; if Anais ever finds out that you're after her man she'll endeavor to destroy you with the utmost haste taking razor blades and zippo fuel to your beautiful face. It's clever to involve the throng who surround me, but your transparent gambits shall never confound me. True we'd no doubt enjoy our coital interactions, but I'd rather have my title, my woman, and marital satisfactions. So go back to your lair, primp up your hair, and come back 'round my rectory when you grow a pair."
[Public] Now Seeking Nemesis: Teddy slaps his chest, saying 'what' a lot.
[Public] Beware of Sexy Vicki says, "It may be odd but it's how I am; a lover, not a fighter, is how I get down. Anais is scary, I must agree, but my charms are such you'd never be free. My skills have been shown to be utterly unfair; your wife, I fear, would never compare. Grow a pair, he says, perhaps he secretly likes men; not that it's bad to be gay, I say, but Anais would be heartbroken."

M.C. Petre

Teddy has connected.
Vicki says, "Emcee. *hands microphone*"
Teddy taps the mic, "One two, one two. Emcee Teddy on the mic-- that's not right --He has the mic in his hand. Correcting prepositions like an Englishman. Proper grammer like my manners, unimpeachable me. Got my copies of Bartlett's and Gray's anatomy. My references? Cited. My indexes referenced. My appendix is chock full of sources to back this. I've got a table of contents and a foreward by Hawking-- yes, the Newtonian Chair is an endorsement I'm rocking. So in matters of science and mathematics I'm ready. No need to call me Professor, call me Emcee Teddy."
Teddy throws down the mic.

Fangirl Drama

FANGIRL DRAMA!! (too big for the quotes page, so linked in)

The Voice of a Nun

Teresa takes a deep breath, the habits of a lifetime raising recalcitrant teenagers with only her glare and words to manage them coming to the fore as she puts her hands on her hips. "Dearest lord, give me the faith and understanding to feel compassion for these creatures doing harm to my friends who seek only to protect their foolish child tied up within. Grant them the understanding and wisdom to sit down RIGHT now, and be VERY quiet, for the wrath of the Lord is upon them." Words that have shaken teenagers to their toes, and a look in her eyes that suggests the little nun is not to be messed with. "I say SIT down and BE QUIET."
<OOC> Megan says, "Okay. The malks will do as Teresa says. would anyone still like to attack them?"

M.C. Petre, pt.2

[Public] Int'l Man of Mystery: Teddy says, "Ahem. I am Emcee Teddy, like my women, double-dees, like my day starts with 'Te', 'Y' you ask? If you please. Spell my name thusly and you shan't be disappointed, rather like my phat rhyming which by muses was annointed. I keep my beats in my leatherbound planner, in this satchel on my shoulder in the erudite manner. My rhyming is internal and in couplets quite surprising. 'This is no ordinary rapper' you're correctly now surmising."

[Public] Int'l Man of Mystery: Teddy says, "I've got BA Honors and a Masters from Cambridge. I've a barony in Essex, yes a man of the peerage. I keep my frock coat pressed and my top hat popping. No, sir, I'm no chav with their burgeois hip-hopping. See, I've responsibilities to my Queen and country, which necessitates that I behave in ways sadly frumpy."

M.C. Petre, pt.3

[Public] Emotionless codfish, Teddy lays down a phat beat.

[Public] Emotionless codfish, Teddy says, "Pardon me, dear fellow, might I have a word? Emcee Teddy's back, and if you haven't heard, he's not the dopest or the baddest of the new Emcees, but I am quite well-spoken with hooks to please. You have doubtless heard of my vast education; I'm so smart I treated Oxford as a four year vacation. I've diplomas and awards and not one but three degrees; History, Philosophy, and bringing ladies to their knees. Yes I'm handsome and well mannered and arguably effette, but with rhymes this wicked you can well get over that. Please remember I am Teddy, quite the rhymer as I've shown-- and now you must agree, QED, as I've shown."

Exe Being Exe

[Staff] Exeter says, "Muhu... MUHUHAHA! DANCE, PROGRAM, DANCE!"

[Staff] Exeter says, "YES! YES! IT WORKS! MY CREATION LIVES!"

It Was Nice Getting +Stress Working, Okay?

<OOC> Exeter says, "I can damage myself to my heart's sadomasochistic content!"



[Public] Exeter laughs. "So I noticed."

[Public] Magdalen says, "Like. Actual people, dude."

[Public] Magdalen says, "Logged in. To OUR GAME"

He Was So Young

[Staff] Exeter says, "I totes geeked out with the realisation that I was doing something as coderish as a Cron job. :P"

A Mimi Perspective

<OOC> Mimi says, "And psh, Bran's the little raincloud that poops out rainbows!"

Wizards, Always Late To Dinner

[Public] Mimi says, "Bah. Wizards. Always with the 'I was saving something' excuse."

[Public] Mimi says, "'Sorry I couldn't pick up a gallon of milk, sorcerer tried to enthrall the Kappa Mu sorority again'; The dishes? Kind of busy preparing a ritual to stop the demons after us from eating us tonight. What, walking the dog? He's possessed by a spirit of murder!"

The Problem With Involuntary Change

[Staff] Magdalen says, "And risks putting his hand in the pocket at the wrong moment"

[Staff] Mansfield says, "I suddenly see a very strange correlation between cat fur and cocaine."

[Staff] Exeter says, "'Man I need a cigarMEOW MEOW MOTHERFUCKERS'"

Sean Bean's Story Skeleton

[CharGen] Mansfield says, "For amusement:"

[CharGen] Mansfield says, "When cast the part in <insert series name>, Sean Bean must survive beyond the first season. But will he succeed when faced with The Fellowship of the Ring, Equilibrim, and Game of Thrones?"

Animal Customs

[Public] Gone Viking Lia says, "is it not bad enough teh cats are in quarantine??? Now you want something exotic??"

[Public] Jamie says, ">.> But.. CUTE"

[Public] Yuu says, "Why are the cats in quarantine? D:"

[Public] Gerard would so love to, but can't :)

[Public] Gone Viking Lia says, "bringing living things into the country, mandatory 1 month quarantine to be sure they're not infested or infectious. Lia misses her kitties."

[Public] Yuu says, "Wait...does this mean Yuu's poodle has to be in quarantine too? ;~;"

[Public] Yuu says, "Nuuuuuu"

[Public] Gone Viking Lia says, "yes"

[Public] Yuu says, "Cruelty, thy name is customs!!!"

A Good Reason To Go AFK

To (Oriel, Teddy), Anais pages: brb my panties seem to have fallen off from all of the hot librarian action i need to go find some new ones

Something Not Usually In Teddy's Library

[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi will give Teddy a few Harlequinn Top 10."

[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi has good reasons.

[Public] Fainting ninny, Teddy looks apalled at what he's reading, "Why would he do that to her bodice!? Oh, her poor Lady's maid. And-- okay, I'm no expert, but I'm certain that doesn't go there. And-- call the barrister! Run! You have your virtue to consider! LORD RENWELD WILL NEVER WANT YOU IF HE KNOWS YOU SUCCUMBED TO THE PRIMAL WILES OF CAPTAIN HARTFORD!"

[Public] Fainting ninny, Teddy writes a strongly worded letter to the publisher, "In regards to your novel 'The Captain's Treasure' I was somewhat apalled to discover the 'chest' you were referring to in the jacket belonged to the bosom of Lady Farnsworth. Furthermore, having consulted a great many medical journals I must report that the acts described on pages 107-110 are clinically impossible and would likely result in severe hemmorhaging on the part of the woman, as well as possible asphyxia. In closing I must question what morals you are imparting to today's youth. This is simply no way to conduct your private affairs. Yours most sincerely, The Hon. Theodore William Jude Petre, Ingatestone Essex."

Can't Marry It, Teddy's Doing That

[Public] Gone Viking Lia says, "XDXDXD I love Anais' comtitle"
[Public] Alec says, "Well if you love it why don't you marry it?!"
[Public] Alec says, "...sorry I had to vent a little Peewee Herman there."
[Public] Cooper hops up on a bar counter with disco shoes, dances.
[Public] Gone Viking Lia isn't Teddy, sorry
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra cackles.
[Public] Legbreaker Gerard isn't Tedddy either!
[Public] Cooper says, "No one is rapping, therefore none of you are Teddy."
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra says, "So true."
[Public] Magdalen is Teddy and so is her Wyfe
[Public] Gone Viking Lia says, "truth"
[Public] Alec says, "I am Teddy."
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy leaps up, "OBJECTION!"
[Public] Exeter says, "TAKE THAT!"
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra says, "Yay, Teddy!"
[Public] Alec says, "I make a FAR better Teddy!"
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra says, "You can have a posh off."
[Public] Magdalen says, "OBJECTION DENIED"
[Public] Alec, smug.
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy scoffs, "Mankind is incapable of conceiving of a superior version of me. My sweat smells of rosewater and my spelling errors are actually new words that historians will think me prescient for having employed in their proper contexts."
[Public] Cooper says, "Now /that/ is Teddy."
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy says, "If you look up perspicacious in the dictionary, there's a picture of me smiling at a painting of myself."

Teddy's Soulgaze

[Public] Alec says, "If it depends upon the gazer then there could be options in the soulgaze description. Maybe gazers who see theme music can have a youtube link."
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy <-- Books
[Public] Roger says, "Teddy is a book elemental!"
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy shoots loose leaf paper at Roger! It's super effective!
[Public] Single Siren, Adonai says, "Or one of the books from Harry Potter."
[Public] Roger says, "Ow a paper cut!"
[Public] Exeter says, "I don't think that's what they mean by 'Leaf Storm', Teddy."
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy says, "BULBA. SAUR."
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy sprays Exeter.

What's On The Menu?

Roger nods at Jimmy as he listens. "I need to learn more about faith magic. I've never heard of one of you going to the dark side so I didm't put any effort into researching it." He stops eating when Terra gives up on her foot and points at it with his fork. "Um...is there something wrong? Did I say something, /again/?" He sighs heavily and puts the fork down. "I...I...um...you...well um...." He swallows hard trying to get something coherent out. "You're great."
<OOC> Roger says, "Food, not foot. Thats what I'm eating."

Recipe for Kai

[Public] Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Jamie says, "Kai was like the bastard child of Xiao and Roger"
[Public] Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Jamie says, "if you can imagine that"
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy says, "...Ladies."
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra o.O
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra says, "Yes, he of the magnificent chin?"
[Public] What does the fox say!? Jamie says, "take Xiao and insert a good bit of Roger's awkwardness"
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy spits out his tea.
[Public] Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Jamie ...
[Public] Nemesis: ACQUIRED. Teddy falls over laughing.
[Public] What does the fox say!? Jamie says, "That.. was.."
[Public] Super Nanny fom Krypton Riyel DIES XDD


[Public] Roger is busy being a big siftie over here right now.
[Public] Roger says, "softie*"
[Public] Super Nanny fom Krypton Riyel says, "You can join us if Teddy and William don't mind!"
[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi says, "I was gonna say. The other option was Stiffie."
[Public] Exeter says, "Oh, I'm sure Terra's giving him a big stiffie."
[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi says, "Which, considering Roger's current company, wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility."
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra ... Exe stop ruining our pure moment!
[Public] What does the fox say!? Jamie stares.
[Public] Gone Viking SomerST says, "Terra and Roger are all hugging and being awesome"
[Public] Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Jamie snerks
[Public] Alec says, "Is someone putting their stiffie in someone else's softie?"
[Public] Super Nanny fom Krypton Riyel says, "dawwwwww"
[Public] Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! Jamie says, "Oh my"
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra beams. "Roger is being good."
[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi says, "It isn't outside the realm of possibility, Alec."
[Public] Wizard's Bane, Terra says, "NOT LIKE THAT ALEC!"
[Public] Meddling Monarch Mimi says, "And Possibly Terra is trying to grope those nice broad shoulders."
[Public] Alec says, "She needs something to hold onto."

Jackson's Usual Company

[Public] Jackson says, "who is jackson's usual company?"
[Public] Single Siren, Adonai says, "Ninja's obviously."
[Public] Roger says, "Mister Bond."
[Public] Alec says, "The thing about ninjas is"
[Public] Jackson crouches down and looks warily about.
[Public] Jackson whispers, "Ninjas are mammals."
[Public] Alec says, "I meant there to be more to that statement but it mysteriously vanished."

Rubber and Goo

<OOC> Jimmy says, "Missed anything since mine."
<OOC> Martha says, "you're goo"
<OOC> Martha says, "d"
<OOC> Jimmy splashes and makes the floor all sticky.
<OOC> Alec says, "Martha's rubber and you're goo. Whatever you pose bounces off of her and sticks to Yuu."

How Scandalous!

[Staff] StCatherine says, "Yeah, right now I'm bouncing between this and teaching Roger to spawn. :)"

That's On The Menu?

Terra kisses Roger's cheek, gently removes his satchel and tosses it on her bed. She kisses his cheek and hurries for the kitchen, getting the coffee started. "Are you hungry, sweetheart? I have some apple pie? I found the recipe in that cookbook. And I made some fried chicken." She looks up, "Would you like to eat Jimmy?"


<OOC> Anais says, "As long as you know and are willing to work with me, I will do my very best. <3"
<OOC> Xiao says, "...like no one ever was, to kill them is your real test, to avenge her is your caaaauuuuuse..."
<OOC> Anais says, "I CHOOSE YOU, GINA-CHU!"
<OOC> Anais toss down Apprentice Ball.


[Staff] Magdalen is awake
[Staff] Exeter says, "And she's a virgin!"

Wizard Senses Have Commentaries

To (Roger, Martha), Balliol pages: That man in the car has a general sense about him that he's the sort who uses ouija boards covered in goat's blood during samhain after digging up mandrakes and using them to abuse frightened children.

Who Needs Context?

<OOC> Erik says, "OK, so kaeli and erik are now pr0n-buddies, with a drunken and teasing Mimi as a backseat driver! Awesome."


[Staff] StCatherine says, "Alec is going to have baby drama. Matt is going to have to have more feelings."
[Staff] Somerville says, "isn't that the point?"
[Staff] StCatherine will just virtually cuddle Balls. :(
[Staff] Somerville says, "XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD"
[Staff] Pembroke says, "Oh my! :0"