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“Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.”
Bil Keane

xxxxxA man, possibly a stranger, wanders into the Lodge and is furious when he is not recognised. Then the zombies escaped from the screen in the cinema... artifacts distributed from a deceased wizard's collection are making their way in to the general population of Oxford. And the strange things continue to happen, objects across Oxford causing oddities.

The Ouija Board.jpg
The Ouija Board (warden's lodge)
Furniture pendant.jpg
Dancing Furniture Pendant (Sion)
Toasting Glass.jpg
Toasting Glass of Bacchus (Grayson's house in a circle)
Snake Charming (with snake charmer)
Top hat.jpg
Abraham Lincoln's Tophat (Last seen with Miah)
Hand of Glory (at St Giles Church in a circle)
Zombie tipjar.jpg
Zombie Tip Jar (Grayson's house in a circle)
LB comb.jpg
Lucrezia Borgia's Comb (Anikka's house in a circle, but destroyed)
Flashmob tent.jpg
Flash Mob Tent (at St Giles Church)
Titanic (at Ashmolean Museum)
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Hanaphraxis's Goggles (Grayson's house in a circle)
BP Teaset.jpg
Beatrix Potter's Teaset
Richard Byrd's Pipe.png
Richard E. Byrd's Pipe (Cefyn's cave in a circle)
Bernard's Watch (wardens lodge)
Adam, Aeron, Ahti, Anikka, Auggie, Blair, Caelan, Cedrick, Cefyn, Chents, Cyrus, Cricket, Cross, Edmund, Ember, Ewan, Felix, Fitzroy, Flick, Fred, Gus, Grayson, Harrison, Holegn, Izzy, Jamie, Jeremiah, Jhoira, Jon, Kaeli, Kesslan, Kid, Lavinia, Leon, Lia, Lucy, Lukas, Marcus, Martha, May-Zee Matheson, Mercius, Michael, Mimi, Nathan, Nia, Panek, Penelope, Peter, Pim, Rashmi, Reno, Riley, Roger, Rupert, Sion, Siyu, Sofya, Solstice, Teresa, Travis, Vicki, Victor, Vivian, Winter, Zero
Bernard's Watch
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Storyteller: Magdalen/Kellogg/Trinity/Witney
Setting: The Warden's Lodge, Oxfordshire, St Giles Church
Timeframe: Jan 2015
Status: In Progress